Congratulations to the Culture Change Team and the Interagency by sja20118


									                                                                  August/September 2006

 September      Communicating New Culture Successes and
  Activities    Challenges for Culture Change
 The Culture    Steps to Engage the Culture Change Team (CCT) in Dialog:
   Change       What is a new culture success?
Team will be    A new culture success is a behavior or action that supports the vision and
participating   value statements for culture change. Culture change refers to the way in
in the Senior   which the Aging Network (AAA and service providers) works together in
 Community      an environment of mutual respect and accountability in the best interest
    Center      of the consumer.
   Annual       What is a challenge to culture change?
 Meeting on      A challenge to culture change is a behavior or action that does not
                support or resists embracing the vision and value statements preventing
September 14
                new culture behaviors and actions.
and The Day
 to C.A.R.E.    Who is involved in culture change?
                All of us are involved in culture change. Culture is created by how we work
     on         together. Everyone is equally important in our success.
                   Allegheny County Aging Network – everyone at the AAA and service
     29.            providers takes individual responsibility to promote new culture and
                    build an environment of mutual respect and accountability.
                   Culture Change Team (CCT) – members of the aging network who work
  We have           with the network as a whole to facilitate culture change by identifying
planned an          best practices and successes, as well as challenges that are adversely
activity that       affecting good culture. The CCT advises the OG of their findings.
  will raise       Oversight Group (OG) – representatives of the aging network leadership
 awareness          who have the responsibility to listen and resources to respond to those
                    things that can be changed and those that should be continued and/or
and involve
                    replicated in an effort to promote and sustain new culture.
attendees in
                How does the CCT and the OG work together on successes & challenges?
                The CCT receives details about successes and challenges experienced by
  change.       members of the network, summarizes them and provides
                recommendations to the OG who engages in action as appropriate.
  See You
                Will the CCT solve problems related to network issues?
   There!       It is generally not the role of the CCT to provide solutions to network
                challenges but rather to support and empower the network to work
                together in resolving issues that arise.
                    How can I share a culture change success or challenge with the network?
                    You can send information to the CCT several ways
  Members             Email
                      Personally contact a CCT Member via phone or email
     AAA              Mail a letter to the following address:
 Debbie Boyd            Area Agency on Aging
Priscilla Voelker       Attn: Culture Change Team
                        441 Smithfield Ave – 2nd Floor
                        Pittsburgh, PA 15222
   Mary Kay         Can I share something and remain anonymous?
   Meanor           YES! You can mail a letter to the following address; however, you will
                    not receive an individual response:
                         Area Agency on Aging
 Hill House
                         Attn: Culture Change Team
  Neil Locust
                         441 Smithfield Ave – 2nd Floor
   Jermaine              Pittsburgh, PA 15222
                    Can I send information that will not be shared with the network?
                    YES! If you would like your information to remain confidential, please
   LifeSpan         indicate this when you contact the CCT.
Michael Dunn
                    What information should I include?
    Virginia        In order for the CCT to communicate new culture successes and address
    Jurofcik        challenges for culture change, please include the following information:
                       What is the challenge or success?
  Lutheran             Why is it a challenge or success?
    Donna              Who does it affect?
   Johnston            What actions have you taken to meet the challenge or create the
                       What have been the results to date?
                    What happens after I share my information with the CCT?
   Superior           You will get a response from the CCT letting you know your
                       information was received. It will be discussed at the next CCT
   Services           The challenges and successes the CCT receives from the network will
  Kim Pirilla-         be summarized and presented to the OG on a monthly basis as
    Scalise            appropriate.
                      A member of the CCT will respond to you after your comments have
   Ursuline            been reviewed with an update.
   Rachele                Challenges: The CCT will pull themes from the challenges we
   Barnickel                receive and forward these along with recommendations for
                            addressing them to the OG for further action/reaction.
 Valley Care              Successes: The CCT will pull themes and best practices from the
Deb Shtulman                success stories we receive so that they can be shared and
                            replicated throughout the aging network.
                      Actions / reactions by the OG will be shared with you and/or the
                       network as appropriate.

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