1997 Pennsylvania Art Education Association Strategies Conference by uln15089


									         1997 Pennsylvania Art Education Association “Strategies” Conference:
   Distilling the Roles of Visual Arts Educators as Advocates, Leaders & Partners
                           Thursday, October 23 through Sunday, October 26,1997
                 Scranton, Pennsylvania at the Historic Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel
                 Conference Co-Chairpersons: Beth Burkhauser, Ann Joyce& DeDe Tersteeg

    The “STRATEGIES” conference will provide opportunities to explore three distinct strands in art education--
advocacy, leadership and partnerships--to extract and bring to the forefront strategies applicable to the roles beyond
teaching facing Pennsylvania visual arts educators.
    Art educators from across the state will meet for four days of presentations from prominent leaders in arts and
education as well as from classroom teachers from elementary through higher education. Attendees also be able to
select workshops, tours, receptions and banquets for this first ever PAEA Conference in Scranton.
    With over 100 events planned, the “Strategies” conference expects to attract over 500 art educators who wish to
connect with others in the discipline, reenergize for the academic year, learn new classroom ideas, and discuss trends
and techniques in various conference strands from art production and curriculum to interdisciplinary and technology.

Dr. Jessica Davis is a cognitive and developmental              Partnership Panel General Session will highlight
psychologist at Harvard University and the Director of          Edward Donley, Chair of the Goals 2000 Committee,
the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s newly                Member of the Pennsylvania Board of Education, and
installed Arts-in-Education concentration. She is the           Former Chair of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.,
principal investigator of two national initiatives at           Allentown; Beverly Sheppard, Associate Director,
Harvard Project Zero: Project MUSE, Museums Uniting             Chester County Historical Society, West Chester;
with Schools in Education, and Project Co-Arts which            William Strickland, Executive Director, Manchester
studies the educational effectiveness of community art          Craftsmen Guild, Pittsburgh; Philip Horn, Executive
centers, primarily in economically disadvantaged                Director, Pennsylvania Council On the Arts, Harrisburg;
communities. Her publications include, Safe Havens              and Gene VanDyke, Division Chair, Arts and Science,
and Why Must We Justify Arts Learning in Terms of Other         Pennsylvania Department of Education, Harrisburg.
Disciplines?                                                    Sarah Tambucci, NAEA Past President will moderate
                                                                the panel.
Jane Remer, former Associate Director of the Arts in
Education Program of the John D. Rockefeller 3rd Fund,
is an arts and education freelance consultant based in
New York City and the Grants and Program Director                William Daley is a Pennsylvania ceramic artist and
for the Capezio/Ballet Makers Dance Foundation. She              Emeritus teacher. In 1990, he was awarded the
is the author of Changing Schools Through the Arts: How          distinguished teaching of Art Award by the College Art
to Build on the Power of an Idea and Beyond Enrichment:          Association. His works are in the collections of the
Building Ef/ective Arts Partnerships with Schools and Your       Philadelphia Museum, the Smithsonian Institution, the
Community. Currently both are two of the best selling            Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and numerous
and most influential books on the key issues                     private collections.
confronting arts and education and provide solutions to          Ora Lennan is a NYC painter whose work is narrative,
common problems based upon experience in the field.              theatrical and colorful. A fellowship recipient from the
                                                                 National Endowment for the Arts and Andrew Melon, she
NAEA Presidents’ Forum will bring together NAEA                  was twice recognized for the Outstanding Young Women
Current President Michael Day, NAEA Past President               of America Award and Rtzzders Digest Artist-in-Resident at
Sarah Tambucci and NAEA President Elect Eldon                    Givemy France. She exhibits extensively in NYC galleries
Katter. NAEA Eastern Region Vice President Robert                and most recently completed a NYC Commissioned
Ott will moderate the session.                                   Pe~ent for Art Mural for PS176 elementary school.
 Tours offered include the Pennsylvania Anthracite                  CULTURAL CENTER
 Heritage Museum where you can explore through                      On Saturday evenin~ former Pennsylvania Governor
 artifacts, images, sound and video the story of                    Robert P. Casey& Mrs. Ellen Casey are scheduled to
 immigration and industry in the Anthracite Region.                 speak at the Gala Banquet at the Scranton Cultural
 The Scranton Architectural Heritage Walking Tour                   Center, a building of outstanding Art Deco architecture.
 and the Scranton Architectural Heritage Bus Tour of
 Coal Barons’ Mansions will take you back in time to
                                                                    COMMERCIAL EXHIBITORS’ RECEPTION
 when Scranton was the first city in the country to have
                                                                    Conference participants am invited to a Strategies
 electrified street cars. The Sordoni Gallery Tour and
                                                                    Conference ‘Welcome to Scranton” Reception on Friday
 Talk at Wilkes University, will take you to Wilkes-
                                                                    evening to welcome conference exhibitors.
 Barre for an exhibit, gallery director talk and reception.

