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Rules and Regulations

The Event: The Malta Journalism Awards is an annual event organised by the Istitut tal-Ġurnalisti Maltin (IĠM), with the support of a number of leading sponsors.

Aim: The aim of the Awards is to honour journalists or contributors whose work, published or broadcast in the previous calendar year, contributed to the enhancement of the journalism profession in Malta.

Eligibility: All journalists and/or contributors to the media in Malta are eligible to participate in this competition.

Fees: (a) Members of the Istitut tal-Ġurnalisti Maltin or Għaqda Kittieba Sports, who have a valid membership card and are up to date in their membership fees, will participate free of charge. (b) All other participants or non-members participating as a team in the Awards have to pay €50 each.

Submissions: Every participant shall submit three (3) works (not more, not less) in each category s/he wants to participate in, clearly indicating the date and medium of publication, the category in which the three items are competing and a synopsis for each submission. The only exception is the new category of Opinion articles, for which five (5) items must be submitted. These works must have been published in any Maltese or foreign media during the previous calendar year (1st January-31st December, 2008).

Media include printed, broadcast – radio or TV – and electronic media. Submissions can also be made by any Editor or News Editor/Head of News for any journalist or contributor, irrespective of whether that journalist or contributor is a member of his staff or not, as long as the Editor or News Editor/Head of News obtains permission in writing from that particular journalist or contributor. Submissions should be made on the appropriate Application Form, which can be obtained from The Honorary Secretary, Istitut tal-Ġurnalisti Maltin or downloaded from here. Submissions in Maltese: Those submitting works in the Maltese language should include four copies of each submission or four DVDs (instead of three).

Categories: The Malta Journalism Awards consists of thirteen (13) categories, namely:

Print categories: Print Journalism – News Print Journalism – Features Photo Journalism

Broadcast categories: Broadcast Journalism – TV Script Broadcast Journalism – TV Film Broadcast Journalism – Radio

E-category: E-Journalism

General categories: Travel Journalism Sports Journalism Sports Photography Cultural Journalism Opinion Articles Best use of Maltese Language in Journalism. Print categories:

In the case of printed matter, those submitting works in the English language should include three copies of each submission.

Print & E-media Originals: If possible, one copy of the three submissions (or four submissions in the case of submissions in Maltese) has to be the original newspaper page or electronic page where the submitted item was published. If not possible, then all photocopies have to be of excellent quality. Travel Journalism: All entries in this category must be travel-related features/articles. Opinion articles: The award in this category goes to the best individual opinion writer or group of writers whose column enlightens readers on issues of general interest, improves the public debate or suggests solutions to complex problems.

All newspapers/Websites in Malta and Gozo that contain opinion articles are invited to each nominate one opinion writer/group for this award and that opinion writer/group will in turn submit five of his/her/their best articles published in 2008, which will be judged for the award.

Broadcast categories: In the case of broadcast journalism categories (TV Script, TV Film & Radio), three DVDs containing all three submissions, one distinctly separated from the other, should be enclosed.

Submissions in the TV Script and Radio categories must be accompanied by the respective scripts.

Photo Journalism:

One mounted copy of each work should be submitted (minimum size A3). One original copy of the newspaper pages where the photos have been published is to be submitted concurrently.

All submitted works will become the property of the Istitut tal-Ġurnalisti Maltin, which can use them in any appropriate way after consulting with the photographer, when it deems fit.

Sports Photography: Since a photograph can sometimes stand on its own, entries in this category, adequately captioned, can be submitted by the photographer irrespective of any accompanying story.

Entries that do not follow the above mentioned rules will be disqualified.

Three Judging Panels: All submissions – except in the visual categories and Best Use of Maltese Language – are adjudicated by a panel of three independent judges from the professional and academic journalism fields. The panel will consist of a Chairperson and two members, appointed by the organiser of the awards, and the judges’ decision is final and binding. The visual categories (Photo Journalism, Sports Photography and Broadcast Journalism – TV Film) are adjudicated by a panel of two judges. Each panel will consist of a Chairperson and two members experienced in press photography and Broadcast Journalism respectively. Works competing in the Best Use of Maltese Language shall be judged by an expert selected by Il-Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ilsien Malti.

Classification: Judges will establish the first three classified in every category in order of merit. If in any category the judging panel finds that submissions did not reach the desired standard, they may decide to classify only two, one or even nobody, depending on the respective case.


Participants shall bind themselves to give a short comment on video about their works, which will be filmed and screened in the Award Giving Ceremony. Failure to do so shall automatically lead to the disqualification of that Finalist.

Sponsors: The sponsors of each category are: Print categories: Print Journalism – News – HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. Print Journalism – Features – Vodafone Malta Ltd Photo Journalism – The Farsons Foundation Broadcast categories: Broadcast Journalism – TV Script – Broadcasting Authority Broadcast Journalism – TV Film – Broadcasting Authority Broadcast Journalism – Radio – Broadcasting Authority E-category: E-Journalism – SmartCity Malta General categories: Travel Journalism – Emirates Airline Sports Journalism – Good Causes Fund Sports Photography – Malta International Airport Cultural Journalism – Malta Tourism Authority Opinion articles – Sammut Family Best use of Maltese Language in Journalism

The Gold Award is being sponsored by Fondazzjoni Tumas Fenech għall-Edukazzjoni fil-Ġurnaliżmu.

Prizes: The first three classified in each category will receive a certificate. The winner in each category will also receive a cash prize of €350 and the respective Category Trophy.

Sponsors are free to offer any other prize to the winners of their respective categories.

Presentation: The winners will be announced at a Presentation Ceremony to be held in May 2009 at Robert Samut Hall, Floriana.

Closing Date: Submissions for the 19th edition of the Malta Journalism Awards will be received at the offices of the Institute of Maltese Journalists, 104, Old Mint Street, Valletta, on Saturday, 14th February, 2008, between 9.00 a.m. and 12.00 p.m. Non-members have to pay the participation fee with the submission.

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