A Family Vacation in 2025 by Masterpee


									A Family Vacation in 2025
      Randy Waymack
       Linda Spangler
      Rachal Pridemore
       Julie Littlejohn
                       Heading Out
•Sonic wave closet
•Follicle stimulation treatment
•Computer engineer specializing in soft intelligence products
•Third “working” vacation of the year
•Lots of debt
•32-hour workweek
•Growth of Grandma‟s investments
              Getting There by Car
•Breakfast pill
•Electric hybrid car
•Infrared vision/collision avoidance system
•People mover
•Soybean bar snack
              Getting There by Air
•Retinal monitoring security system
•Finger printing security system
•Personalized ticket based on international database
•On plane security clearance
•Nano paper
•Supersonic plane—
        three times the speed of sound
•Havana—prime vacation spot
                    Getting Around
•Automated taxis
•Personal rapid transit
•Individual hotel room key created by touch pad
         with retinal scanning—not all hotels in
•Stroke prevention pill
•Power pants
•Automatic language translator
                      While There
•Experimental Alzheimer‟s medicine
        state-of-the-art gene therapy
        illegal in the U.S.
•Certification levels for mountain climbing
•Satellite-monitored, radio frequency ID tag
•Massive public competitions
•“Maid „bots”
                    Going Again
• Travel to Ecuador
• Mom stays at home and works
• Hiking the Galeras volcano

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