 MUSEUM DESSERT RECEPTION                                           The conference plans over 100 workshops and
 Friday night’s Awards Dinner at the Radisson Hotel                 presentations on advocacy art history, art production,
 will conclude with a Dessert Reception and                         assessment, art criticism, curriculum development,
 Exhibitions at Scranton’s Everhart Museum, the                     exceptional education, interdisciplinary, leadership,
 region’s center for art. Scranton native %ndra Myers,              museums, partnerships, teaching and technology. The
 national consultant on cultural, educational and civic             schedule also includes special sessions for students and
 programs will offer a welcoming address.                           retired educators.

Thursday, October 23,1997

11 a.m. -5 p.m. Registration                     Register in Radisson Prefunction Area of Ballroom 1, Hotel Main Level
1:00-320 p.m. Tour A                             Anthracite Heritage Museum Tour (Tour A) Ticketed
3:00-350 p.m. Assessment Presentation            Critiquing the Film “The Critic”: A Final Exam Breaker (Charles McAnall)
                Interdisciplinary Presentation   Partnerships for Creative Art Expression in a Rehab Setting
                Multicultural Demonstration      African Art Safari (Nancy Wehr)
                Multicultural Presentation       Exploring Ancient Cultures Using Your Local Museum: Art History,
                                                 Social Studies & Art Production(Jamie Podhurst) Ticketed
3:30-450 p.m.   Interdisciulinarv Demonstration Desienine an Intemated Curriculum with the Arts as the Center
                                                 (Bet~Co%ell, Jud;th Wltmer, Deborah Sasala, George Barbolish, Susan
                                                 Kubala, Christopher Lake)
330-5:50 p.m. Tour B                             Scranton Architectural Heritage Walking Tour (Tour B) ‘13cketed
              Tour C                           Wilkes University Sordoni Art Gallery Tour (Tour C) T“cketed
400-450 p.m. Advocacy Workshop                 Advocacy & The Elementary Art Teacher (Linda Holland)
              Advocacy Workshop                Make Your Own Stickers for Advocacy & Reward
                                               (Virginia Fitzpatrick, Ron deLong, Linda Sutton-Roman, Sandra Wood)
                Interdisciplinary Presentation Partnerships to Encoura e the Use of Art for Creative Expression in a
                                               Rehabilitation Setting (S aron DeNault, Carol Felch)
                Partnerships Presentation      llvo Philadelphia Museums Fund Community& School Partnerships
                                                 (Susan Witmer, John Giordano)
                Art Production Workshop          Polaroid Emulsion Image Transfer Process (Henry Kensinger) Ticketed
                                                 (Bring your own color slide which you will get back in original condition)
5:00-5:50 p.m. Art Production Workshop           Polaroid Emulsion Image Transfer Process (Henry Kensinger)Ticketed
                                                 (Bring your own color slide which you will get back in original condition)
790-9:00 p.m. AFA Art Exhibit                    Scranton Regional Art Exhibit Opening at Artists for Art (AFA) Galle~

