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									                                                TWENTY-EIGHTH ANNUAL

                                                Safety Awards
Thursday, August 28, 2008—10:30 a.m.

                         Pledge of Allegiance   California Highway Patrol

                                    Welcome     Will Bush
                                                Director, Department of General Services
                                                Rosario Marin
                                                Secretary, State and Consumer Services Agency
                                                Kimberly Hunt
                                                Chief, Office of Risk and Insurance Management

                               Safety Awards    Kimberly Hunt, Announcer
                                                Rosario Marin, Presenter

                       Work Related Injuries    Salinas Valley Psychiatric Program
                                                Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges
                                                Office of the Legislative Counsel
                                                Department of Rehabilitation
                                                Employment Development Department

          Departmental Awards for Reducing      Public Utilities Commission
                     Vehicle Accident Rates     Department of Corporations
                                                Department of Social Services
                                                Department of Industrial Relations

 Motor Vehicle Insurance Premium Reductions     Honorable Mention

                        Group Safety Awards     Presentation

                     Individual Safety Awards   Presentation

     Excellence in Occupational Safety Awards   Presentation

                                                The State Safety Program of the Office of Risk and Insur-
                                                ance Management congratulates individuals, groups and
                                                departments receiving awards and thanks all who made this
                                                awards presentation possible.


On behalf of the Governor’s Employee Safety Awards          The Office of Risk and Insurance Management thanks
Program, the Office of Risk and Insurance Management,       the members of this year’s Governor’s Employee Safety
Department of General Services, extends its appreciation    Awards Committee:
to the following organizations for their generous contri-   Gail Becerra-watson         Audrey Berotti
butions and assistance:                                     Althea Dorris-Davis         Rowell Del Rosario
                                                            Jeanette Escudero           kristine French
The Governor’s Office
                                                            Deanna Malone               Sovia Mendoza
The Governor’s Employee Safety Awards                       Debra neisen                John Owen
Committee                                                   John Pronk                  Mary Purvis
                                                            Bill Rich                   Rebecca Skidmore
State Compensation Insurance Fund                           Vincent Santucci            Dan Tumiati
California Exposition and State Fair                        wayne wong                  Michael Young

Department of Transportation
Department of Developmental Services
California State University
Department of Motor Vehicles
California Highway Patrol
Department of Mental Health
Sacramento Youth Symphony
Medic First Aid International, Inc.
Department of Personnel Administration


