Homosexual Adoption in Western Europe by oae20205


									   Homosexual Adoption in
      Western Europe
             Trends on (intercountry) Adoption
              by Gay and Lesbian Couples in
                     Western Europe

7 mei 2010                                       1
   Adoption as Form of Child Protection
   Adoption as “Ultimum remedium” in Case of

   The Trend in Adoption in Western Europe:
             • From Child Protection Measure to Help in Case of Unfertility
             • Restricted to Married Heterosexual Couples
             • Hardly no Children for Adoption Available in Western Europe

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             Single Adoption
 Now  Allowed in Many Countries in Europe
 See the Convention on Intercountry
 Also for Gay and Lesbian Men or Women?
 Quality of the Fostercare is Most Important

7 mei 2010                                  3
    Same-sex Couples and Adoption
   In The Netherlands allowed since 1st April 2001
   Not for Children from Abroad (only allowed for
    Married Heterosexual Couples; we do know the
    Marriage of a Homosexual Couple)

   Other Countries ((October 2005) where Gay-
    Adoption is Legal:
   Sweden, Spain and England and Wales
   Belgium? (probably decided in November 2005)

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The partner in a Civil Union can Adopt the
 Child of his/her Partner

Allowed by:
 Iceland, Norway, Germany and Denmark

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             Adoption by Homosexual
 In the Republic of Ireland and some Other
   Countries indivial persons, whether
   Heterosexual or Homosexual, whether
   Cohabiting or Single, may apply for

7 mei 2010                                    6
    Adoptions in The Netherlands in
   Dutch families adopted 1, 368 children in 2004.
    China led all other countries with the number of
    children adopted by Dutch families. Increase in
    adoptions nearly 20 percent
   Total Number of Petitions for Adoption awarded
    by Dutch Courts 1,368 in 2004, over 200 more
    than in 2003.
   Out of 1,368 adoption cases 1,116 were non-
    stepparent adoptions and 252 were stepparent
   Non-stepparent adoptions are usually
    international adoptions.

7 mei 2010                                             7
     Adoptions in The netherlands in
 Only  7 percent of non-stepparent
  adoptions involve Dutch children.
 Half of stepparent adoptions by same-
  gender couples:
 In 2004 nearly 300 Dutch children were
  adopted. Three-quarters (225) were
  stepparent adoptions. In 130 cases the
  female partner of the mother is the
  adoptive parent.

7 mei 2010                                 8
    Fretté, a French Homosexual
 ECHR       2002/156 (Fretté vs. France)

 (http://www.worldlii.org/eu/cases/ECHR/20
 Discrimination of Homosexual Single Man
  who Wants to adopt a Child?

7 mei 2010                                  9
 Conclusions:
 The  Trend is that Adoption by
  Homosexuals will be more allowed in
  Western Europe
 Should Adoption be more promoted? And
  Adoption by Homosexuals?
 Fostercare is a reasonable and good
  Alternative for Adoption

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