Benjamin Robert Haydon, Romanticism, and the Visual Arts Romantic by uln15089


									                          Benjamin Robert Haydon, Romanticism, and the Visual Arts:
                                    Romantic Painting, Romantic Writing

                             University of Cincinnati and the Athenaeum of Ohio
                                             November 7-8, 2008

All events, save for the Friday evening Keynote Address, will occur at the Tangeman University Center (TUC), on
the West Campus of the University of Cincinnati. Rooms 423, 425, and 427 are side-by-side on the fourth floor of
the building. Registration is available on both days.

Friday, November 7

8:15-3:30        Registration (Tangeman University Center, beside Room 425)

8:30-9:00        Continental Breakfast

9:00-10:00       Welcome and Plenary Address (TUC 425)

                 Paul Betz (Georgetown University), “Keats, Wordsworth, and Kings Bench Prison: Unpublished
                 Letters from Haydon to Monkhouse”

10:00-11:00      Panel 1: Haydon, the Sketch, and History Painting
                   Chair: Sonia Hofkosh (TUC 425)

                 1. Bruce Graver (Providence College), “B. R. Haydon Sketches the Parthenon Marbles: A New
                 2. Stephen Behrendt (University of Nebraska, Lincoln), “‘A Defect in their Education’: Blake,
                    Haydon, and the Misguided British Audience”

11.00-11.15      Coffee and Tea

11.15-12:45      Parallel Panels

                 Panel 2: William Blake
                   Chair: Stephen Behrendt (TUC 425)

                 1. David Baulch (University of West Florida), “Blake, Reynolds, and the Longinian Tradition”
                 2. John Cords (University of Michigan), “Aesthetic Conception and Execution: William Blake’s
                    Economic Unconscious”
                 3. Grant Scott (Muhlenberg College), “The Blake Gallery”

                 Panel 3: Bodies, Genre, and Representation
                   Chair: Barbara Wenner (TUC 427)

                 1. Rebecca May (Carnegie Mellon University), “Morbid Parts: Dissection, the Gothic, and the
                 2. Christopher Scalia (The University of Virginia’s College at Wise), “Painting the Historical
                    Novel: Walter Scott and the Visual Arts”
                 3. Ya-feng Wu (National University of Taiwan), “The Mermaid in Nineteenth-Century Poetry and

12:45-1:45       Lunch

1:45-3.15     Panel 4: Visual Technologies
                Chair: Laura Mandell (TUC 425)

              1. Kirstyn Leuner (Miami University of Ohio), “‘This Splendid Ruin’: Hogg’s Confessions and
                 Daguerre’s Holyrood Chapel Diorama”
              2. Thora Brylowe (Carnegie Mellon University), “The Boydell Shakespeare Gallery: Seeing in
                 the Age of the Anthology”
              3. Nicole Reynolds (Ohio University), “Keats’s Magic Casements”

3.15-3:30     Coffee and Tea

3:30-4:30     Plenary Address (TUC 425)

              Suzanne Matheson (University of Windsor), “‘Unborrowed from the Eye’: Tintern Abbey and the
              Mobile Cultures of Romantic Spectatorship”

4: 45-5:00?   Bus Departure for the Athenaeum (from Campus Recreation Center Circle / Woodside Drive)

5:30-6:15     Wine and Hors d’oeuvre Reception at the Athenaeum

6:15-7:45     Keynote Address (Athenaeum Atrium)

              Nicholas Roe (University of St. Andrews), “The Making of Benjamin Robert Haydon’s Christ’s
              Entry into Jerusalem”

8:00          Return bus to hotels, or dinner in Clifton

Saturday, November 8

8:30-1:15     Registration (Tangeman University Center, beside Room 425)

8:30-9:00     Continental Breakfast

9:00-10:20    Panel 5: Visual Culture and Celebrity
                Chair: Zak Sitter (TUC 425)

              1. Bradley Fox (New York City College of Technology), “Romantic Obsessions: Wordsworth,
                 Haydon, and Revision”
              2. Alexandra McGhee (University of Rochester), “‘This Posthumous Life of Mine’: Keats and the
                 Making of the Post-Mortem Author”
              3. Jason Goldsmith (Butler University), “George Hayter and the Relics of Romanticism”

10:20-10:35   Coffee and Tea

10:35-12:00   Panel 6: Keats, Stillness, and the Sculptural
                Chair: Nicole Reynolds (TUC 427)

              1. Fay Yao (Durham University), “Reading Keats’s Imagination: ‘Ode on a Grecian Urn’”
              2. Vicky Greenaway (Royal Holloway, University of London), “An Opposition Cast in Stone:
                 Byron and Keats’s Sculptural Debates in the Eighteen ’teens”
              3. Magdalena Ostas (Florida Atlantic University), “Word-Pictures, Statues, and Scopohilia: Keats
                 and Visual Style”

12:00-1:15    Boxed Lunch

12:10-1:10   Digital Media Presentation (TUC 425)

             Laura Mandell and Ira Greenberg (Miami University of Ohio), “The Poetry Visualization Tool”

1:15-2:35    Panel 7: Romantic Painters
               Chair: Michelle Facos (TUC 425)

             1. William Levine (Middle Tennessee State University), “De Loutherbourg and the
                Manufacturing of the Religious Sublime”
             2. Philip Shaw (University of Leicester), “Suffering and Sentiment in Joseph Wright’s The Dead
             3. Scott McEathron (Southern Illinois University), “Hazlitt the Painter: Images and Attributions”

2:35-3:35    Panel 8: Romantic Aesthetics
               Chair: Adela Pinch (TUC 425)

             1. Sarah Dennis (University of Illinois), “‘Our Joint Communion’: Washington Allston’s
                Construction of a Transatlantic Aesthetic”
             2. Sonia Hofkosh (Tufts University), “Broken Images”

3:35-3:50    Coffee and Tea

3:50-5:10    Panel 9: Anti-Modern Art and the New Science
               Chair: Scott McEathron (TUC 425)

             1. Barry Milligan (Wright State University), “The Visible Surgeon, the Invisible Girl, and the
                Making of Sir Charles Bell”
             2. Michelle Facos (Indiana University), “‘Grand Style’ and ‘Romanticism’: The Usefulness of
                Categories in Understanding Benjamin Robert Haydon”
             3. Gillen Wood (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) “Suburban Skying: Constable,
                Howard, and the Climate of London”

5:15-6:30    Plenary Address (TUC 425)

             Jeffrey N. Cox (University of Colorado at Boulder), “Wordsworth, Haydon, and the Cockneys”

6:45         Bus departure for Slim’s (from Campus Recreation Center Circle / Woodside Drive)

7:00         Drinks and Dinner at Slim’s
             4046 Hamilton Ave., Northside, Cincinnati (tel. 681-6500)

9:30-10:00   Return bus to hotels

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