BOARD OF EQUAlIZATIOn                                          CORRECTIOnS AnD REHABIlITATIOn
John Hamlin         Ron lee             Roy warren             Office of Internal Affairs
On April 17, 2007, Mr. John Hamlin discovered an               Scott Barnett      Joseph Galvan       Azell Middlebrooks
employee collapsed on the restroom floor who was non-          Bryan Shill
responsive. He immediately directed that 911 and the
                                                               On June 5, 2007, the CDCR Office of Internal Affairs
BOE emergency team be notified of the situation. Mr.
                                                               was conducting a conference at the Doubletree Hotel
Roy Warren arrived and assessed the situation. The emer-
                                                               in Bakersfield. Special Agent Azell Middlebrooks and
gency call was made via cell phone allowing access to an
                                                               Senior Special Agent Joe Galvan stepped outside and
emergency technician. Mr. Ron Lee placed the phone on
                                                               noticed two women attempting to assist an elderly man
speaker and the emergency technician was able to provide
                                                               in the pool. Agent Middlebrooks jumped in the pool
guidance to Mr. Warren while he performed CPR. When
                                                               and with the assistance of Agent Galvan they were able to
the stricken individual was transported to the hospital he
                                                               remove the man from the pool to safety. The man was
was still non-responsive, and coworkers feared the worst.
                                                               unresponsive and was not breathing. They initiated
Over the next few days, however, the individual improved
                                                               emergency response protocols, and sent one of the wom-
significantly. Hospital staff reported that the quick action
                                                               en to get assistance. Special agents Scott Barnett and
taken by these employees was instrumental in saving his
                                                               Bryan Shill arrived and assisted with CPR. After about
life and allowing for a full recovery.
                                                               20 minutes, the elderly man was responding and breath-
                                                               ing on his own. He was taken to the hospital where he
                                                               made a full recovery. The immediate and well executed
                                                               actions taken by these Special Agents saved the man’s life.
San Francisco State University
State Housing Resnet
Mark Azevedo        Doug Fong           Andrew Johnson
                                                               FRAnCHISE TAX BOARD
Boswell Hwang       Matt nelson         Daniel Ponce           FTB Data Service and Storage Center
Benjamin Stever                                                Ronald Grawey      Mandaris Moore      Ronald Scott
Welcome to Disaster World! San Francisco State Univer-         Alexis Tillman
sity Housing developed a comprehensive, real-world-            On October 9, 2007, Mr. Ronald Grawey, Mr. Mandaris
disaster training method for Housing staff area-wide           Moore, Mr. Ronald Scott, and Ms. Alexis Tillmand
disaster response. San Francisco State’s “Disaster World”      responded to a coworker as she lay face down on the
is an online application that allows participants to coordi-   floor. The team cleared the area and checked the victim
nate, communicate, and respond as a group to a simulat-        for any signs of responsiveness. The woman was unre-
ed disaster. Desktop computers are the only requirement        sponsive and not breathing. The team called 911 and
to access the simulation, while handheld radios facilitate     began CPR procedures. When paramedics arrived the
group communication. Through extensive practice in             team continued their efforts in a support role. Despite
decision-making and communication, participants                the courageous and selfless efforts of her coworkers the
develop the skills necessary to respond appropriately to       woman passed away later that day.
an emergency at their facility. This cost effective tool is
now a regular part of Housing’s emergency preparedness
training for all staff.

                                                                program, the Training Team incorporated a proactive Er-
GEnERAl SERVICES                                                gonomics class in order to prevent workplace injuries such
                                                                as repetitive motion syndrome. Since the implementation
Telecommunications Division                                     of the training program, the Golden Gate Communica-
Sam Blum            Gary Maple          Art Ortiz               tions Center experienced a 33 % decrease in the number
neil Eaton          Jesse Martinez      kenneth Parker          of repetitive motion injury claims from 2006 to 2007.
Art Gunderson       kyle Matzke         Sandy Samuels
Ricardo Hernandez   Dave nino           Dave Tello
Angelica larob      Arthur norton       Tim wilcox              InTEGRATED wASTE MAnAGEMEnT BOARD
In October 2007, the Santa Ana winds swept fires                Team Angora
through San Diego causing a path of destruction through         Marc Arico          wes Mindermann    Scott walker
much of the county. As Cal Fire struggled to overcome           natalie lee         Frank Simpson     Tabetha willmon
the raging wildfires they immediately requested assistance      Andy Marino         Todd Thalhamer    Glenn Young
from DGS, Telecommunications Division. Communica-               Abel Martinez-Centeno                 Bernard Vlach
tion was essential for the emergency response units to co-
                                                                The Angora wildfire ravaged over 3,100 acres of forested
ordinate efforts to gain control of the fires. Telecommu-
                                                                land and destroyed 254 residences. The Governor pro-
nication technicians were dispatched and assigned to fire
                                                                claimed a state of emergency and implored State agencies
camps operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The
                                                                to cooperate fully to mitigate the effects of the fire. In
technicians set up a comprehensive communication system
                                                                the aftermath, the California Integrated Waste Manage-
for the firefighters to conduct their activities and continu-
                                                                ment Board team was dispatched from Sacramento to
ally maintain those services throughout the duration of
                                                                facilitate debris cleanup before the rainy season to allow
the fire. At times the fire raged around the bases of towers
                                                                homeowners an opportunity to rebuild, and prevent run
located in threatened areas disabling the primary power
                                                                off of potentially harmful contaminants into Lake Tahoe.
source. If backup power failed the technicians traveled
                                                                The team and its contracted crews faced many hazards re-
into the areas to repair the damage. When the fires were
                                                                quiring Level C respiratory protection. In addition, there
over the 15 technicians had been assigned to cover seven
                                                                were unstable, partially burned structures, cables, undoc-
fires and had logged over 2,900 hours at the fire camps.
                                                                umented underground fuel tanks, and utility sources to
                                                                be accounted for prior to removal. The clean up was
HIGHwAY PATROl                                                  completed in record time to remove 60,000 tons of
                                                                debris. Equally important, the Angora team spent 28,000
Golden Gate Communications Center                               hours on the project without a single reportable injury.
Training Team
John Compton        loretta Hill        Donna Robinson
Sally Fields        Rebecca Pu’a
Early in 2007 the Golden Gate Communications Center
Training Team (Training Team) assumed the primary
role of teaching Public Safety Dispatchers Phase One and
Phase Two training. This training was previously con-
ducted at the California Highway Patrol Academy. The
Training Team, consisting of five employees, attended the
Ergonomics Train-the-Trainer course coordinated by the
Department of General Services. As part of the training

