It is the vision of WYRID to reach out by yrp93158


									             Wyoming Registry of Interpreters for
                       the Deaf

President: Darla Sullins-
4010 A South Poplar #160                  Member-At-Large: John Chambers
Casper, WY 82601                          5130 E. 12th Street
E-Mail:              Casper, WY 82609

Vice President: Denise Morse-
5886 Road 204
Carpenter, WY 82054                       Member-At-Large: Yvonne Mackay
E-Mail:                2464 Overland Rd.
                                          Laramie, WY 82070
                                                                                    August 2008

                           A Word From Our President
                                                Darla Sullins
             "It is the vision of WYRID to reach out to all stakeholders within the state of
Wyoming for the purpose of providing communication access and to unify us together as a
 cohesive group. WYRID will accomplish this by promoting ownership through membership,
   training, and mentorship opportunities in a safe and supportive environment."
      WOW!! Where has the summer gone! I                DAW: We were planning a social with DAW
      hope everyone has enjoyed the long hot            on Friday night before the conference, but
      days and “oh-oh those summer nights”!             they are going on a camping trip during that
                                                        time. We will try again at a later date.
                        September 27-28, 2008           Business meeting: Don’t forget (as per our
                               Cheyenne                 amended By-Laws) we will be electing three
                A big thank-you to Denise Morse         officers: 2 Members-at-Large, and a
      and JaCee Goephert for putting together           Sec./Treasurer. We are still in need of a
      the Fall Conference!!     It looks great!         Sec/Treasure to put on the ballot. If you
      Valentino Vasquez from Greeley, CO will           are interested in what a Sec/Treasure
      present     “Development    of    Technical       does, go to our website, and
      Vocabulary and Classifiers in Content             click on “By-Laws”. Their duties are
      Areas.” This workshop will be helpful to          explained under Article IV/Board of
      those of you who work in education,               Directors/ Duties.
      medical, or any setting that uses technical
      vocabulary.                                        Also, the membership approved increased
       Sunday is an open forum. It is requested         fee from $25 to $35, will be due before
      that    you   bring   whatever    technical       the Business meeting begins.
      vocabulary questions you may have in the
                                                            Hathaway Scholarship up-date:
      areas you are working, and Val will assist
      you. (Now that’s a deal!)
                                                        As you know, the Legislature has added
                                                        ASL      onto   the    foreign    language
      Sorenson:      After the conference on            requirement section of the Hathaway
      Sunday, Sorenson will provide a free lunch.       Scholarship. It will become effective July
      Did I hear someone say, “Nothing in life is       1, 2009. In compliance with a Legislative
      free”? OK, the only catch is…during that          Mandate, the Department of Education
      time, a presenter will discuss the benefits       has formed a Task Force to look into who
      of Sorensen.      It is only a one-hour           would be qualified to teach ASL. WYRID
                                                        is very appreciative of the state’s effort to
      presentation…so you can get something to
                                                        keep the momentum moving forward on
      eat before you head home. Now I think
                                                        this issue!
      that’s a good trade-off!                           Hope to see you all at the Conference!
                                          Bye Bye Kelly Christensen
Kelly Christensen moved to Casper, Wyoming a little over four years ago. In those four years she
jumped into interpreting ‘Wyoming style’ - interpreting in a large variety of situations. Kelly has been a
faithful member of WYRID was the most recently WYRID Secretary and former WYRID Member-at-

At the end of July, Kelly moved to Mesa, Arizona to be closer to family. She has already jumped in with
both feet there and gone to work with her new Arizona license! We wish her the very best in her new

                                          Ella Marie Cross
Ella Marie Cross, a long time Casper resident, passed away on August 2, 2008 in Casper from cancer.
Ella Marie, 65, had lived in Cheyenne, Billings, Montana and Casper and enjoyed signing wherever she
went. In Casper, Ella Marie was employed as a signing classroom aide for one year and a signing
substitute in the Natrona County School System. She loved ASL and enjoyed sharing her knowledge of
signs with others. She will be missed.
                                       ASL Immersion Week

In May, I applied for the MARIE (Mid America Regional Interpreter Education) Center scholarship to
attend a week long CATIE (Collaboration for the
Advancement of Teaching Interpreter Excellence) ASL Immersion Week at the St. Catherine’s College
in St. Paul, MN. I was thrilled to find out that I had been selected to attend. A week of only signing
was wonderful (phone calls home were done via Video Relay – My daughter was really surprised to
hear mom’s voice as a male interpreter but she took it in stride)! The camp was held June 1-6.

