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									What's the difference between snapshot...

        koverton 24 posts since
Mar 4, 2009
I'm referring to the dependencies you can specify under the 'Dependencies' tab of the build
page for Triggering, and the Snapshot dependencies specified on the Build Dependencies
page. It seems like they both do the same thing -- trigger a project to build if any of it's
dependencies were rebuilt. I figure there's probably a reason for them both to exist; what am
I missing?

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         Kirill Maximov 1,991 posts since
Aug 23, 2002 1. Re: What's the difference between snapshot dependencies and triggering dependencies?
May 13, 2009 12:31 PM

Hello Ken,

 The short answer is that Snapshot dependency guarantees source version consistency
between dependent builds.

 See details for Snapshot dependency and for simple dependency triggering.



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