Lawyers Data-List Marketing Database by nfy87895


$65/M Email
Minimum order $1000.00
30, 60 and 90-day Hotlines are
available. Please inquire for quote.
We offer over 650 - 700 different
data selections, please inquire about
our full range of available targeting
criteria.                                                         Lawyers Data-List Marketing Database
                                                                  One of the most comprehensive targeting
                                                                    tools to reach Lawyers by specialty.
                                                                          This file is updated monthly.
Available selects include:                           562,361 EMAIL                                                   $150.00/M
Hhld Credit                            $10/M
                                                             POSTAL- CALL FOR COUNTS & PRICING
Hhld/Indiv Income                      $10/M
Interest & Lifestyle                   $10/M                 PLEASE INQUIRE ABOUT NEWLY LIC. LAWYER
Age                                    $10/M                 LIST.
Ethnicity/Race                         $10/M      Our Industry-leading Lawyer Data-List Marketing Database is a compiled
Language Preference                    $10/M
Marital Status                         $10/M
                                                  database of Lawyers by specialty. It is sourced from our vast network of
Presence Children                      $10/M      permission-based websites and is updated monthly. Our subscribers have
Presence of Senior                     $10/M      specifically requested to receive information on specific areas of interest.
Own/Rent                               $10/M
Education Level                        $10/M             * Asbestos Litigation            * Contract Law
Geo Location                           $10/M             * General Counsel                * Patent Law
                                                         * Attorney                       * Corporate Law
                                                         * Government Relations           * Personal Injury Law
Broadcasting and tracking reports are                    * Bankruptcy Law                 * Criminal Law
included in CPM price.                                   * Group & Corporate Practice     * Professional Liability
                                                         * Business Law                   * Divorce Law
Hosting                                $50 Flat
Creative services                                        * Incorporator                   * Research Law
available, please inquire.                               * Civil Trial Practice           * Environmental Law
Personalization is available,                            * Litigation                     * Tax Law
please inquire.                                          * Commercial Law                 * Family Law
                                                         * Partner                        * Trust Law

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