JUSTICE                                                           MOTOR VEHIClES
Operation So-Cal Firestorm                                        Response Team—Southern California wildfires
Bureau of Firearms                                                Administrative Services Division
Bureau of Gambling Control                                        Information Systems Division
Bureau of Investigation and Intelligence                          Registration Operation Division
Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse                          Investigations Division
Bureau of narcotic Enforcement                                    Field Operations Division, Regions VII and VIII
On October 21, 2007, San Diego County was ravaged by              licensing Operations
wildfires threatening the entire county. Senior Special           Communication Programs Division
Agent in Charge, Michael Coleman, contacted the San               During the October 2007 Southern California Wildfires
Diego County Office of Emergency Services to offer                this group of dedicated employees displayed exemplary
assistance with Department of Justice personnel and               effort responding to the needs of impacted field offices
equipment. The seven-day operation resulted in the                and wildfire survivors in the community. Staff traveled
deployment of 105 special agents from five Bureaus as-            through adverse conditions to inspect DMV facilities
signed to 22 missions throughout the threatened areas.            before they were reopened to expedite replacement of
Eleven teams were established and assigned 12-hour shifts         important DMV documents for wildfire survivors. For
around the clock totaling 1,636 man hours. As the fires           survivors seeking relief services and insurance claims it
consumed 390,000 acres, the agents worked relentlessly            was necessary to quickly replace drivers’ licenses and
to prevent the loss of life and property. While the fires         identification cards destroyed by fire. In order to coordi-
caused civilian deaths and injuries, Department of Justice
                                                                  nate a departmental response for field offices and affected
personnel sustained no injuries or property loss.
                                                                  customers staff worked long hours to ensure impacted
                                                                  transactions and requests were completed and disaster in-
                                                                  formation was current. Seven divisions comprised of 232
                                                                  employees served the public despite the constant danger
Atascadero State Hospital                                         and risk to their own safety.
Plant Operations Department
On June 15, 2007 the Atascadero State Hospital experi-            MOTOR VEHIClES
enced a catastrophic flood. A domestic water main line
broke during the early morning hours. Water service was           Pittsburg Field Office Staff
disrupted and six of the hospital’s ten high voltage electrical   Carmen Brown          Cheryl Holder
vaults and 80% of the personal security alarm system              Diedra Tauai          lupe witt
were destroyed. Over the next three weeks Plant Opera-            On July 27, 2007, during a routine driving test, an
tions employees and contractors worked to resolve the             inexperienced driver lost control of his vehicle and hit
crisis safely and expediently. Cliff Byers, Electrician
                                                                  the Pittsburg Motor Vehicle building entrance door. Two
Supervisor, isolated and disabled power sources to ensure
                                                                  DMV employees were walking out the door as the vehicle
that electricity did not power on unexpectedly and cause
                                                                  was approaching the building. Diedra Tauai, disregarding
injuries. To resolve the crisis and ensure facility security,
                                                                  her own safety, jumped in front of her coworker, push-
personnel worked up to 100 hours per week. Despite
                                                                  ing her out of the way of the oncoming vehicle. Both
overwhelming obstacles, the staff diligently focused on
                                                                  employees fell to the ground sustaining minor injuries.
safety throughout the crisis. Consequently, the repairs were
                                                                  Thanks to Diedra, no one was struck by the vehicle.
completed without injuries to staff or hospital residents.

