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					Align pre-printed check stock to print paychecks
Aligning your pre-printed paycheck stock is easy and you only need to do it once.
The check stock must be compatible with QuickBooks or Microsoft Money. Be sure
you know how to place check stock into your printer (experiment or read your
printer manual).

1. Click Setup in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

2. At the Setup Overview page, click Preferences.

3. At the Preferences page, click Paycheck Printing Settings.

4. At the Printer Setup page, choose to print on preprinted check stock.

5. Click OK.

6. Click Test Alignment. An Adobe Reader window opens with a sample check.

7. Load your check stock into the printer.

8. Click the print icon in the Reader window, and then close the Reader window.

9. Examine the printed sample check to see if all text is properly aligned on your
check stock.

10. If it is properly aligned, click OK on the Printer Setup page. You're all set up to
print checks. If the test check was not properly aligned, you need to align your check

11. Click Align Checks. A Reader window opens with an alignment pattern.

12. Click the printer icon in the Reader window and examine the printed pattern.
Identify the letter just above the payee line and the number just to the right of the
dollar sign. Close the Reader window.

13. Enter the letter and the number in the boxes on the Printer Setup page and click
Update Settings.

14. Reprint the sample check to test your alignment settings.

15. When you are happy with the alignment, save your settings by clicking OK.

Our service is now set up for all your future check printing.
You can print any paycheck created using our site.

1. Click the Pay Day tab, then below it click Check Register.

2. If necessary, set the date range for the check you want to print

3. Select the paycheck or paychecks you want to print and be sure that you have
entered a check number. (If you need to enter check numbers, click Modify Check

4. Click View & Print. The checks you want to print appear in a list.

5. Load the pre printed check stock into your printer.

6. Click View & Print. A new window opens, and we start the printing program and
load the data to print your checks.

7. Click Print.