Virtual Private Network VPN by oki85609


									   The African broadband operator                                                          Virtual Private
                                                                                           Network: VPN
The UDgateway®-VPN i s the
first appliance specifically t ailo-       A VPN can b e created o n a satellite-only infrastructure or o n a
red to high-speed VPNs supplied            hybrid infrastructure (i.e., combining satellite and terrestrial acces-
via satellite. All key IP functionali-     ses). The connections between remote sites can be based on all
ties (such as addressing, routing,         types of public IP networks, and more specifically on the Internet.
security, caching, etc.) are               Site-to-site exchanges are encrypted f or t otal security. Moreover,
embedded i n the appliance,                the uploading and downloading levels of performance have been
along w ith performance-enhan-                                                              significantly enhan-
cement t echnology. The core                                                                ced thanks to special
technology, d       eveloped      by                                                        technologies d evelo-
UDcast is based on bi-directional                                                           ped     by     UDcast,
TCP acceleration, and the HTTP                                                              based o n end-to-end
pre-fetching as well as Web the                                                             bidirectional T    CP
and DNS caching. Users will                                                                 acceleration.
appreciate the significant i mpro-                                                 Afrique
vement in quality.                                  UDgateway

                                          Customer site 1
                                                                                      BLR or xDSL
                                                                 UDgateway          UDgateway

                                                        Customer site 2
                                                                             Data server

The UDgateway®-VPN appliance lends itself admirably to two-way satellite systems. When located on a
satellite infrastructure, it sits between the satellite terminal and the local network, and handles all the
VoIP traffic coming from the company's site. When the appliance is located on a terrestrial infrastructure
of a central site, it can be integrated in any network near the Internet access, generally in a De-Militarized
Zone (DMZ). The appliance can be easily configured via a Web interface. A wizard automates the setup


Enhancement of end-to-end levels of performance
Customer satisfaction guaranteed by delivering the expected level of high-speed access
Bidirectional TCP acceleration and end-to-end encoding
                                                                                   Site-to-site security
                                                                    Strong coding of site-to-site IP flows
                                                    Complete protection of all VPNs from Internet access
Management of addressing
Translation of private addresses into a single public address
Dynamic assignment of private IP addresses
                                                                    Suitable for bidirectional satellite systems
                                                                               Optimization of the return channel
                                                                 QoS based on a differentiated processing of flows

                                                                               Virtual Private
        The African broadband operator
                                                                               Network: VPN

                            // ENHANCED USER PERCEPTION
    Bidirectional TCP acceleration.
           - Reduction of downloading data time in both directions.
           - Complete use of the bandwidth.

    HTTP pre-fetching
    -       Automatic pre-fetching of all objects on the same web page.
          - Instantaneous posting of web pages
          - Single loading for subsequent reuse of browsed web pages.
          - Single resolution of a name in IP address for subsequent reuse.
    E-mail relays
           - Immediate processing of messages delivered with the SMTP relay.
           - Sending of messages on the return channel as a background task.

                                                   Afrique Telecom partnership

                                         // SPECIFICATIONS

    IP functionalities
           - Complete IP v4 stack and IP routing
           - NAT with port forwarding
           - Kernel-based stateful inspection firewall
     -       Two-way TCP accelerator
           - Compression
           - HTTP pre-fetching with HTTP and DNS cache.
           - SMTP e-mail relay
           - DHCP Server
           - QoS: based on weighted fair queuing – DiffServ compliance

                               VPN functionalities
                                     - Ipsec – ESP tunnel mode
                               -       AES 128-bit media encryption
                                     - Split tunneling VPN with direct Internet access.
AFRIQUE TELECOM                          Administration functionalities
7, rue Plaine-des-Isles                        - Secure web-based management
89 000 AUXERRE                                 - Configuration Management
FRANCE                                         - SetUp wizard with auto configuration
                                               - Snmp/mib support

Tél.: +33 (0)                   Network interfaces
Fax : +33 (0)                         - 2 Ethernet 10/100 BaseT                         (1 for LAN switch and number 142-way IDU                              or DMZ LAN).

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