Virtual Private Network (VPN) Instructions by nfy87895


									 Virtual Private Network (VPN) Instructions
As part of the border firewall closure project, HSU is deploying a Virtual Private Network (VPN) server, which
will allow staff and faculty who are already using Remote Desktop or VNC to connect to their office comput-
ers to make that connection in a secure manner. HSU’s VPN is aimed to accommodate those who are already
connecting to their workstations remotely. We are not actively encouraging people to use remote desktop
technologies. If you only need remote access to your files, we would encourage you to use Network Folders,
One-time Setup:
1) Open in your web browser
   (ensure that you have Java installed and enabled in your browser)
2) Configure My Computer
   My Account > Attributes > My Computer
   Enter the IP address or DNS address of your computer.
   Leave all other fields blank. Wake-On-Lan (WoL) will not work.
3) Click Save
Configuring Your Office Computer for VPN
Your office computer needs to be set up to utilize Remote
Desktop (Windows) or VNC Screen Sharing (Mac). Contact your
ITC for configuration information. If you are already doing RDP or
VNC, it is properly configured on your office computer.
Using VPN:
1) Open in your web browser
Resources > My Applications
Select Windows Remote Desktop - Windows (A) if you are
connecting from a Windows system. Select Windows Remote
Desktop - Mac (B) if you are connecting from a Mac or Linux system.
Resources > My Network Places
Network Folders-sftp (C)
(opens a window providing access to the individuals Network Folder).
Note: When connecting to the VPN from Windows, a drive is mapped in
My Computer (typically the U: drive) to the individuals Network Folder).
Allowed OSs (to connect from):
Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP 3, Vista SP 1, Windows 7,
Mac OS X 10.4. You will not be able to access using Windows 95, 98 or NT, or older versions of the Mac OS.
You will be able to print from the on-campus computer that you are accessing. However, you will NOT be
able to print directly from your off-campus computer.
Requesting Services:
If there’s a service that you need access to that isn’t showing up in Resources, email
with a request to have that service added. Please be as detailed as possible, including the name of the
service and the IP address or URL of the system that needs to be accessed.

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