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Vol. XXX, (30th year), Edition #41 (since Year 2000), October 2006                                      P.O. Box 127, Indian Rocks Beach, FL., 33785-

 BACKGROUND…(Discussed on Marco Grand Rounds, Sept. 4 & 11th,
 2006) A new study from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and
 Prevention suggests that the trend toward increasing prevalence of
 the herpes type 2 virus has been reversed, with a significant decrease
 in the number of Americans aged 14 to 49 who tested positive for the
 virus. The herpes 2 virus is the most common cause of genital her-
 pes, one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. The
 number of people testing positive for herpes 1 virus also decreased
 over the same time span—1994-2004.
     When many people first tell someone they have genital herpes,
 they start by comparing the infection to oral herpes or cold sores.
 How apt is the comparison? In spite of scientific facts, the social stigma
 and emotional attitudes surrounding genital herpes can make it hard to
 compare it objectively with an oral infection that most people casually
 accept. Following the unspoken assumptions of our society, many people                            Choose your partners—CAREFULLY!
 still believe there is a “good” herpes, HSV-1, the usual cause of cold
 sores—and a “bad “ herpes virus-HSV-2, the usual cause of genital                                                       .
                                                                                                          LATE BREAKING NEWS
 herpes.                                                                                                  ******************************
     Take a look at HSV-1 and 2 and see how alike and different the two                   Our President, Arnold Kalan WB6OJB, informs the membership;
 viral types really are. Leading researchers were asked how the two com-              “The Marco Meeting for 2007 will be held in Santa Monica, California
 pare in terms of severity, recurrences, and transmission rates. Under a              at the Doubletree Guest Suites, Santa Monica. Rooms have been
 microscope, HSV-1 and 2 are virtually identical, sharing approximately               blocked at a reduced rate for May 3-5. This rate will be released by April
 50% of their DNA. Both types infect the body’s mucosal surfaces, usu-                15, 2008, so make your reservations now. When booking refer to “group/
 ally the mouth or genitals, and then establish latency in the nervous sys-           convention code” 60B, on the reservation screen. Reservations:
 tem. For both types, at least two-thirds of infected people have NO        , phone: 1-800-222-TREE; address:
 symptoms, or symptoms too mild to notice. However, both types can
                                                                                      1707 4th St., Santa Monica, CA 90401-3310, FAX 1-310-452 7399.
 recur and spread even when no symptoms are present.                                  The Doubletree is 5 blocks from the beach, Santa Monica Pier and 3rd St.
     The primary difference between the two viral types is in where they              Promenade.. If you have any questions you can reach Arnold at
 typically establish latency in the body—their “site of preference.” HSV-
                                                                             or by phone, 310 459 2495. Should be FUN!
 1 usually establishes latency in the trigeminal ganglion, a collection of                                  *************************
 nerve cells near the ear. From there, it tends to recur on the lower lip or              The Association of Trial Lawyers of America is taking “trial lawyers”
 face. HSV-2 usually sets up residence in the sacral ganglion at the base
                                                                                      out of its name. Instead, it will now be the “American Association for
 of the spine. From there, it recurs in the genital area.                             Justice.” The U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform, a critic of the trial
       Even this difference is not absolute. Either type can reside in either         lawyers group, called it “an astounding admission of the unpopularity of
 or both parts of the body and infect oral and/or genital areas. Unfortu-
                                                                                      trial lawyers in America.” (Benjamin Franklin called them a “necessary
 nately, many people aren’t aware of this, which contributes both to the              evil” over 200 years ago.)
 spread of type 1 and to the misperception that the two types are funda-                                            ***************
 mentally different.                                                                      The Monday night MediShare net has moved to Tuesday night at 9:30
     People don’t understand that you can have type 1 genitally or orally,            pm Eastern at Echolink K3YGG-R, node 247014. This is a NIH repeater
 that the two types are essentially the same virus. One type is associated            in Bethesda, Maryland. Net control is Bill N5QF. It is working out fine.
 with stigma, the other is “just a cold sore”—our society has a euphe-                Gene Hoenig, N3HG was on September 12, first time in 20 months!
 mism for it so we don’t even have to acknowledge that it’s herpes.
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                             Tuesday               9:30 p.m.,E. MediShare Net     Echolink K3YGG-r Node 247014 N5QF
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                             Sunday                10 a.m. Eastern                14.308            Warren, KD4GUA

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                             MARCO Grand Rounds is held Sunday at 10 a.m. Eastern Time; 9 a.m. Central; 8 a.m. Mountain, and 7
                             a.m. Pacific Coast time on 14.308. You qualify for one hour Category II CME credit with your check-in.

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                                                                                                                    I’m on FIRE
                     HERPES VIRUS, 1 AND 2                                             Hot cof-
                           Continued from Page 1                                       fee at

    The common myth is that HSV-1 causes a mild infection that is occa-
sionally bothersome, but never dangerous. The reality? HSV-1 is usually
mild, especially when it infects the lips, face, or genitals. However, in
some cases type 1 can recur spontaneously in the eye, causing ocular her-
pes, a potentially serious infection which can lead to blindness. In very
rare cases HSV-1 can spread spontaneously to the brain, causing herpes
encephalitis, a dangerous infection that can lead to death. HSV-1 is also
the usual cause of herpes whitlow, an infection on the finger, and wres-
tler’s herpes (herpes gladiatorum) a herpes infection on the chest or face.
Type 1 is underestimated and HSV-2 is widely believed to be a painful,
dangerous infection that affects only people with very active sex lives.            Many with genital herpes are concerned about transmission—the likeli-
The reality? 1/5 of all adult Americans have HSV-2. Like HSV-1, type                hood of spreading the virus to a partner-as about their own health. Few
2 is usually mild-so mild that 2/3 of infected people don’t even know they          people with oral herpes, share this concern. Is this because one type is
have it! Type 2 rarely causes complications or spreads to other parts of the        more contagious than the other. NO, both viral types are easily transmit-
body. It is the most common cause of neonatal herpes, a rare but danger-            ted to their site of preference and can also be spread to other sites. Both
ous infection in newborns; however, type 1 causes up to one-third or neo-           are most contagious during active outbreaks, but are often spread
natal infections.                                                                   through viral shedding when there are no recognizable symptoms.
    The two types do behave somewhat differently depending on whether               People with recurrent oral HSV-1 shed virus in their saliva about 5% of
they are residing in their site of preference—the mouth and face for HSV-           the time even when they show no symptoms for over a year.
1, and the genital area for HSV-2. But both types are quite common, and                 Acquisition of one type is more difficult if you already have either
under most circumstances neither is a major health threat. In general the           other type. This because either type, contracted orally or genitally,
virus is less a medical problem than a social problem. For most of us,              causes the body to produce antibodies, some of which are active against
genital herpes is no more dangerous than a cold sore.                               both HSV-1 and 2. This acquired immune response gives some limited
    How many outbreaks? The first factor is the immune response.                    protection if the body encounters a second type. When a person with a
Youngsters have a reduced immune response so the symptoms occur mot-                prior HSV infection does contract the second type, the first episode tends
ley in the young. Those with compromised immune systems, including                  to be less severe than when no prior antibodies are present.
people with cancer, AIDS, severe burns and people taking immunosup-                         On a practical level, this means oral HSV-1 is often the most
pressant medications will suffer more outbreaks.                                    easily acquired herpes infection. Usually the first herpes simplex virus
    The second factor affecting outbreaks is how long a person has had the          people encounter is oral HSV-1, and is typically spread simply by the
infection. Over time, recurrences of both types tend to decrease, for rea-          kind of social kiss that a relative gives a child. Because children have no
sons that aren't entirely clear. In the case of oral HSV-1, many of the 100         prior infection with any HSV type, they have no immune defense against
million Americans who are infected acquired the virus when hey were                 the virus. By the time they’re teenagers about 50% of American have
children. By the time they’re adults, only some 5% of people are bothered           HSV-1 antibodies in their blood. By the time they are over age 50, some
enough to consider oral HSV-1 a medical problem.                                    90% have HSV-1 antibodies.
    The third factor influencing frequency of outbreaks is where the virus is           By comparison, almost all HSV-2 is encountered after childhood,
established din its site of preference. While HSV can infect both genital           when people become sexually active. Those who have a prior infection
and oral areas, both types cause milder infections when they are away from          with HSV-1 have an acquired immune response that lowers, though cer-
“home” territory. Outside their site of preference, both type 1 and 2 lose          tainly doesn’t eliminate the risk of getting HSV-2 by about 40%.
most of their punch. Most people infected with HSV-1 in the genital area                In the absence of prior oral infection, HSV-1 spreads easily to the
have few, if any, outbreaks after the initial episode, far fewer than is typi-      genital area, usually through oral sex. In some countries such as Japan
cal with either oral HSV-1 or genital HSV-2. While experts estimate that            and parts of Great Britain, genital HSV-1 is as common as genital HSV-
some 30% of genital herpes infections in the U.S. may be caused by HSV-             2, or more common.
