Turpela, Piia 2004 VPN -Virtual Private Network Savonia Business

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					Turpela, Piia 2004
VPN –Virtual Private Network
Savonia Business
School of Business and Administration
Degree Programme in Computer Science
Thesis, 35 pages


The subject of this thesis is to introduce the basics of VPN-technology. VPN-
technology is being used to connect remote company branches or employees working
outside the office to the company LAN, the local area network. VPN is a data-
transferring technique which is implemented through a so called tunneling
mechanism, that uses the public network, internet, to transfer data. Data transferred by
a VPN-connection is secured. Compared to other similar techniques, the use of VPN
is cost-effective and even problem- free, required that the VPN-service is bought from
an outside operator.

The first part of this thesis is focused on working outside an office from a remote
location, the implementing possibilities and the more traditional security-techniques to
secure data. The VPN-section of the thesis discusses the history of the tunneling
technique, the most common tunneling protocols and securing methods. The last
section presents some possible VPN-solutions for different companies and
organizatio ns.

Keywords: Public network, data transfer, security

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