Friday, October 24,1997

130 a.m. -5 pm-l, Registration                   Open in Radisson Prefunction Area of Ballroom 1, Hotel Main Level
                                                 ADDRESS & LEADERSHIP REPORT FROM NAEA EASTERN REGION
                                                 VICE PRESIDENT ROBERT OTT
                Art Production Presentation    The Drawin Portfolio Seeing& Remembering (Chuck Ricketts)
                Interdisciplinary Presentation Conceptual !caching of Art& Music A Team E i (Louise Neal, Robin La Bar)
                Partnerships Presentation      Venturing Down the Yellow Brick Road: Brains, Heart, Courage & Ruby
                                               Slippers Required (Marilyn Narey)
                Partnerships Presentation      Pennsylvania Arts in Education Day Past& Future (lames Ritchey)
                Students Panel Discussion      Learn What You Need to Know About Being a First Year Teacher
                                               (Eliza Vagni & Co-Presenters)
                Technology Demonstration       Electronic Portfolios in the K-12 Art Classroom
                                               (David Morgan, Sheila Mahoney)
9 a.m. -530 p.m. Transportation                  Bus for Workshops at Marywood College Departs Radisson Every Half Hour
900-950 a.m. GENERAL SESSION 1                   JESSICA DAVIS ON ADVOCACY
1000-1050 a.m. Book Signing                      Jessica Davis, author Safe Havens and Why Must We Justifi Arts Learning in
                                                 Terms of Other Disciplines?
                                                 THOUGHT & PRODUCTION”
                  Advocacy Presentation          Arts Advocacy in the Year 2000: Recognition, Visibility& Promotion
                                                 (David Morgan)
                  Curriculum Presentation        Student-Initiated Instruction as a Means to Encourage Critical Thought
                                                 (Ruth Slotnick)
                  Interdisciplinary Presentation Performance Art Education (Kathy Browning)
                  Leadership Workshop            Cooperative Classroom Games Workshop (Betsy Heeney Arnie Zacharias)
                  Partnerships Presentation      Elementary Classroom Teacher as Art Teache~ Art Teacher as Elementary
                                                 Classroom Partners in Qualit Learning (Kathryn Waltz, Marge Polifko,
                                                 Rose Corcoran, Claire Famsc1lader, Kathleen Buzad)
1000-1050 a.m. Workshop: Marywood College Creating Unique Partnerships Workshop
                                                 (Suzan Mohnev, Beverlv Melenvzer, 10V Gazi, Cathy Hayden) Ticketed
10:00-11:50 a.m. Workshop: Marywood College kt Therauv i{ the Cla; Studio; An A~temative La~make Workshou
                                                                                                     ““              .
                                                 (Frank Go’r~l, Cathy Mbon) Ticketed
                  Workshop: Marywood College Photographing 2-& 3-D Ark Slide Making Workshop (Sam Olfano) Ticketed
                  Workshop: Marywood College The Three “CS”: Creativity, Color and Collage! Workshop (Joseph Pizzat) Ticketed
                  Workshop: Marywood College Shadow Pup etry Workshop: An Interdisciplinary Project
                                                 (Elaine Cnve li) ‘13cketed
ll:UI -11:50 a.m. Art Production Presentation    The Medieval Pageant (Candace Smith)
                  Curriculum Presentation        Integrating the Discipline Sequential Curriculum Development in High
                                                 School (Karen Palcho)
                  Curriculum Presentation        Mikhail Bakhtin & the Dialogic Art Room (Camilla McComb)
                  Interdisciplinary Presentation ARTS Inc An IntegratedArts Performance Thmpe (John Skrabalak, NanetteAnslinger)
lMIO -1250 p.m. Workshop: Radisson Hotel         Design for Thinking A Workshop on Invention & Entrepreneurship
                                                 (Ian Norman, Barbara Suplee, James Wronecki, Kathy Browning) licketed
                  Workshop: Marywood College Working With Coppe~ Copper Repouss6 Workshop
                                                 (Eliza Vagni, Kimberlee Moran) Ticketed
1200-1250 p.m. Art Production Presentation       Bringing Color Together Another Look at The Bauhaus (William Tersteeg)
                  Curriculum Panel Discussion Middle Level Curriculum Forum (Scott Grosh & Co-Presenters)
                  Curriculum Presentation        A Global Perspective on the Arts Art& Daily Life in Cote D’ Ivoire, Africa
                                                 (Karen Palcho)
                  Interdisciplinary Presentation Day Without Art A Resource Guide for Art Tmcherx AIDS Education with
                                                 Art (Ellen Melchiondo)
1230 p.m.         Transportation                 Bus Departs Radisson Hotel for Workshops at Keystone College
                                                 COUNCIL FOR THE ARTS PARTNERSHIP PANEL ED DONLEY,
                                                 PHILIP HORN, BEVERLY SHEPHERD, BILL STRICKLAND, GENE VAN
                                                 DYKE WITH SARAH TAMBUCCI, MODERATOR
                  Retired Educators’ Session     Gathering Place for Retirees Drop B to Relax& Chat (Henr Pearlberg)
                  Panek Marywood College                                               (                       a
                                                 Picturing History in the Classroom zosemary Ludwick, Lin1’ Partridge)
1:00-250 p.m. Workshop: Keystone College The Art of Papermaking A Hands-On Workshop Explorin Both
                                                 Traditional & Contemporary Aspects (lohn Baker) ‘13ckete (?
                  Workshop: Keystone College Drawing From the Modek Traditional & Contemporary Concepts,
                                                 Techniques & Media (Karl Neuroth, Ward Roe) Ticketed
                  Workshop Marywood College Self-Projection and Community Development A Collaborative Painting
                                                 Workshop (Jeffrey Morton) 13cketed
                  Workshop: Marywood College Shadow Pup etry Workshop: An Interdisciplinary Project
                                                 (Elaine Criverli) Ticketed
200-250 p.m. Art Careers Presentation            Exploring the Animation Profession as a Career Choice (Thomas Schantz)
2:30-600 p.m. Commercial Exhibits                  Visit Vendor Exhibits in Ballroom 1, Radisson Hotel Main Level
3:00-3:50 p.m. Art Production Presentation       Design & Toy Design (Clifton Prokop, Judy Ellis)
                  Interdisciplinary Presentation Archi-Kidx An Interdisciplinary Approach to Visual Literacy (Diane LaBelle)
                  Interdisciplinary Presentation Conceptual Teaching of Art& Music A Team Effort (Louise Neal, Robin La Bar)
                  Interdisciplinary Presentation Strategies for Developing Interdisciplinary Curricula & Performance
                                                 Assessments for High School (Barbara Suplee)
                  Partnerships Presentation      Helping Hands The Importance of Service Learning in A Secondary
                                                 Curriculum (Amy Leis)
                  Teaching Presentation          Thematic T@aching to Save Your Sanity Old Dog Learns New Trick (Sandra Wood)
3:00-450 p.m. Partnerships Presentation          Creative Collaborations Through Dream Makers
                                                 (Ron DeLong, Susan Allport-Schneider) llcketed
                  Workshop Marywood College Integration & Accommodations of the Arts with the SKWNDBEAM
                                                 (Mary Lou Dallam) Ticketed
3:30 p.m.         Transportation                 Bus Departs Keystone College for Return Trip to Radisson Hotel
400-450 p.m. Assessment Presentation             Vkual Arts Assessment Update Pennsylvania Department of Education State
                                                 Assessment (Dennis Gaston, Sue Fresh, Louise Gaverick, James Ritchey
                                                 DeDe Tersteeg, Susan Allport-Schneider)
                Interdisciplinary Presentation Art as a Wav of Learnirw the Academics (Louise Neal)
                Leadership Panel Discussion Reinforcing’and Encouraging Leadership’Roles
                                               (Mrginia Fitzpatrick, Julie Agar, Sue Hamilton)
                Partnerships Panel Discussion Don’t Whine, Win! (Vykky Longo, Phyllis McConnell, Barb Wertz)
                Partnerships Panel Discussion A Conversation, Scranton Style: Looking Back to Move Forward: Using
                                               Community Art Institutions (Beth Burkhauser, Josephine Dunn,
                                               Patricia Curran, Terry Gallagher, Bob Schweitzer)
                Partnerships Presentation      Interpersonal Communication Getting Along with Aggravating People
                                               (Kristine Fesana)
400-5:30 p.m. Exhibitors’ Reception            ‘Welcome to Scranton” Exhibitors’ Reception Ballroom 1, Radisson Hotel
600-9:00 p.m. PAEA Awards Dinner               Ballrooms 2 &3, Radisson Hotel Main Level           Ticketed
9:00-1030 p.m. Dessert Reception               Everhart Museum Exhibition Previews of Maslow Collection, R “onal Higher
                                               Education Art Faculty & National Art Honor Society        ‘7
                                                                                                       ‘Ec eted