1, only 2-5% of recurring genital outbreaks are caused by HSV-1. Genital                Scientists can tell us all day the main difference between the two viral
HSV-2 recurs 10 X more than genital HSV-1.                                          types is simply their site of preference—whether they typically occur
    Similarly HSV-2 infection I the oral area-outside its site of preference,       above the waist or below. But the unspoken attitudes of our society send
vary rarely causes problems. Oral HSV-2 infections are rare, but when an            a different message. That’s just the problem, social attitudes whisper.
infection occurs, recurrent outbreaks are uncommon.                                 Below the waist is bad. People still think of oral herpes as the “good”
    A 4th factor affecting recurrence is viral type. HSV-2 infections re the        herpes and genital herpes as the “bad” kind. The fact remains is that
most frequently recurring herpes infections, followed by oral HSV-1, geni-          HSV-1 is usually spread through contact with infected lips, while HSV-2
tal HSV-1 and lat of all, oral HSV-2.                                               usually spreads through contact with infected genitals From a social
                                                                                    point of view, the problem is not the disease, it’s how you got it.
                                                                                                                  (Continued on Page 3)
                                                                                                                                                MARCO’S HEROES
                      THE WORLD AROUND US
                           Did you know that……….
                                                                                                                                              ROBIN J. STAEBLER, M.D.
   The Census Bureau listed the total number of Americans as                                                                                         1936-2006
299,599,204 as of 7 p.m. August 29, 2006. It also released its annual                                                                             *******************
snapshot of America. The result is a wealth of new information and sur-
prising facts about states and localities. A few samples:
                                                                                                                                            Past President of MARCO;
   Camden, NJ has the highest poverty rate of 44% followed by Col-                                                                                    Secretary
lege Station, TX. Among counties with populations of more than                                                                                   ********************
250,000, the three where the households had the highest median incomes                                                                        A COMPASSIONATE
were in suburban Washington, D.C. (Loudoun and Fairfax counties in                                                                           FAMILY DOCTOR; AMA-
Virginia and Howard County in Maryland.)                                                                                                    TEUR RADIO OPERATOR
   The ratio of single men to single women between ages 15 and 44 last                                                                                & PILOT
year was highest in Nevada (120.2 per 100 women), North Dakota
(120.1) and Alaska (118.9). It was lowest in Washington, D.C. (93.4).
   Commuters in New York state had the longest average daily trip to                                    Robin J. Staebler, M.D., WF1R, was born August 28, 1936, in Ganano-
work last year at 31 minutes followed by Maryland (30.8), and New Jer-                              que, Ontario, Canada. He became a Silent Key on July 23rd, 2006 in Bel-
sey, (29.5). Those in the Dakotas had the lowest, 16.4 minutes.                                     fast, Maine.
   Women working in finance and insurance earned about 55% of what                                      Robin earned a doctorate in medicine from Queen’s University, King-
men in that industry earned last year. Full-time male lawyers were earn-                            ston, Ontario, specializing in family medicine. In addition to his work in
ing a median weekly salary of $1,748. Their female counterparts made                                private practice, he was an assistant professor of Family Practice at the
only                                                                                                University of Minnesota, and a professor and Chairman of the Department.
$1,354 per week.                                                                                    of Family Medicine, University of North Dakota School of Medicine. He
   Overall, men had inflation-adjusted median earnings of $41,400 last                              was a veteran, serving both in the U.S. Army as a medic in Korea, and as a
year, while the typical woman earned $31,900. That put the female-to-                               doctor in the Canadian Armed Forces.
male earnings ratio at 77%, up from 60% in 1980                                                         Robin was in family practice in Reading, PA before retiring to Belfast,
   In ranking larger American cities, San Jose, CA and Plano, TX had the                            Maine eight years ago. During the interim he served as ship’s physician
highest median incomes, at around $71,000, while Miami and Cleveland                                on a Russian cruise ship and worked in the emergency room at Waldo
had the lowest with median incomes below $25,000.                                                   County General Hospital. He also taught the amateur radio license course
   Cleveland had the highest poverty rate for BIG cities at 32.4%, fol-                             at Waldo County Technical Center.
lowed by Detroit. (For details about your community, go to                Robin joined Marco in 1986, member #1288, and became President of
Click on “get data” under American Community Survey. Be sure “2005” is selected, and click          the Medical Amateur Radio Council, Ltd., in the early 1990s. He then
“data profiles.” Use pull-down menus to select a geographical site. Then click “show result.”
When demographic data appear, click on “economic” or “social.”
                                                                                                    became Secretary and held this position until his death. Robin was an
——————————————————————————————————————--                                                            Extra Class operator.
                                                                                                        Robin had difficulties, first recognized on a trip to the Dayton Hamven-
                                                                                                    tion in 2004. In spite of his illness, he was able to attend the 2006 Ham-
                        HERPES (Continued from Page 2)
                                                                                                    vention and served as a positive role model for our group.
    Treatment...There is no cure for herpes but some drugs have been
                                                                                                        Robin was infamous for changing call signs, e-mail addresses, and
effective in reducing the frequency and duration of outbreaks.
                                                                                                    sending abbreviation-loaded messages. He was extremely intelligent,
    Herpes vaccines are currently being investigated and it is felt that an
effective vaccine may be available in 3-5 years. Vaccines will only func-                           witty, and a serious practical joker. He was an achiever and had an investi-
                                                                                                    gational mind. He was a driving-force in Marco, suggesting to the mem-
tion to prevent the infection in new patients. Those who already have the
simplex virus will not gain any benefit. Some vaccines have been tried to                           bership, upon the death of our late President Bob Currier,WB5D, to “keep
prevent the HSV occurrence, but so far have had no noticeable effects.                              this thing going!” He could be elusive and elegant, serious and charming
                                                                                                    and very seldom was seen wearing a tie. His hair was sometimes uncut but
These include the smallpox, polio and Lupidon C vaccine. Isoniplex
(Isoprinosine) is already available in over 56 counties. . Most have ap-                            cultured and he sported a boyish mischievous attitude. He had charisma
proved it for use in HSV infections due to its antiviral and ability to stimu-                      and lit up the room when he entered. His widow, Sarah “Sally” Laird
                                                                                                    Baldwin, stated when told he was upstairs pushing clouds around, that he
late the body’s immune response. It is still under study in the U.S.
    Recently the FDA approved the use of Famvir 1000 mg bid for one day                             was also probably distorting and disrupting radio messages at the same
antiviral treatment for recurring cold sores and genital infections in people
                                                                                                        Ted Bartlett. K1DPD, a friend stated, “Robin was one-of-a-kind: com-
with healthy immune systems. Famvir, introduced in 1994, is used to treat
shingles as well as the herpes virus which causes both cold sores and geni-                         mitted, energetic, irascible, helpful, knowledgeable, opinionated...we will
                                                                                                    certainly miss him.” Jeff Wolf K6JW, called Robin “a gentleman, one
tal infections. A similar drug, Zovirax (Acyclovir) is available in cream
                                                                                                    with clear opinions, always sharp, always with a sense of humor, honest,
and tablet form for shortening and sometimes eliminating recurrences.
(600-800 mg PO q 4 hr x 7-10 days).                                                                 and the user of more damned e-mail addresses than anyone else I’ve ever
                                                                                                    met.” Gene Hoenig N3HG called Robin, “one of the most unforgettable
   Some physicians advocate foods high in lysine and low in arginine.
                                                                                                    characters I have ever met—I propose we designate Marco's new logo as
Tissue culture studies have demonstrated a beneficial effect on viral repli-
cation when the amino acid ratio of arginine to lysine favors arginine. The                         the “Staebler Memorial Logo.” (Robin pushed for this.) Lou Wieder-
                                                                                                    hold was one of the last to see Robin when he stated, “Thanks old buddy”
opposite, preponderance of lysine to arginine, suppresses viral replication
                                                                                                    I think those words sum up his feeling towards all of us fortunate Marco
and inhibit cytopathogenicity of herpes simplex virus. The recommended
dose of L-lysine in tablet form is 500 mg daily to maintain remission and                           guys Linda, KE5BQK and Bernie KQ5QHV, visited his widow in
                                                                                                    August and said, “Everyone in Belfast was saddened by his passing.”.
1-6 grams between meals to induce healing in active infection.
    Herpetic whitlow is an intense painful infection of the hand involving                              Robin Staebler was truly a MARCO Hero.
fingers that typically affects the terminal phalanx. HSV-1 is found in 60%                          ***********************************************************
                                                                                                     A memorial service will be held for Robin at the Belfast Boat House,
of cases and HSV-2 in 40%. It is thought to be caused by auto-inoculation                           Belfast, Maine on October 21, 2007 at 2 p.m. Sally invites all Marco
from primary lesions in the mouth of thumb-suckers and by health workers                            members to attend. She may be contacted at
not using gloves. Complete resolution occurs in a few days. Zovirax
cream helps.
                                                                                 uses to send MediShare funds and equipment to third-world countries.
                                                                                 Excerpts follow: “Last year, Direct Relief received $15.7 million in cash,
                                                                                 stock and investment income and $121.5 million in donated medical sup-
                                                                                 plies. For every $1 we spent, $25.50 in aid went out the door….Direct
                                                                                 Relief invites contributors to attend their shareholders meetings…” How
                                                                                 do they do it? By establishing connections with drug companies, philan-
                                                                                 thropists and various service clubs who match funds. The outfit originated
                                                                                 in Santa Barbara but has now gone nationally since Google gave the char-
                                                                                 ity one of it’s coveted Google Grants, essentially free advertising on the
                                                                                 search engines’ Web site. Gene added, “I miss being on the air (he re-
                                                                                 cently moved to a retirement home) but we 10 hams living here have
                                                                                 formed a formal Amateur Radio Club I am getting around well with my
                                                                                 new titanium hip except that it doesn’t pick up 20 meters very well.