The examiner in the car intervened, but was unable to      nearly 971,000 driven miles without recording a single
prevent the collision. Carmen Brown came to the aid        preventable vehicle accident. This is a noteworthy ac-
of the applicant and the examiner while Cheryl Holder      complishment given the specialized work and hazardous
responded to the injured employees. Lupe Witt notified     environment in which this team works.
911 of the situation. The timely and decisive actions of
each employee allowed for an expedient medical response
to the incident.                                           TRAnSPORTATIOn
                                                           District 6, Fresno—District 6 Tree Crew
TRAnSPORTATIOn                                             Vicente Aguilar   Eric Gill             Thom Osten
                                                           Thomas Blunkall   Howard Grayson        Ron Sisco
District 5, San luis Obispo                                Herminio Escobedo Baldomero Onofre      luis Ureña
wade Powers        Donn Sabajo                             The Cal Trans District 6 Tree Maintenance Crew main-
On August 1, 2007 Cal Tran’s employees Mr. Donn            tains roadside and median trees for Fresno, Kern, Kings,
Sabajo and Mr.Wade Powers were clearing brush along        Madera and Tulare Counties. Cal Trans employees are
State Highway 9, northwest of Santa Cruz. They noticed     exposed to many hazards such as tree climbing, chain-
a stalled vehicle in the roadway. An elderly gentleman     saws, falling limbs, wood chippers, and moving traffic.
was slumped over the steering wheel, and did not appear    In 2007, the crew achieved 761,000 driven miles, and
to be breathing. After determining he did not have a       over 2,000 equipment hours operated without a prevent-
pulse, Mr. Powers and Mr. Sabajo removed the man from      able vehicle accident or one lost-time injury. This team
his vehicle. They quickly called 911, then one began       of highly trained individuals work together as a team
CPR while the other moved the car to the side of the       and safely perform their jobs while making our roadways
road. During the several minutes it took for paramedics    safer.
to arrive they worked vigorously in an attempt to revive
the man. Sadly, even with advanced medical attention
provided by the paramedics, the victim was pronounced      TRAnSPORTATIOn
dead at the scene. Mr. Powers and Mr. Sabajo did every-    District 8, San Bernardino
thing possible to avert the tragic outcome.
                                                           Special worker Program
                                                           Arturo Arzaga       Eric Perkins
TRAnSPORTATIOn                                             On February 25, 2007, Mr. Arturo Arzaga and Mr. Eric
District 6, Fresno                                         Perkins were supervising 14 Special Worker Volunteers
                                                           who were removing debris from the shoulder of a freeway
Cal Trans Special Crews, Tulare
                                                           off ramp. The workers were on break and assembled
Ramon Carrasco     Scott lockwood    Rodney Mattas         next to the transportation van when an errant motorist
Giovanni Delucia   Danilo lumbres    Mike wiebe            slammed into the van. The force of the impact caused
Gilbert Diaz                                               the van to topple onto its side, injuring several volunteers
The Cal Trans Special Crew in Tulare maintains roadway     and trapping one beneath the van. Without hesitation,
lighting, signs, and traffic signals throughout Tulare,    Mr. Arzaga and Mr. Perkins quickly called for emergency
Kings, Fresno, and Kern Counties. The crew also            assistance, and removed the other workers from further
performs emergency traffic signal repairs. The crew’s      danger. Both employees and the uninjured volunteers
dedication to workplace safety is most evident in their    lifted the van to free the trapped individual. Six vol-
safety record. Since May 2002, the Crew has amassed        unteers sustained injuries requiring medical attention.

