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Business example: Telecommunications
Improving Marketing Database Performance

Business Requirement

The marketing department of this multi-billion dollar IP       Many countries lack understanding of how to use the data
Telephony company needs to develop tactical marketing          and what is available. Requests are handled during U.S.
programs, leveraging the marketing database, to identify       working hours, which is out of sync with other regions.
specific customers/prospects with the highest propensity       Most regions do not develop tactical marketing programs
to purchase a VOIP system or Contact Center solution,          from the marketing database due to difficulties in getting
sorted by geography, type of industry, company size, etc.      timely responses.

Access is required to all customer databases where             Improved Approach Leveraging QD
customer information is captured/stored (customer
service, billing, service department, etc.). Insight is        Using QD Technology’s Quick Response DatabaseTM,
needed in each of the four regions in the world: North         (QDTM) multiple customer databases throughout the world
America, Europe, South America and Asia Pacific.               can be accessed with a single compressed regional
                                                               marketing database delivered on regional marketing
The Current Approach                                           analysts’ desktops, worldwide.

The central Marketing Database team receives email or          Regional analysts can execute queries on-site to improve
phone requests from around the world for specific queries      the usefulness of customer lists and increase the number
and, if they have data for that country/region, they perform   of tactical programs developed, freeing up corporate
an SQL query and respond in about 3 business days. Two         teams to perform higher value-added queries for global
marketing analysts are currently responsible for providing     campaigns.
customer/prospect segmented lists in response to these

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How it Works                                               recent direct marketing program, and who have the title of
                                                           CIO or IT Director.
On a weekly basis, all global and regional marketing
databases, plus customer service and services databases,   Benefits/ROI
are accessed and region-specific compressed databases
are transmitted to each region’s analysts for weekly         •   Increase in tactical regional marketing campaigns
tactical campaign query purposes.                                (estimated up as much as 25%).

Password protected QDB’s (physical QD Databases) from        •   More leads from regional tactical marketing
QD Technology now reside on region analysts’ laptops             programs using the QDB (up as much as an
and, using an SQL query tool or Crystal Reports for              estimated 20%), resulting in an estimated 8%
standard queries, they can perform multiple queries              increase in revenue per region.
against their regional compressed databases.
                                                             •   Increase in global campaign-related queries (up as
Query examples include identifying customers who have            much as an estimated 30%) with less time required
purchased a phone system during the past several years,          for regional requests by global marketing database
who currently use a competitor, who have responded to a          analysts.

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