                                                                                 (Clipping and letter forwarded to our MediShare Director, Bill Stenberg,
                                                                                     Albert Breland Jr. KA7LOT, San Diego, CA., has sent the following
                                                                                 information: “Checked in this morning using Bob Currier’s (SK and for-
       Letters to the Society…Hank Wolfla, K9LZJ,                                mer President of Marco) ICOM 756 which I bought from Marilyn (Bob’s
                                                                                 wife), mainly for sentimental reasons, and I’m still trying to learn how to
Greenfield, Indiana writes: “I wanted to comment on the article by Brad          use it. I’m using a little 20 meter dipole...when I get back from Alaska, I
Knapp K6KYS, my nearby neighbor, regarding hams as “slobs.” I could              plan to get a vertical that will take up to 1000 watts and try using the am-
not agree more with Brad’s comments, not only have I seen this kind of           plifier (I got Bob’s Ameritron also). I will be at Anchorage VAMC from
behavior at Dayton and other hamfests, but the same dress occurs at other        August 21st to about Nov. 17, will be back on the air when I finish this
public events I have visited. When amateurs find themselves in public,           deployment which I hope will be my last one. I’m getting really tired of
and that includes fellow amateurs, they should dress in a clean and present-     traveling for these jobs and with plane travel becoming more restrictive
able way. Every amateur should have at least one nice set of informal            it’s just not the fun it used to be.” A later note from Bert says he will defi-
clothes to wear Our society still judges on first impressions. Brad’s com-       nitely be at the Los Angeles meeting.” Marilyn has been up at the cabin in
ments would be better seen in QSTor CQ, since in my opinion those in the         Michigan but will be heading back to MS in a coupe of weeks. She seems
medical profession have learned this important lesson of life.                   to be doing fine. Bert was one of Bob Currier’s residents at the University of
        Bob Smithwick “Smitty” wrote: “California’s proposal for univer-         Mississippi. A note from Marilyn to Marco, “I am fine.”
sal health care refers to the fact that something like 80% of the total health       A lot of correspondence followed the recent death of astronaut ham
cost for an individual is incurred during the last 30 days of life. Seems to     Charles E. Brady, Jr. N4BQW, 54, from apparently self-inflicted
me the answer is simply not to live for those 30 days.” Bruce Small,             wounds near his home in Washington state. He had been suffering from
KM2L responded: “Tx for the post, Smitty, this should get the juices flow-       severe rheumatoid arthritis. Brady was to give the key-note address at the
ing on the listserv! I’m not going to get involved in California politics but    Marco Annual Meeting in Clearwater Fl. in 2001 but was “grounded at
I will pick on one of the statements Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger makes in         Dulles Airport in Washington D.C.” and failed to appear. Bruce
the statement...he talks about preventive health measures and making sure        KM2L, says Bob Currier invited him to be the guest speaker twice, the
that people don’t get sick in the first place as a way to cut health care        first time he refused and the second time he begged-off with the news he
costs. This a fool’s errand, as sooner or later, everyone becomes ill, either    had been transferred somewhere too remote. WB5D never forgave him.
acutely or chronically or both, and becomes a consumer of health care            Bob Smithwick W6CS was in on the second invite. Bruce did manage to
services. If you can induce a segment of the population to adopt healthier       hear him speak at the Dayton DX dinners and said his presentation was
habits, then statistically, the day of reckoning is postponed. It will eventu-   terrible! Bob Conder, K4RIC, wrote: “I didn’t know Chuck, but some of
ally arrive, however, so eventually we still have to pay for that health         my friends did. He was born in Pinehurst, a few miles down the road. He
care.”                                                                           attended both UNC Chapel Hill and got his MD at Duke. He’s the kind of
    Paul Lukas N6DMV writes: “I am in the process of gathering infor-            guy who is an American hero.
mation for the commemoration of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, in                 Ted Hatfield, KQ4IC, Palmetto, GA., writes in relationship to the
which I took part. To my knowledge, only two countries helped us: Po-            connection between Ham radio and lymphoma (discussed on page 9).
land and West Germany with blood plasma and doctors For your continu-            “Back when I took biostatistics during my preventive medicine residency
ous tireless work, I am sending you this slightly caffeinated story: A to-       the thought was that statistics only showed association not causation.
tally naked woman enters a restaurant, sits down and orders a lunch. The         Then you looked for mode of action. No longer popular concept. Environ-
waiter, after taking the order, just stands there looking at the woman. She      mentalists do not like this approach as no mode of action may be identified
gets irritated and asks the waiter: “haven’t you ever seen a naked woman         and they want action now. But what level of association is causation?
before?” The waiter replies, “That is not the issue, I just wonder how are       Pick your own level.
you going to pay?”                                                                   Etsu Takada JA0BXP, writes from Japan: “I happened to receive this
    Bob Nevins KF1J, Fairfield, CT., writes: I enjoyed the latest MARCO          message with big attached file, double at mobile operation. If you send
Newsletter...regarding the 19 years ago in MARCO article in Edition #40,         Newsletter with PDF files, put them on the web site and send linking URL
some familiar names to that packet list arise. Most of these hams were           on a mail. Readers are not always in broad band capability. Bruce KM2L
regulars on our evening 40 meter nets especially during the slow end of          replies: Etsu is saying the *.pdf file was a bit over 2 megabytes in size. If
that cycle in 1987 and the QRM from European commercial radio stations.          you have slow Internet connection, it can take quite a while to download
I was also able to run a “Breakfast for MARCO” net on Wednesday morn-            and during that time you are stuck watching it download. What he is say-
ings on 80 and many of those listed showed from the NE and New Eng-              ing is please don’t send me this. Our local ham radio club publishes a
land before work. Back to the unknown list: K2UK was Ed Ludin MD,                *.pdf newsletter as well. It is posted to their website and members receive
former President of Marco SK from New Jersey; KJ9L was Sy Fiskin MD,             an email informing them that has been put there. They then download it
now in Pompano, FL. ; WB2YBA is Christine Haycock MD, former Presi-              form the Website at their convenience . Bruce advised Etsu the NL could
dent of Marco; KA4OIL was Vernon Leeper, Ashland KY, and myself                  be downloaded from our web-site at
KF1J.                                                                            MarcoNews.pdf.
    Gene Hoenig, N3HG, Silver Springs, MD. Sends a clipping from the
N.Y. Times concerning the activities of Direct Relief, the agency Marco
                                                                                5An interesting outcome was the dog teeth became loose and exfoliated
                                                                                  prior to the appearance of symptoms.
        MEDICAL AMATEUR RADIO COUNCIL, Ltd.                                            Current plans from NASA for Mars exploration include a five to six
                  MediShare International                                         month transit to and from Mars. The plans also include a stay on the Mar-
              Robert C. Smithwick, DDS, W6CS, Founder                             tian surface of around 600 days in a .38 G-environment. So, while in tran-
                     Supported by the Luden Fund                                  sit, they would be experiencing zero gravity and on the Martian surface
                       Established in Memory of                                   they would experience roughly 1/3 of the Earth’s normal gravity. It is not
         Edward Ludin, M.D., K3UK, President, MARCO, 1990-92                      known whether the Martian gravity is sufficient to prevent that rapid de-
             William Stenberg, DDS, N5QF,                                         pletion of bone mineral, but is is thought it will at least preferable to a
       166 W.Downing, Tahlequah, OK., 74464-2715                                  zero-gravity environment.
                              Executive Director.                                      Some plans have suggested having a crewmember remain in orbit while
            *********************************************************             the landing party is on the surface. The orbiting astronaut would be ex-
                                                                                  posed to zero gravity for a prolonged period of time and serious amounts
                                                                                  of bone deterioration could be expected. Obviously, astronauts contem-
    We have no new NEWS from our MediShare Director. We do how-                   plating prolonged space flight would start with a maximum bone density.
ever, have an interesting article Dr. Stenberg N5QF wrote concerning              This can be accomplished with a diet rich in calcium and an aggressive
the effect of space travel on astronaut’s teeth.                                  exercise program. Astronauts can be chosen who have naturally occurring
                 ************************************************                 heavy bone structures. Bone depleting substances like caffeine, tobacco
    When we think of dentistry and space travel, the most common context          and alcohol would need to be limited or curtailed during the conditioning
is the toothache in space. As a periodontist, I have become convinced we          period. Female astronauts would need to have estrogen levels monitored
may be facing other, equally serious challenges to the oral structures that       and possibly supplementation if levels are inadequate.
will seriously impact space travel.                                                    In the Mir-97 mission, calcium and vitamin D supplementation in-
    In space travel we face unique environmental conditions that result in        creased calcium levels, but bone resorption markers were still present in
the depletion of nutrients from the body, and it seems the main problem is        high levels. In contest to Earthbound subjects, it did not prevent factors
calcium homeostasis. Periodontis is a gum infection that results in the           leading to osteoporosis. It does appear that calcium and vitamin D is man-
majority of tooth loss in adults. Its etiology is a combination of factors,       datory but is not sufficient to control deterioration.
such as the presence of anaerobic bacteria and a susceptible host. Such                Conclusion: Tooth loss will occur with unabated osteoporosis, so
things as smoking and poor oral hygiene can make the condition worse. In          something has to be done when traveling through zero-G environments. It
astronauts we are concerned with a combination of factors caused by life in       appears that there will be no simple answers, but prevention will require a
a zero-gravity that results in the weakening of the alveolar, or jaw bones,       combination approach similar to prevention of other chronic conditions.
which can lead to destruction of the alveolus and loss of teeth. We call this     Space osteoporosis need not be a showstopper if we mange it with care,
“Space Osteoporosis. ” Although some recovery of bone may be possible             and continue to develop research as we proceed. Any developments in this
following return to Earth, we are most concerned about the tooth loss             field will likely result in collateral developments In the treatment and per-
aspects of space osteoporosis because of the irreversible nature of tooth         fection of terrestrial, Earth-bound, osteoporosis. If we can provide artifi-
loss.                                                                             cial gravity, it appears that problems will be limited.