Saturday, October 25,1997
7 a.m. -3 p.m. Registration                     Open in Radisson Prefunction Area of Ballroom 1, Hotel Main Level
700-8:30 a.m. Leadership Roundtable             Sunrise Conversation: Leadership Issues & Implications for Art Educators
                                                (Sarah Tambucci, Facilitator)
8 a.m. -300 p.m. Commercial Exhibits            Ballrooml, Radisson Hotel Main Level
&OO -8:50 a.m. Breakfast                        Regional Breakfast Meeting (Regional Representatives) Ticketed
                 Art Production Presentation    Design & Nature A Natural Partnershi (Richard Fuller)
                 Interdisaplinary Demonstration The Art of Feelings (LisaMane DominicE, Annemarie Monico)
                 Interdisciplinary Workshop     Ocean Encounte~ An Interdisciplinary Arts Program for First Through
                                                Sixth Grades Workshop (Donna Usher)
                 Teaching Presentation          Exceptional Education Ex anding Inner Vkion for Art Through the “Festival
                                                Eyes” Program (Rana M J     urray Arnold, Errnyn King)
                                                SARAH TAMBUCCI WITH ROBERT OTT AS MODERATOR
11:00-11:50 a.m. Advocacy Workshop              Make Your Own Stickers for Advocacy & Reward
                                                (Virginia Fitzpatrick, Ron deLong, Linda Sutton-Roman, Sandra Wood)
                 Advocacy Workshop              Advocacy Leadership Workshop
                                                (Donna Douglass, Catherine Richmond<ullen, Jenenne Lundy)
                 Art Criticism Presentation     Educating the Glance Reconstructing the Gaze to Build Dialogic
                                                Communities (Sara Wilson)
                 Curriculum Presentation        A Global Pers ective on the Arts Art& Daily Life in Cote D’ Ivoire, Africa
                                                (Karen Palcho 7
                 Interdisciplinary Presentation The S artan Art Program: A Partnership with The Pittsburgh Center for the
                                                       aren Price)
                                                Arts ( E
                 Interdisciplinary Presentation Understanding Constructed Environment Architecture in the Classroom
                                                (Janice Henning, Judy Szychowski)
                 Interdisciplinary Presentation Strategies for Developing Interdisciplina Curricula& Performance
                                                Assessments for Elementary & Middle Sc 001 (Barbara Suplee)
                 Special Session for Students   First Day Jitterw Ice Breakers to Relieve the Awkwardness of New Classes
                                                Demonstration & Workshop (Amy Leis)
                 Technology Demo Univ of Scr The Web & The Art Room (Beth Cornell & Co-Presenters) Ticketed
1200- 12% P.m. Luncheon                         Friends of Art Education Luncheon               13cketed
1:00-1:50 p~m. Art Hist/Museum Presentation Interro~atin~ Identitv Iconomauhv & Identitv (Anne E1-Omami)
                 Art Production Presentation    What ~Rel~f: Architecture, ~r;H;story and Art Production (Asha Jones)
                 Interdisciplinary Workshop     Ma ing the Ima e (Karen Blomain) llcketed
                 Leadership Panel Discussion Mi{{Level Pro essional Concerns Forum (Scott Grosh & Co-Presenters)
                 Partnerships Workshop          Look Into Landscape
                                                (Sandra KarlSon, Susan Plumb, Phyllis Schwartz, Joan Menapace)
                 Partnerships Presentation      Integrating Curriculum Throu h In uiry (James Ritchey)
                 Retired Educators’ Session                                       op y
                                                Gathering Place for Retirees &z to Relax & Chat (Henry Pearlberg)
                 Special Session for Students   Student PAEA’s Leadership & Opportunities (Dennis Gaston)
2:00-2:50 p.m. GENERAL SESSION 4                JANE REMER ON PARTNERSHIPS
3:00-350 p.m. Book Signing                      Jane Remer, Author, Changin Schools Throu h the Arts: How to Build on the
                                                Power of an Idea and Beyond nrichment: Bui% Effective Arts Partnerships uith
                                                Schools and Your Community.
                 Advocacy Panel Discussion      National Art Honor Societies Opportunities for Student Achievement
                                                (Mary Ann Schwartz, Michael Rupp, Pam Gall, Lois Dreater)
                 Art History Presentation       The Art Criticism Process of Inquiry
                                                (Susan Allport-Schneider, Sandra Newbemy)
                 Assessment Demonstration       Pennsylvania Arts Standards Update (Beth Cornell & Co-Presenters)
                 Assessment Presentation        Multimedia Student Portfolios on Disk (Rolland Ryan, Mark Jones)
                  Partnerships Presentation     Memories Interdisciplinary & Intergenerational Project (Pamela Costanza)
                 Technology Demonstration       Introduction to QuarkXPress on the Macintosh (Ann Joyce)
300-450 p.m. Tour D                             Scranton Architectural Heritage Bus Tou~ Coal Barons Mansions (Tour D)
              Partnerships Workshop             School to Worlc A Creative Collaboration (Ron DeLong, Cathy Beck)
400-450 p.m. Fellows’ Tea                       llcketed
              Art Prod/Hist Presentation        From the Cathedrals to Its’ Gargoyles The Medieval limes
                                                (Eliza Vagni, Kimberlee Moran)
               Assessment Presentation          An Assessment Experience Selling the Questions (Charles McAnall)
               Curriculum Presentation          Elementary Lesson Plan Exchange (Linda Holland)
               Technology Demonstration         Introduction to Adobe Illustrator on the Macintosh (Ann Joyce)
500-5:50 p.m. PAEA Session                      Annual Meeting & Raffle
630-7:00 p.m. ‘hnsportation                     Bus Shuttle to Scranton Cultural Center Gala Dinner Leaves Radisson Hotel
700-1000 p.m. Gala Banquet                      Strategies Gala Banquet at Scranton Cultural Center       Ticketed