 During the week we had skills development classes and in the afternoons we went to several different
places in the Twin Cities to “try out” our new skills. Imagine practicing classifiers at the Como Zoo and
the art museum or numbering rules at the Mall of America! Our first “get to know you night” was a night
of storytelling by all the deaf mentors and facilitators as well as participants. Skill Development classes
were taught by Nigel Howard (from British Columbia), Elizabeth Beldon (the Twin Cities area), and Dr.
Bryan Bridges (from Texas). The experience was wonderful and I would highly recommend it to
anyone that is interested in this annual event!
By Gail Schenfisch, MS CI/CT, IC
                                                  By Paula Copeland

                PEPNet’s free Teleconferences – REGISTER & ATTEND when you can. They’re
           wonderful and periodically FREE, plus you get .15 CEU’s. So far, I’ve done two. The
first one was in February, titled “An inside Look: What Education Interpreters need to Know
about Mental Health Interpreting”. It was well worth the one and a half hours I spent plugged
into my cell phone ear piece. As most of you know, I work at the VA hospital in Cheyenne. My
job requires me to attend a teleconference at least monthly, and I must say they tend to be
boring. Not February’s! It was the first teleconference I’ve ever “attended” where I didn’t
doodle (or crochet). The speakers kept my attention the whole time. I was amazed!
        The next free PEPNet class was May 21st on”An Inside Look: iTransition: A Free Online
Curriculum”. Again, there was a lot of valuable information. It wasn’t an area I deal with, but if
you work with high school students who are planning on attending college, this online curriculum
is definitely something they would find beneficial. Check out their website. You can listen to
any past training any time, just not for CEU’s. The next time there is free training try it! It’s
easy! Just go to their web site, and register. A few days
before class starts you’ll get an email with information on accessing the slide presentation, the
phone number, access code and an attendance form. I print out a copy of the form before the
conference but emailed back a copy of the downloaded form later. During the conference they
will give you two codes at different times – you must have both codes to get CEU credit. Once
the conference is completed you’ll have two weeks – 10 days (something like that) to email the
Point of Contact with the attendance form. Approximately two weeks later, you will get an email
with your certificate. (I ask for both CEU’s and a certificate and got both). I feel its well
worth the cost of cell phone minutes (the call will cost you long distance charges or cell phone
minutes). Try one – I’d like to know what you think!


 By Darla Sullins I want to give a big “WELL DONE” to Kathy Andrews!!! She is WYRID’s past
Sec/Treasure and an educational interpreter in Sheridan. After many long, hard years of studying and
working two jobs, she has completed her BS degree in Social Science YAHO-O-O-O-O!! Good for
you Kathy! You make us interpreters proud!
                               TSID/RID Region IV Conference
Hi! I am Emily Bishop from Gillette, Wyoming. I want to say how much I appreciate WYRID paying for
my registration fee to attend the conference in Houston, Texas and to represent Wyoming. It was
interesting representing WY, when I am originally from TX, but I have lived in OK and KS, also. Darla
asked me to give some of the highlights from the conference.

On Thursday evening, we had the Opening Ceremonies with Cheryl Moose RID President speaking.
She talked about “passion” and giving back to our profession. She named such people as Lillian
Beard, Glenace Humphrey, Daniel Burch, and many other people that have helped the interpreting

Besides attending the President’s meeting/luncheon and the RID business meeting, I did attend some
classes. Most of the classes I attended focused on the Code of Ethics, now known as the NAD-RID
Code of Professional Conduct. In these classes, we were given real-to-life scenarios in which we had
to make ethical decisions in medical, legal, and educational settings. I would encourage you to
download the Code of Professional Conduct and review the seven tenants. Try not to use these as a
list of rules but guidelines to support daily ethical situations we are faced with as interpreters.

On Saturday evening for the banquet, all the Presidents of Region IV wore purple hair wigs and
presented Glenace Humphrey the quilt, which had patches/squares from each state of Region IV. A
large portion of the banquet was in honor of Lillian Beard, who lives in Houston and was a mentor to
Lou Fant. The entertainment was provided by Pinky Aiello, a deaf woman from Oregon, who recently
starred in the DVD “Pinky Tells the Real Story: Video Phone & Video Relay Service.”

Everyone needs to start saving their money and to mark their calendar for the next RID Region IV
Conference in Bismark, North Dakota in 2010. Let’s have a good representation from Wyoming.

                                 MRID-Big Sky Conference
I have had a busy summer traveling to Texas twice, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Colorado. I made
my first trip to Montana by attending MRID-Big Sky Interpreting Conference, August 7-9, in Great
Falls. On Thursday, Pam Meinhart who teaches English, Deaf Studies, Theater Art, and Deaf
Literature, helped us use improvisation to improve our use of classifiers and creative interpreting.
That evening, MRID hosted a spaghetti dinner and entertainment by Pam Meinhart’s family.
Several Deaf from the community came for the evening activities. It was a good opportunity to be
exposed to storytelling and signed songs by the Deaf. We had a wonderful opportunity to discuss
various situations encountered by educational interpreters on Thursday and Friday. Daniel Burch
was our presenter for those days. He had us sign and voice, as well as, asking us to provide
difficult interpreting scenarios to solve in the school setting.

I would encourage you to attend the MRID Conference next year. I have told you to plan for the
RID Region IV Conference and the MRID Conference but coming up right here in WY is our Fall
Distance Opportunities for Interpreter Training Center of UNC is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for
conference on September 27-28. Look forward to seeing you in Cheyenne!
Continuing Education Activities. This Professional Studies program is offered for 1 CEU. Partial CEU
                                            Emily Bishop

Emily Bishop (Gillette) w/ ND President Cindy
Kupfer. The purple hair is to honor Glenace               This quilt was given to Glenace
Humphrey, as she becomes our going-out RIV                Humphrey for her service to our Region
Representative. (Purple is her favorite color.)           IV. Each Affiliate Chapter in each state
                                                          made a square. Ethyl Lyons did a
                                                          beautiful job of quilting a picture of
                                                          Devil's Tower on WYRID's square!!