    Space osteoporosis appears to be similar to terrestrial osteoporosis and      .
this establishes a relative hyperactively of the osteoclasts with the net            MAMMOUTHS MAY ROAM AGAIN AFTER 27,000
result of quicker bone resorption than bone replacement. While it may
take several decades for osteoporosis to manifest itself with clinical symp-
toms, space osteoporosis is much more rapid. Age related osteoporosis                    *****************************************
will result in weakened bones that fracture with use. It is presumed that             Bodies of extinct Ice Age mammals, such as woolly mammoths, that
space osteo will result in equal or worse morbidity if long space flights are     have been frozen in permafrost for thousands of years may contain viable
planned such as a flight to Mars. We diagnose osteoporosis when bone              sperm that could be used to bring them back from the dead.
density falls at least two standard deviations below the mean. When we                Research has indicated that mammalian sperm can survive being frozen
examine photomicrographs of bone we see the destruction of osseous                for much longer than was previously thought, suggesting that it could po-
structure as a result of osteoporosis does not cause a reduction in the size      tentially be recovered from species that have died out.
of the bones, but a decease in the density. Extreme structural weakness of            Several well-preserved mammoth carcasses have been found in the
the bone follows. In Earthbound subjects, the normal forces of gravity            permafrost of Siberia, and scientists estimate there could be many more.
can result in fractures most often in the hip, spine and wrist. When an           Last year, a Canadian team was able to extract DNA from the specimens
astronaut moves into a zero-gravity environment there are various changes         and announced the sequencing of about 1% of the genome of a mammoth
in bone metabolism. These culminate in a loss of skeletal bone. The rate          that died about 27,000years ago. With access to the mammoth’s genetic
of loss has been estimated at about 1% per month, which is about ten              code, and with frozen sperm recovered from testes, it may be possible to
times faster than in age-related bone loss. As of now, no one has stayed          resurrect an animal that is very similar to the mammoth.
in space long enough to develop osteoporosis, as the Mir missions have                The mammoth is a close genetic cousin of the modern Asian elephant,
been up to 18 months in duration and the Skylab missions average up to 3          and scientists think the two may be capable of interbreeding. The frozen
months. So far, astronauts are not coming back with hip fractures, so for         mammoth sperm could be injected into elephant eggs, producing offspring
short term space flight this level of bone depletion may be tolerable. With       that would be 50% mammoth.
length of missions planned for the Mars expeditions, the estimated amount             If sperm of extinct mammalian species can be retrieved from frozen
of bone loss during a three year mission due to zero gravity would equal          animal bodies that were kept frozen for millions of years in permanent
about 30 years of early bone loss due to aging. Zero gravity has various          frost, live animals might be restored by injecting them into oocytes (eggs)
effects on the cellular function of the bone. Most important of these is the      from females of closely related species.
inhibition of osteoblast function due to and interruption of gene expres-
sion. There is also an effect on parathyroid function, which results in the           TWO ADMIRALS...are sitting stiffly side-by-side on a long commercial
                                                                                  flight. After they are airborne, the man in the window seat abruptly says, in a
dumping of calcium from the body.                                                 loud vice, “Admiral, United States Navy, retired, married, two sons,
    In the 1970s there was a controversial paper using malnourished beagle        both surgeons.” After a few minutes the man in the aisle seat states
dogs The purpose was to determine the order in which bone is depleted             through a tight-lipped smile, “Admiral, U.S. Coast Guard, retired, married
from the skeleton by malnutrition. As in space osteoporosis, the weight           two sons, both judges.” After some thought, the fellow in the middle seat
bearing bones were the first to resorb. The long bones started deminerali-        introduces himself, “Master Gunnery Sergeant, U.S. Marines, retired, never
zation from the shaft portion first followed by the epiphyseal structures.        married, two sons, both admirals.
         DOCTOR, DOCTOR, WHAT’S MY NAME?                                                                        YOU LOSE !
                       By Danny Centers, W4DAN
  BACKGROUND: Danny Centers has an unusual first name. When
questioned if his name is “Daniel” or “Dan,” he replies, “No, it’s “Danny”
and this is the story of how he got the name.
    During a cold, snowy, winter day in 1985, I slipped on the ice and frac-
tured my spine. We southerners don’t see much ice as those of you that live
up north near Buffalo. Sometimes, very clear ice here in the south is mis-
taken for the “cold Kentucky rain” that Elvis used to sing about because it
looks so much like water. Anyway, that is the best excuse that I can come
up with for being so clumsy.
    After a few months, my doctor advised me that I could go back to work
provided that I wear the back brace for a while longer. The company I
worked for refused to allow my return to work because I was wearing the
orthopedic device. When this happened, I applied for disability benefits.
After the official disability process became apparent to my employer, I was
sent to the company surgeon and arrangements were made for me to return
to work. That sure blew my chance to go on the dole.                                         .BIG DROP + BIG RALLY = HUGE LOSSES
    Before returning to work, and in the process of applying for disability                         Why hasn’t my portfolio recovered ?
through the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board, a discrepancy was noted con-                               *********************************
cerning my name. All of my employment records indicated my name as                         Supposing you have $10,000 invested in “Ultra Fund.” Ul-
being spelled D-a-n-n-y. My Social Security card showed the spelling as                tra drops 94.7%, dropping your stock worth to $530. Then,
“D-a-n-n-i-e.” My birth certificate had been lost several years before. Be-            Ultra rises 94.7% and your portfolio rises to $530+$518 (94.7%
fore the disability application could be completed, I had to request a certified       of $530 = $518) for a new total of $1,048. You have still
copy of my birth certificate from the Registrar of Vital Statistics. When I            LOST $8,952 even though the market in Ultra has recov-
received it, low and behold, it revealed yet a different spelling of my name.          ered. Be careful of bald-headed stock brokers??????
It showed my name being spelled “D-a-n--i-e” (with only one “n”). How                  —————————————————————————-
could this be? I set out to investigate this strange mystery.
    Since my mother was surely present for my birth, I started my investiga-           childhood sensitivity, kind of like the “Boy named Sue” in one of
tion by asking her why the name on my birth certificate was spelled D-a-n-i-           Johnny Cash’s hit songs. It surely would have opened the door to
e. She said that she thought the name on my certificate was spelled                    some interesting conversation. When misspelled and mispronounced
“Dannie”. That is why I had been told to write my name as Dannie when I                at registration desks and counters the opportunity for extended con-
started school. Well, the name Dannie was O.K. in the first grade. It wasn’t           versations world be limitless and could develop into some very nice
until, later that some trouble making classmate suggested than the name                relationships. It would also be harder for criminals to steal my iden-
Dannie was a girl’s name and Danny was a boy’s name.                                   tity because of their inability to use and spell my name correctly.
   Being a very impressionable, shy and sensitive child that I was, this new               The moral of this story, is, "The Doctor Knows Best,” or is it
revelation just didn’t set right with me. From that day forward, I spelled my          “Father Knows Best,” or is it “Grandpa Knows best?” I’ll ask
name D-a-n-n-y. I made an exception when I went to work at my first part-              Robert Young (Dr. Welby) the next time I see him.
time job and applied for a Social Security card. I put the name “Dannie,”                                 ***************************
on the application because I though it matched the birth certificate spelling.         (Ed.Note: Danny did have his wallet stolen recently but the culprit probably
                                                                                       gave up for the above reasons—Danny notified the proper authorities and
    That solves the part about the difference between my preferred name,               his loss was negligible.
“Danny,” and the Social Security name, “Dannie”. But what about the spell-             ———————————————————————————
ing of D-a-n-i-e on the birth certificate? It seems that on the day that I de-
cided to arrive on the scene, and expose myself to the world, my father was
                                                                                                More letters to the Society….
at work on the railroad. He was out-of-town on a train run, and I guess, I                       ****************************
was determined to be born before he returned home so I could surprise him.                 From Linda KE5BQK and Bernie Krasowski
My grandfather, who lived four houses up the street, took charge of getting            KQ5QHV….While in Maine on vacation, we visited with Sally in
my mother to the hospital. Up to this point, the investigation was pretty well         Belfast. We stopped at the local Radio Shack,, having a pretty safe
cut and dry. The rest of the story is based on guess work and assumption.              bet there would be someone who knew Robin and where he lived.