Sunday, October 26,1997
t%OO -8:50 a.m. Division Breakfast            Elementary Division Breakfast Meeting (Linda Holland) ‘IIcketed
                                              Middle School Division Breakfast Meetin (Scott Grosh) Ticketed
                                              Secondary Division Breakfast Meeting d Ann Schwartz) Ticketed
                                              Higher Education Division Breakfast Meeting (Maryanne Kerlavage) Ticketed
                  Sueaal Session for Students Student Concerns Forum (Dennis Gaston)
                  Assessment Presentation     Critiquing the Film “The Critic”: A Final Exam Breaker (Charles McAnall)
                  Art Histor Presentation     Art Criticism Process of Inquiry (Susan Allport-Schneider, Sandra Newberry)
                  Teaching Jesentation        Strategies for Successfully Integrating & Engaging the ADD/HD Student in
                                              the Art Room (Barbara Suplee)
1000-1050 a.m. Assessment Presentation        An Assessment Experience Selling the Questions (Charles McAnall)
                  Assessment Forum            Assessin Elementary Student Work A Forum for Discussion
                                              (Linda2  olland)
                  PAEA Session                Professional Concerns Forum (Dennis Gaston)
1000-11:50 a.m. Partnerships Workshop         Professional Artists in the Art Classroom A Strategy for Integration&
                                              Partnerin (Catherine Richmond-Cullen, John McGui an, Earl Lehman,
                                              Douglas 1                                             f
                                                        mith, Joanne Arduino, Zeve Ben-DoV Josep Caputo, Karl Neuroth,
                                              Mary Ann Manning)
11:00- ll:!M a.m. Art History Presentation    Integrating Graphic Design &Art History (Melissa Gallagher)
                  Leadership Panel            Conference &Mini-Conference Planning & Evaluation
                                              (James Ritchey Pam Gall)
12:Ml p.m.        Luncheon Meeting            PAEA Board of Directors’ Luncheon Meeting

