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Full Moon Night Dives '09 by yjg19294


									                              MAY 2009 NEWSLETTER
                              Visit us online at:

                   May Calendar of Events:                                        Now In– Stock
                                                                      We are pleased to announce the arrival of the
       April 29th, May 2nd & 3rd - Open Water Certification,            newest U/W Camera from Sea&Sea…
        Class& Pool @ Scuba Co. Abq, NM.                               The new DX-1200HD will blow you away!
                                                                               - 12.2 Effective Mega-Pixels
       9th - Full Moon Night Dive @ Blue Hole (Register Now)
                                                                                 - Still or Video Recording
       9th & 10th - Open Water Certification Weekend         @             - Depth Rated to 45m / 150 ft.
        Blue Hole, Santa Rosa, NM                                      - 16mb Internal Memory w/ SD Card-slot
                                                                             - HD Quality movies @ 30fps
       10th - Happy Mother’s Day!                                         Come in today & let us show you

       13th, 16th & 17th - Open Water Class & Pool Sessions          Mother’s Day is Sunday May 10th, 2009
       23rd & 24th - Open Water Weekend @ Blue Hole                  ALL Dive Jewelry 25% Off (until 5/9/09)

       23rd - Emergency First Responder w/ CPR class                        2008 Model Close-Out
       30th-31st - Rescue Diver Class & Pool @ Scuba Co.             Take an additional 20% off all in-stock
                                                                            Sea Quest Balance BCD’s
       June 6th & 7th - Rescue Diver Class (Continued)               (Valid thru May 31st… Sorry, no special orders)
        Open-Water Weekend @ Blue Hole, Santa Rosa, NM
                                                                         Join The Scuba Company for:

                                                                       + PADI EFR/Rescue Diver Class +

        Full Moon Night Dives ‘09                                       The Toughest Class You’ll Ever
                                                                                  LOVE !!!

           Join, The Scuba Company on one                             As a PADI Certified Rescue Diver, you
                                                                      will learn to help yourself, and other
              (or more) of our upcoming                               divers, manage diving related emer-
               Full Moon Night Dives…                                 gencies by mastering essential skills,
                                                                      such as:
          @ The Blue Hole, Santa Rosa, NM
                                                                        Dive Accident Management
        Cost: FREE (Reservations Required)                              First Responder Assessment

                 Saturday, May 9th 2009                                 Tired Diver Rescue
                  Friday, Aug 4th 2009                                  In-Water Emergencies
                 Friday, Sep 4th 2009 &                                 Self Rescue Techniques
                 Thursday, Dec 31st 2009
           Please Call (505) 888-7990 to reserve your spot!             Medical Oxygen Delivery

                                                                        CPR / First Aid

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