    The attending physician, being slightly past retirement age by several,            We hadn’t even gotten his name out in the description of the ham
years, had delivered many babies and probably brought several named                    doctor who had recently died, when the owner said “Robin Stae-
“Danny” into the world. I have been told his age was around 78 or 80.                  bler!” We got directions and drove to his house. Sally was in the
Now, that is not very old for this day and age, but in 1941 it would probably          yard with Sophie (dog?) and she invited us in. It was a great visit
be equivalent to the age of 120, or so, in 2006. He was aware that the name            and we really wish we could have met Robin last year, but they were
was a derivative of Daniel. His age didn’t have anything to do with his                at the lake cabin when we tried to call. The local radio club will be
knowing this fact, he just knew it. Even if you think you know the rest of             getting some of his equipment as will his nephew, Cody, who was in
this story, let me finish. Realizing these facts he probably proceeded to              Dayton in May. Everyone in Belfast was saddened by his passing.
write Daniel on the birth certificate. As the doctor was writing and verbally              From Marilyn Currier (Bob WB5D Currier’s widow)….”I
verifying the name, my grandfather must have stopped him before he had a               have seen Mike Radala (Mike checked in often to Grand Rounds) on
chance to put the last letter “L” at the end of the name.                              this crazy island (Bois Blanc, MI) we have always come to. It has
    Later, I hired my lawyer to draw up an order to petition the court for a           been a very nice summer and I’m going home next week...thanks for
name change. I appeared before the Probate Court Judge of Monroe County,               sending me the Marco Newsletter..
Tennessee and it was ordered, adjudged, and decreed that my name was                       Bob Conder, K4RLC, reports minor damage from hurricane
officially changed to “Danny.” After looking back on the events surround-              Ernesto on North Myrtle Beach, SC. “Our beach house had minor
ing this ordeal, and as an afterthought, I wish that I could have retained the         flooding, debris washed in the yard and one tree toppled from 70
name “Danie.”. I can’t help but think that it may have helped me overcome              mph winds and 7 inches of rain.” (Tampa Bay was lucky!!!!)+
                       COFFEE BREAK                                                       7                   MARCO OFFICERS, 2006
 Decaffeinated jokes upright; caffeinated inverted.
     *************************************************                                        President:
   LIFE IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA….San Diego...A highway                                          Arnold Kalan, M.D., WB6OJB
patrolman pulled a car over and told the driver that because he had been                       16690 Channel Lane,
wearing his seat belt, he had just won $5,000 in the statewide safety com-                     Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
petition. “What are you going to do with the money?” asked the police-                         E-mail:
man. “Well, I guess I’m going to get a driver’s license,” he answered.
“Oh, don’t listen to him,” yelled a woman in the passenger seat, “He’s a                      President-Elect:
smart aleck when he’s drunk.” This woke up the guy in the back seat                            Harry J. Przekop, PA-C, WB9EDP
who took one look at the cop and moaned, “I knew we wouldn’t get far in                        950 West lake St.,
a stolen car.” At that moment, there was knock from the trunk and a voice                      Chicago, IL., 60607
said, in Spanish, “Are we over the border yet?”                                                E-mail:
    A LADY GOES INTO A RESTAURANT….and notices there’s a                                      Secretary:
“peel and win” sticker on her coffee cup. She peels it off and starts                         Danny Centers, W4DAN
screaming, “I’ve won a motorhome, I’ve won a motorhome!” The wait-                            2712 Bryant Drive.,
ress says, “That’s impossible, the biggest prize is a free lunch.” But the                    Cleveland, TN 37311 Phone: 866-479-6160
lady keeps screaming “I’ve won a motorhome!” Finally, the manager                             Celll Phone: 423 650 2633
comes over and says, “No lady, you’ve won a bagel.”                                           E-mail:
   JACK’S PHONE NUMBER...Caller: “Can you give me the telephone                               Web Site Director & Recording Secretary:
number of Jack?” Operator: “I’m sorry, I don’t understand who you are                         Bruce Small, M.D., KM2L,
talking about.” Caller: “On page 1 section 5, of the user guide it clearly                    10540 Stoneway, Clarence, N.Y. 10431-2100. Phone: 716 759 8459
states that I need to unplug the fax machine from the AC wall socket and            
telephone Jack before cleaning. Now can you give me the number for
Jack?”                                                                                        Treasurer:
iers. Things are getting ugly!                                                                 Lou Wiederhold, M.D., WA1HGE
Dell customer service reps, Motel 6 managers and liquor store cash-                            219 Main St., P.O. Box 300
does not yield sufficient results, cab drivers will be next, followed by                       Francetown, N.H., 03043-0300 Phone: 603 547 2729,
America’s supply of convenience store managers. And if this action                             E-Mail:
military action against Iraq continues, Taliban authorities will cut -off
Taliban Minister of Emigration, Omar Omar, warned the U.S. that if                            MediShare:
   NEW WARNING...This morning, from a cave somewhere in Pakistan,                              William Stenberg, D.D.S., N5QF,
                                                                                               611 W. Downing
——————————————————————————————                                                                 Tahlequah, OK 74464-2715
   THE TWO-DECKER BUS...Two bowling teams, one of all blondes                                  E-mail:
and one of all brunettes, charter a double-decker bus for a weekend gam-
bling trip to Louisiana. The brunette team rode on the bottom of the bus                      Newsletter Office:
and the blonde team rode on the top level. The brunette team down below                        Warren J. Brown, M.D., KD4GUA
really whooped it up, having a great time, when one of them realized she                       P.O. Box 127
hadn't heard anything from the blondes upstairs. She decided to go up and                      Indian Rocks Beach, FL., 33785
investigate. She found all the blondes in fear, staring straight ahead at the                  E-mail:
road, clutching the seats in front of them with white knuckles. The bru-                      ***********************************************************
nette asked, “What the heck’s going on up here? We’re having a great                          REGIONAL DIRECTORS:
time downstairs!” One of the blondes looked up at her, swallowed hard                         Robert A. Nevins, M.D., KF1J
and whispered…”YEAH, BUT YOU’VE GOT A DRIVER!” (Note: no                                      Christine Haycock, M.D., WB2YBA
mention is made whether the blondes and brunettes are male or fe-                             Gene Hoenig, M.D., N3HG
                                                                                              Ted Hatfield, M.D., KQ4IC
                                                                                              Bobby W. Marek, M.D., KM5VU
bird” to those receiving it.                                                                  Jeffrey A. Wolf M.D., K6JW
rows used with the longbow the English used the expression “giving the                        Jeff Schwartz, WC7WB
we can still pluck yew.” Because pheasant feathers were used on the ar-                       Roger M. Higley, D.D.S., W8CRK   rhigley599@aolcom
French by waving their middle fingers at the defeated French, saying, “ See,                  Harry J. Przekop, PA-C, WB9EDP
of the French, the English won a major upset and began mocking the                            Frederic M. Simowitz, M.D., K0FS Fredsimo@aolcom
the longbow was known as “plucking the yew.” Much to the bewilderment
longbow was made of the native English Yew tree, and the act of drawing                       DIRECTORS AT LARGE:
therefore they would be incapable of fighting in the future. This English                     Mary Kaye Favaro, M.D., AE4BX Maryfav@aolcom
the middle finger it would be impossible to draw the English longbow and                      Harry Morgan, M.D., VE3OQM
posed to cut off the middle finger of all captured English soldiers. Without                  Bruce Small, M.D., KM2L       bsmall@adelphia. Net
Agincourt in 1415, the French, anticipating victory over the English, pro-                    Bud Clark, M.D., KE2DT        Fair Haven, N.J.
  THE HISTORY OF THE MIDDLE-FINGER...Before the Battle of                                     T. Chip Keister, M.D. N5RTF
                                                                                              HOW DID WE COME TO CALL A REVOLVER A “GAT?” The name “gat”
    WHERE DOES THE WORD “ELECTRICITY” COME FROM? Dr. Wm.                                      was originally applied to a machine gun invented by Dr. Robert Gatling and first
Gilbert—who became physician to Queen Elizabeth in 1601—gave the name                         used during the Civil War. But this gun had a cluster of ten barrels that looked
“electric” to static electricity produced by rubbing a piece of amber with a cloth.           something like the chamber of a revolver—and so the name was transferred to the
He derived the name from “electron,” the Greek word for amber.                                revolver.
             FIFTEEN YEARS AGO IN MARCO                                           BOB CURRIER MARCO CME GRAND ROUNDS OF
                                 Sept.-Oct., 1991                                        THE AIR DERBY, Sept. 16, 2006
                                                                                  CALL HRS        RANKING            NAME               QTH
     Smitty, then W6JZU, led off the October-November 1991 issue of the
MARCO Newsletter with a thorough report on the origin and development
                                                                                 WB5BHB 36             1.         John       Vancleave, MS
of the Medical Resources Commission.                                             W4TAD 36              1.         Bill       Largo, FL
   We welcomed sixteen new members to the ranks, including Dorothy               WB9EDP 36             1.         Harry      Chicago, IL
KB2LGA, Donald KN4UG, Tom N3HPR, Ron WA6TYL, Ed N5RJQ,                           KG6JLE 35             2          Paul       Atherton, CA
David KI5NG, Mark KA1TUN, Sheldon KC6NSX, Dan KC6QFT, Fran                       N6DMV 35              2.         Paul       Torrance, CA
KB8ACZ, Charles W0ZL, Larry KC4YSD, Lee KB9EJ, George N7NLN                      WA9HIR 34             3.         Bill       Berwyn, IL
and Joe AB4RW. (non-recognizable in 2006!)                                       W3FYA 34              3.         Doug       Baltimore, MD
   Newsletter Editor Ed Briner WA4TVG thanked the membership for                 WB6OJB 34             3.         Arnold     Pacific Palisades, CA
their good wishes following his recent angioplasty. He reported that Fred        N5RTF 33              4.         Chipper    New Orleans, LA
                                                                                 KD4GUA 32             5.         Warren     Largo, FL.
