Western Europe Review Sheet

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					                                  Russia Review Sheet

               Chernobyl                                    Josef Stalin
               Soviet Union / U.S.S.R.                      collective farms
               glasnost                                     Gulag Labor Camps
               Cold War                                     perestroika
               Boris Yeltsin                                sarcophagus
               “Great Purge”                                “Cult of personality”
               Vladimir Lenin                               czar
               communism                                    Mikhail Gorbachev
               Bolsheviks                                   Vitaly Korotich
               centrally planned economy                    “liquidators”
               “Reds” v. “Whites”                           proletariat
               Pripyat                                      “Great Schism”
               Treaty of Brest-Litovsk                      Siberia
               Russian Orthodox Church                      Vladimir Putin

Please look at your guided reading as well as the notes from the PowerPoint slides.
       -   Geography
       -   Current state of the economy