During the ordeal Mr. Arzaga and Mr. Perkins displayed       contain the fire until Cal Fire could arrive. The crew
extraordinary presence of mind to alleviate chaos and        effectively created several fire breaks using a road grader
comfort the injured until medical assistance arrived.        and water tanker. This immediate action prevented the
                                                             fire from spreading to nearby homes. The crew set up
                                                             traffic control allowing emergency response vehicles
TRAnSPORTATIOn                                               direct access to the area. The Cal Trans maintenance
District 9, Bishop                                           crew continued to assist Cal Fire extinguish the fire. Six
                                                             fire engines, two Cal Fire hand crews, a bulldozer, and
Sonora Junction Maintenance Crew
                                                             two helicopters battled the blaze. The Cal Fire Battalion
Jonathan Brown     David Huggans       leroy Reay            Chief expressed appreciation for the maintenance crew’s
Rodney Brown       Matt Hussman        Carlos Sanchez        quick response to avoid the loss of life and property.
Cody Collins       Emmet lerg          John Vannoy
Paul Costa         Donald Miller       Mike white
Ed DeChambeau                                                TRAnSPORTATIOn
The Sonora Junction Maintenance Crew maintains miles         District 11, San Diego - Maintenance Dispatch
of highway in Northern Mono County, California’s
                                                             Marianne Mnich      Candie Smith
Eastern High Sierra Mountains. Each season brings its
                                                             Pat Oliva           Ronita Tupas
own set of challenges as the crew goes about maintain-
ing and keeping the roadways safe for the public. Dur-       In October 2007, Southern California was a raging infer-
ing winter months they contend with wind, snow, and          no. Cal Trans San Diego Maintenance Dispatch operated
subzero temperatures. The crew also assists fire fighters    the communication center for Cal Trans’ field personnel,
as they deploy equipment and firing fighting personnel       supervisors, managers, and the Cal Trans’ Public Informa-
during the summer fire season. Despite the hazards, the      tion Office. The unit also provided vital communications
crew has managed to accumulate 1,054,599 miles driven        to allied agencies including the Fire Department, CHP
without any preventable motor vehicle accidents.             911 and CHP Media Information Officers. During a
                                                             two-week period the Cal Trans dispatch crew worked
                                                             their stations 24 hours a day, seven days a week, provid-
TRAnSPORTATIOn                                               ing real-time information on fire-related road closures,
                                                             alternate travel routes, current lists of evacuated areas,
District 10, Stockton
                                                             and evacuation shelter information. The dispatch crew
Pine Grove Maintenance Crew                                  maintained this presence while coordinating mandatory
Mike Blake         leonard Marsh       Scot Mckinney         evacuations of their own homes. The sacrifice, courage,
kyle Gaspard       Dave McDaniel       Bruce Sage            and professionalism displayed by Cal Trans San Diego
John kearns                                                  Maintenance Dispatch during this catastrophic event are
On August 9, 2007, the Pine Grove Maintenance Crew           truly commendable.
was working on westbound Hwy 88 at Buckhorn Ridge
Road. A bus transporting inmates and towing a portable
restroom trailer passed the maintenance operation. A
wheel from the trailer came off creating sparks and ignit-
ing a grass fire near the road. The fire spread quickly
through the tall grass, burning through a meadow and
into the trees. Cal Fire was notified and the Pine Grove
Maintenance crew quickly coordinated their efforts to

