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MV Transportation, Inc. to implement New Driver Training and Safety

Fairfield, California (August 3, 2009) ---- MV Transportation, Inc, the nation’s leading
private provider of contracted public transportation, will implement a new and
improved company-wide driver training and safety program in the fall.

MV has partnered with Avatar Management Services, the country’s leading producer of
custom training programs, to assist in a complete redesign and overhaul of the
company’s entire driver safety training program.

The new program will be custom-branded for MV, and will include MV-specific training
videos and materials. It will also feature: expanded adult learning training modules,
improved operating efficiencies and customer service, improved uniformity of training
materials, upgraded performance standards, and custom-branded programs with videos
detailing company best practices and policy specific activities and equipment.

With the new plan, drivers will gain better driving skills through new state-of-the-art
training techniques, and new areas of training including fatigue management.

“While safety has always been the very first priority in everything we do, we are taking
that commitment to a higher and even more sophisticated level,” said Alex Lodde, MV’s
owner and Chief Executive. “There is absolutely no doubt that safe driving saves lives,
and here at MV we strive to be the safest transportation firm in the country.”

Alex Guariento, MV’s Sr. Vice President of Safety, has worked with Avatar to ensure the
training program is state-of-the-art. Guariento said, “The MV-Avatar safety training will
certainly be a marked improvement on our entire safety program and culture. I am
excited about what is to come.”

A pilot of the new training program will kick-off this fall in several MV test locations
throughout the country, and the full program will be implemented in January 2010.

MV has been recognized by the American Public Transportation Association as one of
the safest transportation firms in the country, and has earned numerous state and local
safety awards.
Based in Fairfield, California, MV is the largest private provider of paratransit services
and the largest privately-owned transportation contracting firm in the United States.
The company employs more than 12,000 dedicated transit professionals and operates
more than 190 paratransit, fixed-route, shuttle and Medicaid contracts in 24 states
Washington, DC and Vancouver, British Columbia.
Nikki Frenney, VP
Phone and fax: 707-863-8739

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