Dukane ImagePro 8785 Portable LCD Projector

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August 28, 2009

Dukane ImagePro 8785 Portable LCD Projector

(St. Charles, IL) The Dukane ImagePro 8785 is a lightweight (4.1 lbs)
networkable/wireless data projector ideal for classrooms or conference rooms where
portability and ease of use is the priority.

Featuring 2000 Lumens brightness and XGA Resolution (1024 X 768) the 8785 offers
crisp, clear pictures with LCD color clarity. The 8785 also features 3 polysilicon Active
Matrix LCD panels. It has control indicators on top of the case for easy operation. The
8785 also features a wide angle lens which reduces the projector to screen distance.

The 8785 offers wireless connectivity (802.11 b/g with included SD card) plus wired
network connectivity via the RJ-45 port, making it the perfect workhorse projector for all
kinds of presentations. The Dukane ImagePro 8785 projector is backed by a Dukane
Audio Visual 5-Year Warranty and One Year Peace of Mind Service.

The remote mouse control enables mobile instruction, while the Blackboard and
Whiteboard modes permit images on multiple classroom surfaces.

For more information on Dukane Audio Visual products and Convey Solutions software,
visit www.dukcorp.com/av or Conveyclassrooms.com