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STUDENT BURSARY - Application Form by pad58035


									                             STUDENT BURSARY – Application Form

Applicant’s Full Name:

Address: _______________________________________________________________

City: _________________________________Postal Code: _______________________

Home Phone: __________________________ Date of Birth:__________________

Email Address: __________________________________________________________

Secondary School Attending: _______________________________________________

Secondary School Graduation Date: _________________________________________

Registered Post Secondary Institution: _______________________________________

Permission is granted to the Selection Committee to obtain a confidential recommendation from the
principals of the schools named above.

Permission is granted to the Selection Committee to publish the name and photo of recipient and to
place information on website.

____________________________________                             _________________
Signature of Applicant                                           Date

____________________________________                             _________________
Signature of School Principal                                    Date

Personal Cover Letter:
In addition to this completed form, please include a letter outlining the following:
    • Contributions to the school and/or community that reflect Catholic values
    • Contribution to extra curricular activities
    • Volunteer work within the school and/or community
    • Financial need and/or other personal challenges or obstacles
Overall Application requirements include:
    • Application form
    • Personal cover letter
    • Evidence of acceptance into a post-secondary institution
    • Two letters of recommendation from the following: School Principal or designate, employer,
         departmental head, chaplain, support staff, teacher

Only completed applications will be considered for this bursary. In order to be considered for this award,
a completed application package must be forwarded by May 8, 2009 VIA COURIER:

                                        Maureen Ryan, President,
                                          CUPE Local 1328

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