Simowitz K0FS had put together a tape recording from video he shot dur-
                                                                                 N5JDT 30              6.         Willis     Alamagordo, NM
ing August’s MARCO meeting aboard the Mississippi Queen, and that it             W4DAN 29              7.         Danny      Cleveland, TN
was making the rounds of attendees.                                              KE5BQK 29             7.         Linda      El Paso, TX
               TEN YEARS AGO IN MARCO                                            N5MKT 29              7.         Larry      St. Petersburg, FL
                          September-October 1996                                 VE3OQM 29             7.         Bob        Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
                                                                                 KM2L   28             8.         Bruce      Clarence, NY
                             *************************                           KE2DT 27              9.         Bud        Fair Haven, NJ
   The September-October 1996 MARCO Newsletter opened with a com-                W3WFB 27              9.         Lee        Wayne, PA
plaint about lack of activity during our nets. Hmmm...ten years ago propa-       W8LJZ 26              10.        Jim        Detroit, MI
gation should have been just about as lousy as it is now.                        KC9ARN 26             10.        Ellen      Chicago, IL
   The passing of MARCO member Milt Gordon 4X1AA was noted with                  WA1HGE 24             11.        Lou        Francestown, NH
sadness..                                                                        WA3QWA 24             11.        Marc       Chesapeake, VA
   President Ira Wexler W3HEF sounded a cautionary note in his editorial,        KQ5QHV 24             11.        Bernie     El Paso, TX
reminding members about MARCO’s policies regarding dispensing on-air-            N5QF   24             11.        Bill       Tihlequah, OK
                                                                                 NU4DO 22              12.        Norm       Largo, FL.
medical advice. The bottom line: you may do as you please as an individ-
                                                                                 KC9CS 21              13.        Bill       Largo, FL
ual, but it should be made clear that you are not acting as a spokesperson       W3GAT 21              13.        Tom        Shreveport, LA
for the organization.                                                            N4IN   20             14         David      Bardstown, KY
   Next came a reprint of KD4GUA’s memorable Grand Rounds on the                 N9MO   19             15.        Rich       Marshfield, WI
treatment of impotence. Warren’s discussion contained a paragraph about          K4RLC 19              15.        Bob        Raleigh, NC
a pill, then in the final stages of clinical testing. He predicted that silde-   WA6VEY 19             15.        Bob        San Diego, CA
nafil (Viagra) would be approved for use in the United States sometime           W1DCB 15              16.        Josh       Magnolia, MA
during 1997. Good call, Doc!                                                     W5DJH 14              17.        Joe        Houston, TX
                                                                                 KM5VU 13.             18         Bobby      Blenham, TX
   Member Brad Banko KB8CNE queried the member on listserv for ca-
                                                                                 N8GMB 12              19         Chuck      Kirtland, Ohio
reer advice. The replies, printed in the Newsletter, strongly encouraged         KE4WME 10             20.        Andy       Williamsburg, VA
Brad to indulge in his love for Family Practice. Also from the email list        W3DRB 8               21.        Miles      Elizabethtown, PA
appeared a brief dialog regarding cholinesterase deficiency.                     KQ4IC 7               22.        Ted        Palmetto, GA
   Finally, we said “hello” to four new far-flung members: Jay VE1CUT,           K3IK   6              23.        Ian        Shavertown, PA
Jose KP4E, Frank N8YIY and Peter KH6HBZ.                                         KE3XB 6               23.        John       Rochester, NY+
                                  Submitted by                                   WD5MLM 5              24.        Bruce      Louisville, KY
                                                                                 KI2OS  5              24.        Jocko      Costa Rica
                    Bruce Small, KM2L                                            K0FS   5              24.        Fred       St. Louis, MO
************************************************                                 WF1J   4              25         Bob        Fairfield, CT
                                                                                 W4UVS 4               25.        Ed         Oak Ridge, TN
DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHERE YOU CAME FROM?                                  K9CIV  3              26         Rick       Arkansas
                             **************************                          K9PEP 2               27.        Paul       Rockford, IL
    Carolina Miranda, writing in Time, August 28, was confused as to her         KA7LOT 2              27         Bert       San Diego, CA
hereditary background. Her Latin complexion, with olive skin and brown           WB9PV 2               27.        Marc       Bloomington, IN
eyes, and her history of a Peruvian father and a Chilean mother, gave her        W9GEH 2               27.        Paul       Chicago, IL
legitimacy as a “Latin.” However, when she submitted buccal smears to            K9CIV  2              27.        Rich       Arkansas.
two DNA labs (DNAPrint in Sarasota, FL., and DNA Tribes in Arlington,            ***********************************************************
VA) she was surprised at their findings.                                            HANDLING A TELEMARKETER...The phone rang as I was sitting
    Within two weeks after submitting her separate $200 samples she re-          down to dinner, and as I answered, I was greeted with “Is this Karl Brummer?” Not
ceived a reply from DNA Tribes. As she had guessed, the genetic indica-          sounding anything like my name, I asked who was calling. The telemarketer said he
tors showed both European and American Indian roots. But No. 1 on the            was with the “Rubber Band Powered Freezer Company” or something like that.
                                                                                 Then I asked him if he knew Karl personally and why he was calling this number? I
list of the list of places she was supposed to be from was—sub-Saharan
                                                                                 then said off to the side, “Get some pictures of the body at various angles and the
Africa. What’s more, No. 1 on the list of the top 10 regional populations        blood smears.” I then turned back to the phone and advised the caller he had en-
with which she was most likely to have a piece of genetic code was Byelo-        tered a murder scene and must stay on the line because we had already traced this
russia, followed closely by southeast Poland and Mozambique.                     call and he would be receiving a summons to testify in this murder case. I ques-
    She was in for yet another surprise when, a few days later, the results      tioned the caller at great length as to his name, address, phone and for whom he
from DNAPrint came in. The basic elements were similar, but the blend            worked, how he knew the dead guy and could he prove where he had been about
was different: 71% European, 26% Native American and 3% sub-Saharan              one hour before he made this call? The telemarketer was getting very concerned
African.                                                                         and his answers were given in a shaky voice. I then told him we had located his
                                                                                 position and the police were entering the building to take him into custody. At that
    Ancestral DNA gives only a statistical likelihood of membership in a
                                                                                 point I heard the phone fall and the scurrying of his running away. My wife asked
certain group. How many generations ago the changes took place remains           me as I returned to our table why I had tears streaming down my face—I couldn’t
a mystery. Want to try it? Send $200 to one of the above labs and you            tell her for about fifteen minutes. My meal was cold, but it was the best meal
will received a swab package—results in about two weeks.                         in a long, long, long time.
                                                                               9   ( or on Marco web site). This took into perspective
    IS HAM RADIO HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH?                                         the average power emitted on the 10, 20 and 40 meter bands` and the
         Update—as per Grand Rounds 8/13/06                                        height of your antenna. Every ham station was told to have the figures
                                                                                   derived from the formula available at your station and to mark “in compli-
                                                                                   ance with and without ground reflections.” Many of us followed out these
    In the 1930s, radio station WJR, putting out 50,000 watts on 760               orders but since nothing as been heard concerning this procedure we are
kc, on dipole towers was located in the Detroit area. Beneath the tow-             confused.
ers was a tavern that used florescent lights which were powered by the                 The current literature suggests that EMF probably does not cause can-
RF from WJR. The radio station sued the tavern claiming it was steal-              cer. However it may have a role as a promoter or enhancer of cancer by
ing their RF power. The verdict was against the tavern stating the                 modifying the cells in the immune system that normally act to prevent or
lights were disrupting the station pattern and had to cease. This was              correct cancer in its early stages. In other words, cancer cells may be cre-
appealed to the Federal courts and was thrown out.                                 ated by a chemical or ionizing radiation. Subsequently the EMF-
    This same problem now arises as to whether we are stealing RF                  handicapped immune system may not be as effective in destroying these
from our own radio sets to upset our own tissues. Recently, all HAM                cells in time to prevent future cancer cell growth.
radio operators were required to monitor their rigs for RF leaks and to                A study in 1988 took its population from those hams on the 1984 FCC
keep them within a certain range.                                                  license file who had addressees in California or Washington State. After
    BASICS: The atom is the building block of the universe. All                    eliminating female names, the investigators matched 67,829 names against
atoms are electrically neutral as they have the same number of posi-               deaths recorded in the two states. Findings indicate that deaths from one
tive charged protons as negatively charged electrons. When an atom                 form of leukemia and from cancers of other lymphatic tissues were higher
loses electrons it has a net positive charge. If it gains electrons it has a       than expected by a statistical significant amount. Cancers of the pancreas
negative charge. Particles with a positive or negative charge are                  however, accounted for significantly fewer deaths than had been expected.
called ions. Free electrons are also called ions because they have a               About 1/3 of the hams who died in Washington State, had occupational
negative charge. When there is a surplus number of positive ions in                electro-magnetic exposure together with potentially significant exposure to
one location and a surplus number of negative ions (or electrons) in               solder fumes and toxic chemicals. This study and many others have not
another location, there's an attractive force between the two collec-              measured actual cumulative EMF exposure.
tions of particle's That force tries to pull the collections together .                 We know that that non-ionizing, thermal, low-level radio waves do
This attraction is called electromotive force or EMF.                              cause biological changes in the human body that are measurable at the cell
    Numerous studies have shown higher rates of some cancers near                  level. The significance of these changes remains uncertain. The effect in
power stations or other areas of high electromagnetic activity but none            hampering the immune system in fighting cancers is to be considered.
have been considered conclusive. At stake is rates of cancer, repro-                   In conclusion we must recognize that the guidelines apply only to
ductive problems and developmental effects. Reports of increased                   thermal effects. They do not take into account the modulation-
miscarriages and malformations suggest that women exposed to EMF                   dependent interactions than seem to be important in EMF research.
may be at special risk.                                                            There are no guidelines for radio-type exposure to EMF at present.
