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									22752 NGI ASH Franchise ANG.indd 16-1
                                             Non contractual photograph – Photo credits: Head-jacques Yves Gucia – Jacques Burlot - March 2008 – SMI SA - RCS EVRY 402 082 366 000 20
                                                                     is all you need
                                                                                                                                                                          become an all seasons franchise partner

5/05/08 13:11:49
                                       You know exactly what it means
                                       to be a hotel owner.

                                          • It’s about getting a great deal of personal satisfaction
                                          • Forming good client relationships, offering them a warm welcome, hospitality,
                                          charm and personalised care and attention.
                                          • Satisfaction with the work done by both your staff and yourself.
                                          • Independent and quick decision making.

                                          • But it’s also about the operational worries involved
                                          • Sophisticated and complex hotel environment; computers, energy efficiency
                                          management, long term development, new hotel rules and regulations, «dynamic
                                          pricing system».
                                          • Quick evolution of new consumption methods and distribution systems.
                                          • Losing out on opportunities in terms of the new information technology.
                                          • Major personal and financial investment.

                                                                                      Start     dreaming…

22752 NGI ASH Franchise ANG.indd 2-3                                                                                        5/05/08 13:11:54
                   Imagine a completely new type
                   of independence

                                             Discover the power of being a leader.

                   • Accor: world leader in the economy and mid scale hotel segment
                   and a world leader in international business services.
                   • Accor: More than 4.000 hotels with over 480.000 rooms in 90 countries around the world
                   from 1 to 5 star hotel segments.

                                       A brand that suits you.

                   A new economy brand from the Accor group inspired by your own personal perspective
                   of the hotel business.
                   • Non standardized, unique and completely different hotels that are distinguished for
                   having their own personal style and identity.
                   • Human size, friendly hotels, with 50 rooms or more, with or without a restaurant, that are
                   known for providing guests with a friendly relaxed atmosphere.
                   • Well located hotels that blend in with their surroundings and that become part
                   of local life.
                   • Generous hotels, with attention to detail and a flawless quality service.
                   • Hotels with great potential that meet all the clients expectations and satisfy both their
                   business and leisure needs.

                                                                                                                  all seasons Macon Centre Hotel

22752 NGI ASH Franchise ANG.indd 4-5                                                                                                               5/05/08 13:11:57
                                                                              Travel through
                                                                              the all seasons brand.

                                                                              • A new brand of non standardized all inclusive
                                                                              economy hotels!

                                                                              • That combines charm and quality:                 • That is modern and interactive:
                                                                              because nowadays we shouldn’t have to              with the latest technology, wireless
                                                                              choose between the individual style and charm      internet, flat screened televisions with all
                                                                              of independent hotels and the safety and           the connectors. all seasons even has an
                                                                              reliability offered by a large hotel group.        interactive Guest’s comment e-book.
                                          all seasons Evry Cathédrale Hotel

                                                                              • Where it’s all inclusive:                        • Where conviviality is guaranteed:
                                                                              all you can eat breakfast, unlimited internet      with warm hospitable public areas in the
                                                                              connection and many other extra perks that are     hotel lobby.
                                                                              all included in the price of the room.
                                                                                                                                 • Which is practical, friendly and
                                                                              • That reinvents hotel room habitability:          accessible:
                                                                              modular and open plan rooms, innovative            the medium sized all seasons hotel is located
                                                                              designs and materials, functional decorative       right in the heart of the city and city life.
                                                                              furniture conveying well being and a new concept
                                                                              of comfort unseen before in an economy hotel.

                                       all seasons Bordeaux Mérignac Hotel

22752 NGI ASH Franchise ANG.indd 6-7                                                                                                                                             5/05/08 13:12:05
                   Discover the freedom of being an
                   all seasons franchisee.
                   • Find a chain
                   that has been created for you.

                   • A new non standardized chain                  • All-inclusive fees:
                   which values the hotel’s own individual style   with simplified administrative procedures.
                   and personality.
                                                                   • Quality commitment certified
                   • Personalised assistance                       by our service commitment charter and
                   from a consultant that is always available      supported by guest’s online opinions.
                   to provide quick and simple advice right
                   from the very start of your project until its   • A major development:
                   completion.                                     the potential of an ambitious hotel network
                                                                   that aims to having over 10.000 rooms all over
                   • Turn key incorporation:                       Europe by 2010.
                   everything has been thought of to make the
                   brand launching quick, simple, and very

                   A rewarding innovation!
                   all seasons was elected as being the best innovative concept at the MKG Hospitality Awards 2007.

