Visual Arts A. A. S. Subject Areas 3 credit by uln15089


									Visual Arts A.A.S. Subject Areas 3 credit classes

STUDIO ART & DESIGN                                          DIGITAL ART & DESIGN
Art History                                                  Animation
ART 108: Ancient to Medieval                                 ART   147A:   Intro to 2D Animation
ART 109: Renaissance to Modern                               ART   148A:   Projects in 2D Animation
ART 109A: Contemporary Art (in development)                  ART   149A:   Intro to 3D Animation
                                                             ART   150A:   Projects in 3D Animation

Design                                                       Digital Art & Design
ART 112: 2D Design                                           ART   112A: Digital Design
ART 212: 3D Design                                           ART   125: Digital Imaging I
                                                             ART   154/155: Digital Imaging II/III
Drawing                                                      ART   145/146/160: Digital Illustration I, II, III
ART 101: Drawing I                                           ART   176: Fundamentals of Digital Art
ART 102: Drawing II
ART 201: Drawing III                                         Motion/Video
                                                             ART   151A: Digital Video I
Graphic Design                                               ART   152: Digital Video II
ART   265: Graphic Design I                                  ART   152A: Motion Graphics
ART   270: Graphic Design II                                 ART   162A: Projects in Digital Video
ART   220: Typography                                        ART   174: Documentary Video
ART   156/157: Publication Design I, II (InDesign)           ART   175: Screenwriting
ART   158/159: Publication Design I, II (Quark)              ART   182: Digital Video Production
ART   168: Corporate Presentations                           ART   187: DVD Authoring

Painting                                                     Multimedia
ART 103: Painting I                                          ART 200: Digital Arts Projects
ART 104: Painting II
ART 203: Painting III
                                                             Web/Interactive Design
Photography                                                  ART   169A: Web Design I
ART   133/134/135: Photography I, II, III                    ART   177: Advanced Web Techniques
ART   136/137/138: Color Photography I, II, III              ART   178: Web Management
ART   140/141/142: Portrait Photography I, II, III           ART   179: Interactive Programming
ART   164/165/166: Lighting For Photography I, II, III
ART   185/186: Documentary Photography I, II

ART 110: Printmaking I
ART 112: Printmaking II                                      WESTCHESTER ART WORKSHOP
ART 204: Printmaking III
                                                             AREA SPECIALIZATIONS
ART 105: Sculpture I
                                                             Art Therapy
ART 106: Sculpture II
ART 205: Sculpture III                                       Calligraphy



Cooperative Education/Internship                             Sculpture/3D
ART 131/132: Cooperative Education in Visual Arts and
Design I & 2
                                                             See the Westchester Art Workshop brochure for a complete
                                                             listing of 1-2 credit classes
Portfolio Development/Professional Practices
ART 130: Visual Art Seminar (for A.A.S. degree students)
ART 170: Mentored Portfolio (for Digital Arts Certificate)

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