    After one reviews the available data, one concludes that if EMF                 The use of UF/VHF handhelds would ideally involve a separate micro-
poses a health hazard for the ham, the risk is small. This is apparent             phone with the radio and antenna held above one’s head. If this is not
when comparing EMF to the many documental hazards that we face                     possible, the handheld should be kept as vertical as possible, using lower
on a daily basis.                                                                  power and brief transmissions. When operating HF at levels of 100 watts
    EMF is divided into two categories, ionizing and non-ionizing.                 or less, beams should be kept at least 35 feet above the ground and higher
Ionizing radiation involves frequencies from the ultraviolet spectrum              when using more power. Vertical antennas should be roof-mounted and
and up. Its includes solar radiation, x-rays and radiation from nuclear            any indoor antennas should be restricted to QRP use only. Your linear
explosions. The side-effects of ionizing radiation are well known and              should be placed as far away from your operating position as possible and
depend on frequency, intensity and duration of exposure. This has                  used only for needy transmissions. Special care should be utilized in using
led to exposure standards for x-ray techs and employees of nuclear                 microwave frequencies as the chance of athermal and thermal exposure is
plants. Fortunately, your transmitter does NOT emit any ionizing                   much higher.
    The second category of EMF, more relevant to ham radios, in-                       BRUCE KM2L, physicist, replies: The (above) study came from a
volves frequencies in the non-ionizing spectrum. This stretches from               largely discredited study published in 1988 (Milham S. “Increased mortal-
very low frequencies to the infrared region. Examples include EMF                  ity in amateur radio operators due to lymphatic and hematopoietic malig-
from power lines, transformers and electric motors and radio frequen-              nancies,” Am. J. Epidemiology). The study which looked at causes of
cies stretching from VLF through microwaves.                                       death in Hams concluded that the risk of death from non-Hodgkin's lym-
    Non-ionizing EMF is subdivided into thermal and athermal.                      phoma or multiple myeloma was 1.62 for hams compared with the general
That is, does there radiation heat tissue? The answer depends on                   population. Even if you accept that figure, it does not establish RF as a
wave-length and intensity of power. An individual situated near a                  causative agent. For example, the study and control populations were not
high power megawatt antenna would experience biological heating or                 assessed for occupation. Since hams are more likely to work I the elec-
thermal effects. The American National Standards Institute guidelines              tronics and communications industries, one might be concerned about
have suggested limits of public and occupation exposure. These limits              exposure to solder fumes, PCBs in transformer oil, and assorted industrial
have been lowered repeatedly over the years, and they still remain a               solvents. Could these be the etiologic agents, either alone or acting in
topic of debate.                                                                   conjunction with RF exposure? We don’t know the answer.
    In ham radio we are usually concerned with lower-level radio fre-                  There is another interpretation of Milham’s data. The overall age-
quencies that do not cause measurable heating to the body and are                  adjusted mortality risk for hams was .71. That is, the risk of dying was
therefore classified as athermal. Currently, there are no published                29% lower for a ham than for someone in the control group. That was due
safety standards for power levels and frequencies that do not cause                to markedly lower risk of death from pancreatic cancer, all circulatory
thermal effects. This is where most of the controversy begins. There               diseases, all respiratory diseases, and all accidents. But...if you study a
is still not enough scientific evidence to establish just what is going            population by reading their death certificates the total mortality of the
on. Despite this, we have emotional statements from citizens groups                group is 100% by definition. So, if hams are less likely to die of some
which includes ham radio.                                                          disease, they must be more likely to die of others. Simple statistics says
    On or about 2000, word came from Washington D.C. that all radio                that one or more categories will be increased.
stations should be compliant with prospective guidelines which at that
time were secured from the University of Texas
                                                                                   more open forms of education, new ways of overcoming poverty.
 WHITE GUILT OF THE WESTERN PAST                                                       This does not mean the President is insincere in his desire to bring de-
                 By an Afro-Ameridan, Shelby Steele                                mocracy in Iraq, nor is it to say that democracy won’t ultimately be so-
      A researcher at Stanford University; author of “White Guilt”                 cially transformative in Iraq. It’s just that today the U.S. cannot go to war
                                                                                   in the Third Word simply to defeat a dangerous enemy.
    There is something odd in the way America has come to fight its wars               White guilt makes our Third World enemies into colored victims, peo-
since World War II. For one thing, it is now unimaginable that we would            ple whose problems—even the tyrannies they live under—were created by
use anything approaching the full measure of our military power (the nu-           the historical disruptions and injustices of the white West. We must
clear option aside) in the wars we fight. And this seems only reasonable           “understand” and pity our enemy even as we fight him. And, through
given the relative weakness of our Third World enemies in Vietnam and in           Islamic extremism is one of the most pernicious forms of evil opportunism
the Middle East. But the fact is that we lost in Vietnam, and today, despite       that has ever existed, we have felt compelled to fight it with an almost
our vast power, we are only slogging along—if admirably—in Iraq against            managerial minimalism. that shows us to be beyond the passion of
a hit-and-run insurgency that cannot stop us even as we seem unable to             war—and thus well dissociated for the avariciousness of the white su-
stop it. Yet no one—including, very likely, the insurgents themselves—             premacist past.
believes that America lacks the raw power to defeat this insurgency if it              Europeans are utterly confounded by the swelling Muslim populations
wants to. So clear it is that America determines the scale of this war.            in their midst. America has run from its own mounting immigration prob-
       Since Vietnam, America has increasingly practiced a policy of mini-         lem for decades, and even today, after finally taking up the issue, our gov-
malism and restraint in war. And now this unacknowledged policy, which             ernment seems entirely flummoxed. White guilt is a vacuum of moral
always makes a space for the enemy, has us in another long and rather              authority visited on the present by the shames of the past.
passionless war against a weak enemy. Why this new minimalism in                       Whether the problem is race relations, education, immigration or war,
war?                                                                               white guilt imposes so much minimalism and restraint that our worst prob-
    It began in a late-20th century event that transformed the world more          lems tend to linger and deepen. Our leaders work, within a double bind. If
profoundly than the collapse of communism: the world-wide collapse of              they do what is truly necessary to solve a problem—win a war, fix immi-
white supremacy as a source of moral authority, political legitimacy and           gration—they lose legitimacy. Where is the will to truly regulate the
even sovereignty. This idea had organized the entire world, (called                southern border when those who ask for this are slimed as “bigots.” This
“Imperialism” and “Colonization”) divided up its resources, imposed the            is how white guilt defines what is possible in America. You go at a prob-
nation-state system across the globe, and delivered the majority of the            lem until you meet stigmatization, then you retreat into minimalism.
world’s population into servitude and oppression. After WW II, revolu-                 Possibly white guilt’s worst effect is that it does not permit whites, and
tions across the globe, from India to Algeria and from Indonesia to the            nonwhites, to appreciate sorting extraordinary: the fact that whites in
American civil rights revolution, defeated the authority inherent in white         Amercia, and elsewhere in the West, have achieved a truly remarkable
supremacy, if not the idea itself. And this defeat exacted a price: the West       moral transformation. One is forbidden to speak thus, but it is simply true.
was left stigmatized by its sins. Today, the white West—like Germany               There are no serious advocates of white supremacy in American today,
after the Nazi defeat—lives in a kind of secular penitence in which the            because whites see this idea as morally repugnant.
slightest echo of past sins brings down withering condemnation. There is               America must once again feel the moral authority to seriously tackle its
now a cloud over white skin where there once was unquestioned authority.           most profound problems. Then, if we decide to go to war, it can be with
    I call this white guilt not because it is a guilt of conscience but because    enough ferocity to win.
people stigmatized with moral crimes—here racism and imperialism—lack
moral authority and so act guiltily whether they feel guilt or not. They               The above extract appeared in the Wall Street Journal and is pre-
struggle to dissociate themselves from the past sins they are stigma-              sented as “food for thought.”
tized with. When they behave in ways that invoke the memory of those                   One might imagine this theory in action with the recent withdrawal
sins, they must labor to prove that they have not relapsed into their group’s      of Israel from Lebanon.
former sinfulness. So when America—the greatest embodiment of West-                ************************************************************
ern power—goes to war in Third World Iraq, it must also labor to dissoci-           IF WE CAN’T BUY HAPPINESS, WHY WORK SO MUCH?
ate that action from the great Western sin of imperialism. Thus, in Iraq we                       *****************************
are fighting two wars, one against an insurgency and another against the              In recent years, psychologists have turned their attention to “happiness re-
past—two fronts, two victories to win, one military , the other a victory of       search”—and the results are a little disturbing if your life’s goals are a bigger pay-
                                                                                   check and a fatter nest egg. Money alone, it seems, just doesn’t buy a whole lot of
dissociation.                                                                      happiness.