                                                               InDIVIDUAl AwARDS

wATER RESOURCES                                                VAlEnTInO GARCIA
San Joaquin District                                           Motor Vehicles, Sacramento Office
Charles Peery       Dana white                                 One afternoon, a Department of Motor Vehicle Data
Mr. Charles Peery and Ms. Dana White went above the            Entry employee was having lunch and began to choke.
call of duty to save the life of coworker after she suffered   Manager Verma Jones heard the employee choking, and
a cardiac arrest. Mr. Peery and his coworker were out in       went to investigate. Ms. Jones witnessed the employee
the field gathering measurements when they experienced         grasping his throat while rushing over to Mr. Valentino
vehicle problems. Ms. White had driven out to assist with      Garcia’s desk. Mr. Garcia realized the man was choking
transferring equipment from one vehicle to another. The        and performed the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge the
coworker was feeling ill and went to rest in the cab of the    food. Mr. Garcia’s quick assessment and response, to
truck. When Mr. Peery and Ms. White checked on her             what could have been a deadly situation, saved the man’s
they found her on the floor of the cab unable to com-          life.
municate. She had a faint pulse and her lips had turned
blue. Ms. White promptly called 911, and both adminis-
tered CPR until paramedics arrived. The woman is alive         STEVEn DRAYTOn
today due to the heroic efforts of her coworkers.              Military Department, Camp Roberts
                                                               Mr. Drayton accepted a position as an electrician at
                                                               Camp Robert’s Department of Public Works, and quickly
                                                               noticed the impending need for improvement regarding
                                                               certain safety issues. His background and vast experience
                                                               provided a solid foundation, and he took the initiative to
                                                               develop four new programs during 2007. The programs
                                                               include training in fall restraint and prevention, electrical
                                                               safety, task-specific personal protective equipment train-
                                                               ing, and employee safety incentive award program. Mr.
                                                               Drayton has made a significant contribution to the safety
                                                               and well being of the Public Works personnel.

MASTER SERGEAnT GIOVAnnI MACRO                             RICk MInER
Military Department, Air national Guard                    California State University,
Sergeant Macro adopted a personal mission to provide
                                                           California Maritime Academy
aircraft maintenance personnel with a superior fall        On October 18, 2007, a sewage pumping truck filled
protection system. He researched and spearheaded the       with raw sewage emptied its contents into a City of
acquisition of a quality restraint system for personnel    Vallejo storm drain. The storm drain runs through an
working on top of aircraft fuselages and wings. Sergeant   open stream on campus and flows into the Carquinez
Macro located the proper system, and worked closely        Strait and the San Francisco Bay. Rick Miner was leaving
with command staff to obtain the necessary funding to      the campus when he noticed the truck and immediately
purchase the system. Since implementation of the new       reported the illegal activity. The call was monitored by
system there have been no mishaps. Maintenance per-        campus Public Safety police and Facilities Management.
sonnel are assured of a safe work environment due to the   The driver fled the scene, but the truck’s company and
foresight and diligence of Sergeant Macro.                 contact information was noted. Local police tracked and
                                                           arrested the driver. A multi-agency hazardous materials
                                                           taskforce responded to ensure that the estimated 10-15
JACk MCClARY                                               thousand gallons of contaminated sewage was properly
Mental Health, Metropolitan State Hospital                 contained. Rick Miner’s respect for the environment and
On December 7, 2007, Mr. Jack McClary discovered           his conscientious action ensured the culpable party was
an individual who was choking. The victim was              apprehended and environmental damage was minimized.
unresponsive and struggling to breathe. Mr. McClary
assessed the situation and determined that intervention
was necessary. He immediately administered the
Heimlich maneuver to the individual. After several
attempts he was able to dislodge the blockage, allowing
the individual to breathe without further complications.
Mr. McClary is applauded for his decisive action in an
emergency situation. His quick assessment and action
averted a potential tragedy.


