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					         Beverly Cleary Book Report

Due: on or before Thursday, March 4, 2010

    • This will count as one of your child’s free
      choice books this marking period.

    • Students must choose a Beverly Cleary book
      that they have not read before (or had read
      to them)

    • Books are available in my classroom and in
      our school library. You may also use a book
      from home.

    • Students may hand write (skip lines) or
      type (double spaced) their report.

    • Students need to show me the book they are
      choosing to read before they begin reading

    • Remember, paragraphs should have an
      opening sentence, 3 or 4 detail sentences,
      and a closing sentence. (5 or 6 sentences
      total for each paragraph)

    • If you need paper please ask me early!
    • 10 points    Front Cover- Needs to be
     neatly done with an illustration. (All pictures
     should be the original art work of your child.
     Please do not use photos or computer
     printouts.) Also include a blank back cover.

   • 10 points      Title Page – a separate page
     that includes these items
                    • Title
                    • Author
                    • Publisher
                    • Genre
                    • Student’s Name

   • 15 points     Description of the main
     character or characters
     In one paragraph include this information
     about the character.
       physical description
       something interesting about the character

    • 15 points Describe the time (past, present
      time, or future) and setting (including city,
      state, and specific locations if mentioned)
      in which the story takes place in one
 • 30 points Summary of the plot –
     Use 3 paragraphs which include the
         1. tell how the story begins
         2. explain the problem (conflict)
         3. how the problem is solved

• 10 points Your opinion of the book
    In one paragraph explain the following.
            • Did you enjoy the book? Why
               or why not?
            • Would you recommend it to a
               friend? Why or why not?

• 10 points    Did you proof read?
              • spelling
              • punctuation
              • capitalization
              • grammar
              • neatness

• Bonus Points 5 points will be given for
  handing the report in early.

• Penalty 10 points will be deducted for
  handing in the report late.