 Glenace Humphrey, Farewell Speech.

                                                  If you want to be happy, be. ~Leo Tolstoy-
                                 Val Vasquez presents…
                          a workshop aimed to bring the use of
         classifiers and technical vocabulary into your everyday interpreting!
                                      September 27-28, 2008
                                          Cheyenne, WY
                    Laramie County Community College; Training Center Room 120
           Development of Technical Vocabulary and Classifiers in Content Areas
               September 27, 2008                       September 28, 2008
                Registration 7am-8am                                                      Registration 8am-9am
            Workshop 8am-12pm; 1pm-4pm                                                    Workshop 9am-12pm
                  Lunch included!!                                                         Breakfast included!!

Name:         ________________________________________________________________________

Email:        ________________________________________________________________________

Phone:        ________________________________________________________________________

Address:      ________________________________________________________________________

ADA Accommodation
*both workshops will be presented in ASL*

                         Non-Member            WYRID Member             Non-Member
                        Full Conference        Saturday Only            Saturday Only
Full Conference
      $75                      $120                    $50                     $80
**We’ll accept other state affiliate membership for the WYRID member rate! Just make note on your registration and bring your current card
with you as proof.
Want to become a member of WYRID? See for a membership form or join during
No refunds after September 17, 2008
Any questions please contact Denise Morse at 307-649-2288 or
   Please make checks payable to WYRID and Send                  Hotel Accommodations: $71/night
                     registration to:                                        Holiday Inn
                     Denise Morse                                     204 West Fox Farm Rd.
                    5886 Road 204                                           307.638.4466
                 Carpenter, WY 82054                            Cut off for reservations – Sept 17th!
Distance Opportunities for Interpreter Training Center of UNC is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for Continuing Education
Activities.This Professional Studies program is offered for 1 CEU.Partial CEUs offered for Saturday only.
                                  For a listing of the educational objectives, contact Val Vasque
If finances are an issue, there may be help.
Daniel H. Pokorny Memorial Fund is for the purpose of providing scholarships for eligible
members who wish to apply for one of several certification tests but are unable to afford
the testing fee. For information go to the RID website-

For help with RID testing fees:
Contact either Judy or Angel in the Wyoming Workforce Services Cheyenne office @ 307-
777-3700. Meet with them to determine if you meet the eligibility requirements.

Regional Assessment System (RAS) for taking the EIPA.
Next date being offered in Wyoming: 5/16/09 (Casper, WY)

   •   10/25/2008 (Great Falls, MT) Montana School for the Deaf
   •   10/31/2008 (Ogden, UT) Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind
   •   04/18/2009 (Hastings, NE) ESU#9
   •   04/24/2009 (Ogden, UT) Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind
   •   05/16/2009 (Casper, WY) Former WY School for the Deaf Resource Library
   •   07/31/2009 (Lincoln, NE) Rousseau Elementary School

This is not a complete listing of sites. Look on the website for complete information.
       Times fill up quickly so you will want to register early.

EIPA - Written Test
             Mary Patterson 402.452.5059
             or Frances Beaurivage 402.452.5045
             You may also visit
There are many resources out there but it can be a challenge to find them. Here are some ideas and sites
you can check out. If you have favorites and want to share please let us know.

WSD Library Resource Center – Books and Videos. Contact Jo Otterholt at 307-577-4686
or 307-261-6113.
Regional Assessment System (RAS) Website- For information about taking the EIPA.
WYRID Listserve: To enhance communication between Wyoming’s interpreters and other interested
parties. Go to WYRID website and click on the listserve button at Sign up today.
Wyoming Public Television : For a complete schedule of channel numbers.
Signing time website: Interactive fun for kids.
Website for Signs of Development: http://www.signs-of- Information on CD ROM Workshops, mentoring, professional
development, readiness assessment information for the national test and much more.
ASL Browser:
ASL Pro -
Classifers in ASL:

Fingerspelling practice:
Technical/specialized topics, Professional development, Multiculturalism, Religion and many other
related topics.
Rocky Mountain ADA/IT Center: Providing information on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
and accessible education-based information technology to Colorado,Utah, Montana, Wyoming,North
Dakota and South Dakota.
Deaf Doctor website- video descriptions of medical terminology. developed by Carolyn Stern MD
(Spanjer), Family PhysicianMedical Director, Rochester School for the Deaf.

Harris communications: For gifts, books, CD’s, equipment or free catalog.
ADCO Hearing Products: To contact call 800-726-0851 V/TTY or go to the website:
Do It Center Lending Library- The DO IT Center has set up a Lending Library for working and
aspiring interpreters who are either currently enrolled in DO IT Center classes and/or live in the RSA
Region VIII states (Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming) who wish to
improve their interpreting and/or communication skills. Go to .

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