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De Bono’s Six Hats Book Report by uqh57328


									       Edward de Bono’s Six Hats Book Report
             (Originally compiled by G Mason and P Ramsay)

White Hat                      Facts about the book:
                Title, author, illustrator, main characters, setting
Yellow hat                 What were the strengths in:
                                   The plot
              Making readers aware of social/ environmental issues
                                Writing style
Black hat                 What were the weaknesses in:
                                      The plot
                                  The characters
                                  Style of writing
                          The social/ environmental raised
Green Hat           What new ideas did the author have in:
                            Development of the plot
                 How did the author make the story different?
               Use your green hat to express new ideas which you
                         think would improve the story
 Red hat                                Feelings
                        How did the story make you feel?
                    How did you feel about the characters?
                  List them and write your feelings for each.
              Overall, what emotion was the author trying to make
                                   you feel?
                       What is your opinion of the story?
Blue Hat       Thinking about what the author was trying to do
                Was there any message or moral in the story?
               How did the author get you involved as a reader?
               What devices did he/she use to keep you reading?

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