                                                                                                                      all seasons Macon Centre Hotel

22752 NGI ASH Franchise ANG.indd 8-9                                                                                                                   5/05/08 13:12:10
                   Keep your free spirit and get expertise
                   support from the Accor Group.                                                                      • Guarantee a quality service
                                                                                                                      • By taking advantage of 150 training sessions on all the hotel industry positions, for
                   • Develop your hotel awareness                                                                     anyone who is assigned at the 14 Académie Accor, where a wide range of educational methods are used.
                   • By being featured on the all-seasons-hotels.com web site and the accorhotels.com portal          • By using a comprehensive service analysis system to check and audit: the brand’s main
                   (100 million of visits were recorded in 2007).                                                     claim and the customer satisfaction surveys.
                   • By taking advantage of the marketing campaigns and events sponsored by the group and the         • By employing professionals from the hotel business from the accorjobs.com web site
                   brand.                                                                                             (2 million visits in 2007).

                   • Increase your turnover                                                                           • Create and innovate
                   • By using the dynamic TARS reservation system, that links your own hotel to many                  • With all our technical advice so that you respect and maintain the brand essentials, ones that
                   reservation channels (internet web sites, travel agents and call centres).                         cannot be ignored, the functionality and the optimization of the establishment and control start up
                   • By contacting travel agents who give you preferential treatment and by taking advantage of the   costs.
                   ATACS system that controls the direct commission payments.                                         • With our advice on hotel equipment and our tailor made solutions that define your own needs,
                   • By taking advantage of our knowledge and expertise on revenue and rates management.              organise your supplies and even install the equipment.

                   • By getting the support of a sales force made up of 700 professionals in 34 offices all over the   • With our advice on design to ensure the well being of your clients.
                   world to attract the professional, conference and leisure segments.
                   • By taking part in the Accor customer loyalty programs.                                           • Respect the environment and people
                   • By becoming involved with the main partners in transport, banking or new technology sectors      • By supporting the Hotel Group Environmental Charter that will help you run your hotel
                   to generate cross selling.                                                                         properly.
                                                                                                                      • By taking advantage of staff training and customer awareness programs on issues like child
                   • Save on operational costs                                                                        protection, well balanced diets etc.

                   • With our advice on purchase management, the power of negotiation and the group’s                 • By knowing that guests´ belongings and guests themselves are safe thanks to the group’s
                   recommended suppliers.                                                                             high standards on safety and crisis management procedures.

                   • With our advice on maintenance management so that you can allocate your budgets wisely
                   and prioritize your activities.

22752 NGI ASH Franchise ANG.indd 10-11                                                                                                                                                                                       5/05/08 13:12:24
                   Get the support of an international hotel
                   network that is constantly developing.
                   • all seasons is dedicated to becoming the leading international
                   non standardized economy chain thanks to an ambitious dynamic
                   development plan.

                   • all seasons already has a network made up of 40 hotels
                   established in 5 countries in 3 Continents.

                   • Objective for the end of 2010: 10.000 rooms

                   • all seasons intends to set up hotels:
                   in France (where there will be a total of 38 hotels by the end of 2008
                   and 128 by the end of 2010), Germany, Great Britain, Benelux, Italy,
                   Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Oceania and also in South East Asia.

22752 NGI ASH Franchise ANG.indd 12-13                                                      5/05/08 13:12:24
                           Do you own a non standardized hotel on an economy market?
                                                  Do you have a construction project?

                         There are between 50 and 150 rooms in your hotel, perhaps there
                             is a restaurant or even conference or meeting rooms.

                        Ideal location in the city centre or right in the heart of hustle
                                                           and bustle of city life…

                                                       Come and join us!
                     all seasons development                   all seasons development                  all seasons development
                          service - France                          service - Europe                      service - Asia-Pacific
                                   ACC n° 97                            Immeuble Odyssey                          Accor Asia Pacific
                              2, avenue du lac                        110, avenue de France                    250 North Bridge Road
                             91021 Evry cedex                          75013 Paris - France                        # 31- 02/03/04
                             Tel: 01 61 61 75 11                     Tel: +33.(0)1 45 38 86 00                    Raffles City Tower
                E-mail: development.allseasons@accor.com     E-mail: Europe.Development@accor.com         Singapour 179101 - Singapour
                                                                                                                 Tel: +65 64 08 88 88
                                                                                                    E-mail: AsiaPacific.Development@accor.com

                                               Any questions, information, an appointment or meeting?
                                                               Don’t wait to get in touch

                                                                                                                                               all seasons Macon Centre Hotel

22752 NGI ASH Franchise ANG.indd 14-15                                                                                                                                          5/05/08 13:12:31

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