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eTicket Smart Card Reader The eTicket Smart Card Reader with by Masterpee


									M3 eTicket Smart Card Reader

The ARC1211 M3 eTicket Smart Card Reader with its interoperable               Technical Specification
capacity supports various ISO14443 type A/B RFID-devices, including           Standards
the entire MIFARE® family.                                                    RF Transmit Frequency          13.56MHz
                                                                              Standards Supported            ISO 14443 A & B
                                                                              Smart Cards Supported          ISO14443A, ISO14443B, ISO 15693*,
                                                                                                             ISO 18000-3*, ICODE*
The reader has a built-in antenna and is designed for OEM integration         Capacity
into the M3 eTicket PDA for eTicketing and fare collection. While the         Typical Read Time              Depending on chip type for Serial Number
                                                                              RF Transmission Speed          Up to 424 kBit/s
conformed bootloader provides firmware upgrades, the reader/writer            Communication Protocol         Specific ASCII or Binary Protocol
unit is optimized for maximum data throughput rates on both the air           Communication Parameter        9600 to 115 200 Bit/s, 8, N, 1
                                                                              Firmware Bootloader            Yes
interface and the serial interface.                                           Reading Distance               Up to 70mm, depending on tag
                                                                              Connector                      2 SAM socket connectors

The contactless electronic link between the card and the reader allows        Physical
                                                                              Power Supply                   5V Rechargable battery, 2000mA
for a very fast interface that is needed in security and payment systems,     Current Consumption            Maximum 250mA
                                                                              Antenna                        Integrated
e.g. Automatic Fare Collection systems (AFC) within public transport. By      Weight                         250g
replacing traditional magnetic tickets, passports or visas with contactless
smart cards, fraud and security costs can be secured and reduced.             Operating Temperature          -0°C to +70C (extended on request)
                                                                              Storage Temperature            -40°C to +85°C
Moreover, contactless smart card technology provides greater
comfort and convenience for travellers, providing new opportunities           External interfaces
                                                                              Host Communication             Point-to-point
for innovative solutions to a wide range of different industires.             Communication interface        Serial port

                                                                              Supported Tag-ICs:
                                                                              MIFARE® Standard
                                                                              MIFARE® 4k
                                                                              MIFARE® ProX
                                                                              MIFARE® Ultralight
                                                                              MIFARE® DESFIRE
                                                                              MIFARE® SmartMX
                                                                              KSW Temp Sense*
                                                                              Tag-it HF-I*
                                                                              Tag-it HF-I Light S*
                                                                              Jewel Tag (IRT0302B11 KSW DIY Eng. Sample)
                                                                              I-CODE SLI (SL2 ICS 20)*
                                                                              I-CODE EPC (SL2 ICS 10)*
                                                                              I-CODE UID (SL2 ICS 11)*
                                                                                                                                                        Arcontia reserves the right to modify the technical features of this device withour prior notice.

                                                                              ASK GTML*
                                                                              ASK GTML2ISO
                                                                              Sharp B
                                                                              SLE 55Rxx
                                                                              SLE 66CL160S
                                                                              SLE 66CLX320P
                                                                              ISO15693 Tags*
                                                                                                                                                        All trademarks mentioned are registered by their repsective owners.

                                                                              ISO14443A Tags
                                                                              ISO14443B Tags
                                                                              TOSMART P064
                                                                              LRI 12*
                                                                                                                                                        Sales Sheet version 1.1, 2008 - Arcontia

                                                                              LRI 64*
                                                                              LRI 512*

                                                                              Firmware Revision              ARC1211-A*

                           Arcontia Technology AB Gruvgatan 35A 421 30 Västra Frölunda Sweden tel +46(0)31 49 99 30

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