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					213 East Oakland
Carbondale, IL 62901
May 5, 20xx

Dr. Sam Green, Superintendent
Oak Park School District #321
5454 West Maple Avenue
Oak Park, IL 60544

Dear Dr. Green:

This correspondence is to inquire if you will have a need for an art teacher for the
upcomming academic year. I have been a lifelong resident of Northern Illinois and after
completing student teaching this spring, will be legible for K-12 certification in art. I am
acquainted with the philosophies of the Oak Park School District and am eager to secure
a position where there is strong encouragement for continual professional development
and an active parent organization.

My interest in art began during high school where I was taught by a faculty member who
stimulated creativity and challenged students to compete in local and state-wide events. I
am proud of having earned recognition in three art contests and can now better appreciate
the value of experience outside of the classroom. During the past two summers, I have
been Arts and Crafts Director for the Peoria Park District and these seasonal jobs allowed
me to work with youth ages nine to fifteen using a variety of media.

I am excited about beginning my career and would welcome co-curricular assignments.
If selected for a vacancy with your district, I hope to be involved in an advisory capacity
with the art club or other related school activities requiring art abilities.

My credentials are enclosed to provide more details on my background and teaching
qualifications. I will contact you during the week of May 20 to arrange a mutually
convenient time to meet. Should you need any other information, I may be reached at
618.44.3323/smith@aol.com. Thank you for your consideration.


Sam G. Smith