    The collapse of white supremacy—and the resulting white guilt—                    To be sure, high-income earners often express greater satisfaction with their
introduced a new mechanism of power into the world: stigmatization with            lives. In a 2004 survey, 43% of those with family incomes of $90,000 or more
the evil of the Western past. And this stigmatization is power because it          reported being “very happy,” vs. 22% for those with incomes below $20,000.
effects the terms of legitimacy for Western nations and for their actions in          But the truth it seems, is messier than such surveys suggest. Yes, if you live in
the world. In Iraq, America is fighting as much for the legitimacy of its          poverty, more money can bolster your happiness. “But once you’re safe and warm
war effort as for victory in war. In fact, legitimacy may be the more im-          and fed, it makes surprisingly little difference “ Despite rising standards of living,
portant goal. If a military victory makes us look like an imperialist nation       just 30% of Americans described themselves as “very happy,” in the late 1990s,
                                                                                   down from 34% in the early 1970s. It has been found that people with higher in-
bent on occupying and raping the resources of a poor brown nation, then
                                                                                   comes tend to spend more time working, commuting and engaging in obligatory
victory would be meaningless because it would have no legitimacy.                  nonwork activities, such as maintaining their homes. All of these are associated
Europe would scorn. Conversely, if America suffered military loss in Iraq          with lower happiness. Money itself doesn’t make you happy, what can make you
but in so doing dispelled the imperialist stigma, the loss would be seen as a      happy is what you do with it. Going to a dinner at a nice restaurant, where you’re
necessary sacrifice made to restore our nation's legitimacy.                       going to see friends and eat good food is one of the best combinations.
    Because dissociation from the racist and imperialist stigma is so tied to
legitimacy in this age of white guilt, America's act of going to war can
have legitimacy only if it seems to be an act of social work—something
that uplifts and transforms the poor brown nation (thus dissociation us
from the white exploitations of old). So our war effort in Iraq is shrouded
in a new language of social work in which democracy is cast as an instru-
ment of social transformation bringing new institutions, new relations
between men and women, new ideas of individual autonomy, new and
                   WHAT AMERICA DRINKS
    The word “Cocktail” was supposed to come from the French word in
New Orleans for “mixed drink.” There is another story that cocktail origi-
nated in New Amsterdam (New York City) when tavern owners would
furnish free tail fathers from the cock for patrons to dry out their mouths.
The word, “Real McCoy,” comes from the name of a bootlegger’s special
undiluted booze, causing folks to ask, “Is this the real McCoy” (the real
“stuff.”) The word “bootlegger” comes from the German meaning put-
ting booze into a hollow leg.
    Carbonation was discovered in 1790 and was supposed to be medicinal
as it was concocted from Birch (Birch Beer), Ginger (Ginger Ale) and           nessee introduced his special brew of coffee and it became so popular it
roots (Root Beer). In 1881, “Moxie” came on line as the first soft drink in    became known as “Maxwell House Coffee.”
a bottle. In 1895, Owens invented the bottle making machine that also put           Instant coffee became popular in WW I because it was the only way
caps on bottles. The word “Pop” comes from the popping sound when the          the troops could get it. Then, in 1971, “Starbucks” was founded and a
top is lifted from the bottle.                                                 new coffee craze began.
    In 1906, the Food and Drug Act was passed and no longer could medi-             Tea was introduced into Britain from China in the 1600s. The Brit-
cines be placed in soft drinks without permission. Moxie then became a         ish bartered opium from India, relatively cheap, for tea from China,
health drink.                                                                  relatively expensive. The home folks got hooked on the caffeine in tea
    Jack Templeton, an Atlantic pharmacist, took cocoa leaves and united       and the demand escalated. “More tea!—and the opium trade increased
them with caffeine from the Kola beans and called his drink “Coca Cola.”       until the Chinese war lords realized they were being taken and their
“Pepsi Cola” came from another pharmacist who put pepsin in his drink          populations were becoming addicted to opium from India. They battled
to relieve his stomach sourness in 1890. But, in 1920, Pepsi went out of       the British with their swords and arrows but were consistently defeated
business only to be revived in 1936. Loft’s candy stores in New York City      by the fire-power of the English. It wasn’t until the U.S. ship “Eagle”
didn’t like Coke so Mr. Loft put Pepsi into his 20 stores and it began to      arrived in China with guns and ammunition for the Chinese, in the late
catch on. He got hold of a lot of extra 12 oz. bottles and put it in them      1800s, that they were able to drive the British back into their enclave of
stating, “Twice as much for a nickel too—Pepsi Cola is the drink for           Hong Kong. The native addicts were done away with and the Opium
you.”                                                                          Wars ceased. Tea had migrated across the seas to America and became
    Coca Cola spread around the world with U.S. soldiers in WW II when         the focus of the “Boston Tea Party,” when American patriots became
Coca Cola took its bottling companies to other countries. Coke was out-        fed up with taxation of the tea without representation in parliament.
selling Pepsi two-to-one then. The supermarkets added to sales by promot-      Tea was the stimulating drink prior to the Civil War and remains today
ing the six-pack.                                                              very popular, containing less caffeine than coffee and having some anti-
    The name “Soda Jerk” came from the motion of the soda clerk-soda-          oxidant properties.
jerk, soda-jerk, as he pushed own on the plunger of the dispenser.                  Milk was always popular and in the 1800s chocolate was added.
    Whiskey comes from the Gaelic meaning “Water of Life.” It was a            Grape Juice was introduced by Thomas Welch, a Methodist minister,
frontier drink and was often used as money. In 1791, the U.S. Government       who disliked booze. His “wine” had no alcohol in it and it was simply
tried to put a tax on whiskey and the farmers tarred and feathered the tax     pasteurized grape juice which kept the grapes from fermenting. His son
collectors. They thought it was their right to make bread and whiskey          Charles made it popular.
from their grain. In 1794, George Washington marched into Pennsylvania              In 1900, Perkins produced a fruit smack by mixing powder with
with 10,000 troops and drove the whiskey makers west without bloodshed.        water and in 1937, Kool Aid was introduced. After the astronauts used
This was the famous “Whiskey Rebellion.”                                       it, it became very fashionable—Tang?
    Bourbon was discovered when 16-year old Jack Daniels, burned the                And finally—BEER. This drink has been around for 10,000 years.
inside of a keg to sterilize it and then placed whiskey inside. The taste      Yeast ferments to alcohol and carbon dioxide—booze and bubbles. In
went over big in New Orleans and thus, by accident, bourbon whiskey was        England ale was dark because it was food-like and it was called
created—whiskey with a charcoal flavor. Whiskey was popular on the             “fortified” food. Honey was later added and it was not polluted like the
frontier because it had a long shelf life when compared to beer.               drinking water of the times and more healthy. People congregated in
    When prohibition came, in 1920, it was easier to make gin. It was          the taverns and pubs and that is where the American militia trained for
stored in bottles and the name “bathtub gin” was created because it was        battle with the Red Coats of 1776. Ale is more stable than beer and
an easy place to store it. Bill Samuels took the devil out of whiskey by       lasts longer so in the early days, ale was cheaper and better tasting.
creating a 6-year old malted barley corn that was a “gentleman’s drink.”            In 1865, August Busch married into the Anheiser family and they
This smooth drink was called “Makers Mark.”                                    began to build breweries all over the country because of the short half-
    Wine has been around since the Egyptians and the Greeks and Romans         life of beer—it had to be relatively fresh to be tasty. Busch then got a
later took it to France. Thomas Jefferson attempted to bring French grapes     group of beer drinkers together who gave him a new formula that most
to his Monticello home but failed to successfully grow them. It wasn’t         beer drinkers relished. He called it “Budweiser Beer,” after a small
until the Italian immigrants came to the U.S. in the late 1890s, among them    town, Budweist, in Czechoslovakia. This was called a “light lager
the Gallo brothers, that helped make wine popular. But with prohibition,       beer,” refreshing more than of food value. It was pushed with “free
wine could only be used by the churches for communion and for medical          lunches’ where the lunch was free but consisted of mostly salty things
needs by doctors. Robert Mondavi, later, innovated the wine industry           that made one thirsty, like pretzels, pickles and bologna. His Clydes-
with flavor and in 1973, the U.S. won the best white and red wine awards       dale horses started over 100 years ago and disappeared during the de-
when the World’s unmarked wines were judged in Europe.                         pression but were brought back in 1933. Busch survived prohibition by
    Coffee started in Ethiopia where the goats that ate the coffee beans got   making non-alcoholic soft drinks and “Near Beer.”
frisky. In the 1700’s it was too expensive to bring into the U.S. from Af-          Have we missb your favorite drink?
rica so most Americans drank tea. During the Civil War, Union military             WHAT PURPOSE DO WISDOM TEETH SERVE? Dentists are paid
                                                                               well to extract them. Otherwise, wisdom teeth are commonly regarded as being
leaders realized they could revitalize tired troops with coffee and it came
                                                                               useless to modern man. Primitive man ate tough meats. The extra molars in the
into more common use. The Confederate troops were too poor to afford           back of the mouth aided in our ancestors’ mastication. As humans evolved,
coffee so they concocted their own drinks out of hickory, roots and leaves.    their brains became larger and the face position moved down and inward. Then
   In 1864, the roaster was invented and coffee became more popular and        man began walking upright. The jaws moved backwards making the jaw shorter
cheaper since it was now imported from Brazil, Columbia and other South        and leaving no room for wisdom teeth. Now most people have no room for
American countries. A chef working in the Maxwell House Hotel in Ten-          these ancestral teeth and they are removed.
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