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Department of Environment and Geography                                                                        PROGRAM OF STUDY

Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Social Science or Bachelor of Arts

Description of the Major                                             (Atmospheric Science, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Earth
                                                                     Science, Environmental Geology, Spatial Information Science),
                                                                     social sciences (Anthropology, Demography, Economics, Human
The Major in Development Studies and Culture Change
                                                                     Geography, Indigenous Studies, Sociology) and humanities
offers students an introduction to the challenging world of
                                                                     (History, Politics, Philosophy).
international development, human rights and sustainability in
rapidly changing global and local contexts.                          .
The impacts of development and culture change in a                   Honours and Masters
globalising world are significant and felt at every level from
local communities, to national policies, through to international    Honours: Honours in Development Studies and Culture
institutions. The Major in Development Studies and Culture           Change is available in any of the listed degrees and consists of a
Change offers students in the Arts, Science and Social Science       fourth year of study with a research thesis (2/3) and coursework
programs an opportunity to focus their studies on this               (1/3) and can be supervised within Anthropology or Human
important area, developing significant theoretical, practical and    Geography or jointly.
research skills that can be applied to employment in a range
                                                                     Masters: Masters coursework in Development Studies and
of development assistance and change management roles in
                                                                     Culture Change is available to extend expertise in this field. The
communities, non-government organisations and government
                                                                     research Masters degree is undertaken over a two-year period
agencies. Drawing together studies in Anthropology and Human
                                                                     and may include a combination of coursework and a major
Geography, with options to study in other fields relevant to
                                                                     research project and dissertation.
student interests, the Development Studies and Culture Change
program offers opportunities to contribute to significant work for   Doctoral research: Supervision of doctoral research in
human benefit.                                                       Anthropology or Human Geography is available across a range of
                                                                     specialist areas.
The specific focus on culture change across the program is an
exciting innovation which responds to a real demand within the
development field for critical engagement with development
discourses and the subjective experiences of socio-cultural
transformation. This focus both expands the subject of                   Are you interested in?
development studies in productive ways, and distinguishes the
degrees at Macquarie University from other more orthodox                  •	   Applied social science
degree programs.                                                          •	   Development studies
                                                                          •	   Global change
Complementary Minor and                                                   •	   Human rights
                                                                          •	   International development
Major Studies                                                             •	   Social and cultural change
The Major in Development Studies and Culture Change can be                •	   Social justice
complemented with studies in a wide range of other areas of
study, including a second Major or Minor in various sciences              •	   Sustainability