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					                          Paper Bag Book Report

Materials Needed:

Paper bag, 6 3”x5” note cards, 6 items or pictures of items.


The student chooses 6 things from the book they have read that are notable to them and
finds, makes, or draws them. The student uses one note card for each item to explain
why they chose it and how it is connected to the story that they read. The objects or
pictures all need to fit in the paper bag along with the cards, so this should be a size
guideline in choosing or making the items.


The students share their Paper Bag Reports with each other in small a group setting.
They can discuss their choices with the group or read their cards as they show their
reports if this is more comfortable for them.

This is a fun and creative way to report on a book that I have used with my students.
They really enjoy making and sharing their reports, and the other students were very
interested in the presentations! This method of book reporting incorporates writing and
speaking skills as well as reading skills, and can include artistic skills if the student
chooses to draw or make the items from the book. I always allow time for comments
from the group after each individual report, as the students often want to know where
something came from, or how it was made.