ROBERT FORD AnD JEFF wESTERVElT                                DEAn DE ASCEnTIS    lAUREn DUMMER
Fish & Game                                                    STEFAnIE MARQUEZ    AllEn SAnDERS
                                                               RETInA SHEDRICk     MOnIQUE wYCOFF
The Lake Davis Pike Eradication Project, implemented by
the Department of Fish and Game (DFG) in September             Highway Patrol—Employee Assistance Unit
2007, involved large scale application of the poison, rote-
                                                               The Employee Assistance Unit (EAU) provides a con-
none, into Lake Davis and its network of tributaries. Mr.
                                                               fidential environment to California Highway Patrol
Robert Ford and Mr. Jeff Westervelt were responsible for
                                                               (CHP) employees for assistance and support to cope
managing all health and safety planning and implementa-
                                                               with personal and professional stress, including critical
tion for 200 employees needed to complete the rotenone
                                                               incidents. Recognizing the increase in employee suicides,
applications. Multiple plan development was necessary to
                                                               the CHP Peer Support team collaborated with a trained
address various safety issues, hazardous materials contain-
                                                               mental health expert to develop suicide awareness and
ment, safety training, and onsite monitoring of employees
                                                               training program. This statewide program ensured that
working on the project. In spite of the heavy workload
                                                               every CHP employee receive training in suicide awareness
and complex health and safety challenges, Mr. Ford and
                                                               and prevention techniques. Since the implementation of
Mr. Westervelt successfully executed their responsibilities.
                                                               the program, the CHP has seen an 86% decrease in the
The thoroughness and dedication of these very competent
                                                               number of employee suicides in 2007 compared to 2006.
employees prevented the potential high risk of injuries and
                                                               This program has truly saved lives and has the capability
accidents throughout project.
                                                               to benefit other agencies as well.

AlEX AnTIllOn       DAMIEn BUDwInE                             JOHn GREEn
                                                               Transportation—District 5, San luis Obispo
BRET kwARTA         TOM MASSETTI                               After an injury on the job, Mr. John Green was tempo-
                                                               rarily assigned to the Maintenance Safety Office. He was
                                                               given an assignment to review unedited video footage
AnTHOnY SORIAnO     DARREn SPEnCER                             taken of Cal Trans Shadow Vehicles at work. Shadow
SCOTT wOHlMAn       JOnATHAn wOOD                              Vehicles are used as a barrier to protect Cal Trans em-
Highway Patrol—Advanced Officer Safety                         ployees working on state highways. Mr. Green realized
                                                               that edited footage could be used as a training video for
Training Unit                                                  maintenance employees. Utilizing a computer software
The Advanced Officer Safety Training (AOST) Unit’s             program and the Maintenance Safety Manual, he edited
mission is to reduce incidents of officer-involved injury      the video footage then created a script and narrative to
or death by instilling, enhancing, and reinforcing instinc-    complete the training video. The new training video
tive officer survival skills. The AOST Unit has success-       is currently being used by Cal Trans statewide. Due
fully developed curriculum, lesson plans, scenarios and        to its enormous success the film has gained national
safety protocols for a dynamic three-day course providing      recognition through the National Cooperative High-
valuable officer safety training statewide. Over 1,000 of-     way Research Program. This organization is sponsored
ficers have attended the three-day course. Many attend-        by transportation departments across the United States
ees provided testimonials expressing how the techniques        whose purpose is to conduct research in acute problem
and training provided the confidence that allowed them         areas affecting highway planning, design, construction,
to be successful during real world encounters.                 operation, and maintenance.


State agencies that own vehicles and/or equipment
contribute to the State Motor Vehicle Insurance
Fund Account (SMVIA). The contributions reflect
the projected amounts to pay claims settlements and
administrative costs throughout the following year. The
Department of General Services (DGS), Office of Risk
and Insurance Management works closely with these
State agencies to promote loss control and expedite
claims settlements on their behalf. DGS is proud to
announce that the following departments, through their
efforts to mitigate loss of State property, have reduced
their premiums paid to the SMVIA:

California Highway Patrol
California State University
Department of Consumer Affairs
Department of Fish and Game
Department of General Services
Department of Justice
Department of Parks and Recreation
Department of Transportation
Prison Industry Authority


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