Please Note: The information published in this preliminary schedule was accurate as of June 1997. Although we will make every
effort to adhere to this tentative program it is subject to change. When you arrive at the conference, please check the final
schedule in your folder and flyers posted in the registration area for any additions, cancellations or changes in events,
presentations, presentem and/or times. Conference badges must be worn in order for admittance to all workshops, presentations
and commercial exhibits. Only participants registered for the conference will receive badges. Tickets must be pumhased f or
admission to ticketed workshops, tours, meals and special events.

USAirways, USAirways Express & Continental Express jet and commuter air service available to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton
International Airport, Avoca, 8 miles/10 minutes from conference hotel. Ground transportation available at airport or can be
arranged in advance through your hotel or travel agent.

From NORTH from Binghamton New York
   Take 1-81 South to Exit 53 Central Scranton Expressway
From EAST from New York City and Stmudsbuqy
   Take 1-80 West to 1-380 West to 1-81 South to Exit 53 Central Scranton Expressway.
From SOUTH from Allentown & Philadelphia:
   Take I-476 North (Northeast Extension Pennsylvania Turnpike, formerly PA Route 9) to Exit 37 Wyoming Valley to 1-81
   North to Exit 53 Central Scranton Expressway.
From SOUTH CENTRAL from Harrisbtug
   Take 1-81 North to Exit 53 Central Scranton Expressway.
From CENTRAL & WEST from Erie, Pittsburgh& State College
   Take 1-80 East to 1-81 North to Exit 53 Central Scranton Expressway.

FOR ALL From 1-81 Exit 53 Central Scranton Expressway bear left at bottom of hill on expressway ramp following sign
      for Central City (not Cedar Avenue). ‘Ihm left at first light. Hotel is immediately on left.

Self- arking is available without charge in front of the hotel and behind the hotel. Valet parking is also available for
overf parking. Free day parking is available from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. at Steamtown Mall, one block from the Radisson.

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