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            re            o        e    e e                                   January 2002

         Winter Spor ts Action                                    When choosing an adaptive ski program please
                                                           keep in mind the following questions, which are listed
         Ready to hit the slopes? The national sports      on the National Sports Center for the Disabled web-
center for the disabled (NSCD) offers individual,          site:
group, and extended winter programs. The program                   1) Are the instructors certified by Professional Ski
activities include Alpine skiing, snowboarding, nordic         Instructors of America or does the program have a
programs, family lessons, mid-                                 PSIA-certified staff member in charge of training?
range ski program, inclusion pro-                                  2) Will you receive a personal evaluation to assess
gram, children's camp, access ski                              your goals and adaptive equipment needs?
                                                                   3) What type of ski equipment does the program
programs, blind skier program,                                provide? How old is it? Will they rent equipment with
and dog sled rides. Actual pro-                               out a lesson? Can you take equipment offsite?
grams are located in Colorado                                      4) How accessible are buildings and slopes? Do
resorts and most of the activites                            they have heated or regularly maintained ramps? How
run through April. However, if                               far are buildings from parking? Is the shuttle system
you cannot make it to the Colorado area the NSCD
                                                                   5) How long has the program been in business?
website,, features a list of accessible ski           6) Will the program give references?
programs near you.                                                 7) Will the instructors take the time to speak with
         The annual Wells Fargo Band Corp returns to         your doctor or therapist?
Winter Park Resort on February 1-3, 2002. This ski-
racing weekend brings together world-class disabled ski        How about some hockey? The sled hockey league
racers, Denver Broncos alumni, and amateur skiers of       has 11 Districts that generate action-filled competition
all abilitites for the NSCD’s largest fundraiser of the    for hockey fans. The play-
year. More information about this event and the            ers are affixed to a sled that
National Sports Center for the Disabled can be             has two skate blades
obtained by visiting or by calling (970)      attached to the bottom.
726-1540.                                                  Both right and left sticks are
         Crystal Adaptive Winter Sports programs, also     used for shooting, passing,
located in Colorado, offer people with disabilities an     and propelling the players
opportunity to ski on Crystal Mountain. Before ski-        by digging the picks at the
ing, the skier is assessed by a trained professional to    end of the sticks into the ice. The districts include
determine what type of equipment is needed. The            Atlantic, Central Massachusetts, Michigan, Mid-
programs include Bi-skiing, Mono-skiing, Two-, Three-      American, Minnkota, New England, New York,
, and Four-track skiing. Crystal Adaptive winter sports    Rocky Mountain, Southeast, and the Pacific District.
information can be obtained by contacting (425) 313-       For more information about this league and other sled
9310, (206) 467-5157, or                     hockey organizations visit
                Major League Baseball Spring Training details inside!!!
              Accessible San Diego                        a cruise on the ship, be sure to call in advance to
                                                          ensure the use the of the Lord Hornblower because
    When planning a trip to San Diego the first stop      ships are used according to demand.
to make is a visit to This web             If a day in the sun is not for you, San Diego has
site is a service of Access San Diego. The features       many attractions that offer free admission on
                                                          Tuesday. The Automotive Museum is a good stop
range from a calendar of events to a list of accessi-
                                                          for a collection of vehicles . Admission is free to
ble hotel accommodations in the San Diego area.
                                                          visitors on the fourth Tuesday of every month.
A 2-for-1 Card is also available to order on the site
                                                          Other accessible museums in the city are the San
and can save one person with disabilities and a
                                                          Diego Aerospace Museum and the Reuben H. Fleet
companion money on San Diego travel expenses.
                                                          Space Theater and Science Center. The Science
For more information on the accessibility in San          Center, which offers free admission on the first
Diego or the 2-for-1 Card visit the website or call       Tuesday of every month, has wonderful "hands on"
(858) 279-0704.                                           exhibits. An Imax Dome Theater is also in the cen-
    Finding a beach to visit is no problem in San         ter and is currently playing Amazing Journeys,
Diego. Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, Coronado               Journey into Amazing Caves, Bears, and the
Beach, and LaJolla Beach are all accessible beaches       Human Body. There are alsoPlanetarium shows at
in the area. Also by the waterside are the Mission        the Science Center.
Bay Aquatic Center and Hornblower Cruises.                    Finding a place to relax after a on the town is
Persons with disabilities can participate in adapted      no problem in San Diego. The city offers more
water skiing, sailing, canoeing, and jet skis at the      than twenty choices for accessible accommoda-
Aquatic Center. The Hornblower Cruise offers a            tions. The B&B Inn at La Jolla is among these
more relaxing time with dinner cruises and tours.         choices and is near the center of town and minutes
Wheelchair accessibility is available on the largest      away from the beach. The bed and breakfast an
ship, the Lord Hornblower. When planning                  accessible room on the first floor and total access
                                                          to the main level of the Inn.
                                                            For reservations or information about
         San Diego’s Fast Facts                           Wheelchair Getaways in the San Diego area call
                                                          1-877-388-4883. More information on accessible
  -from San Diego Chamber of commerce
                                                          San Diego attractions can be obtained by contact-
                                                          ing the following:
                                                          Chamber of Commerce :
      San Diego’s air quality is better than              (619) 544-1300
 many cities of comparable size.                

                                                          Reuben H. Fleet Space Theater and Science Center:
       Holiday Magazine voted San Diego                   (619) 238-1233
 “the only area in the United States with per-  

 fect weather”                                            San Diego Automotive Museum :
                                                          (619) 231-2886

        The-sixth largest city in the U.S., San           Hornblower Cruises:
 Diego is the southern most major metropoli-              (619) 686-8700 or 1-800-688-4322
 tan area of California.
                                                          San Diego Aerospace Museum :
        No longer a sleepy mission town, the
 city of San Diego is now home to more than               Mission Bay Aquatic Center:
 2.7 million people and has become a rich,      
 vibrant, cultural center, as well as
                                                          Convention and Visitor’s Bureau:
 California’s second-largest city, after Los              (619- 238-1212
                Spring Training                                         all train for their season in Florida.
                                                                               Schedules, ticket information,
 by Emily Gillespie and Rich and Suzanne Bilby from the Arizona fran-
chise                                                                   phone numbers, maps to each ballpark,
                                                                        and hotels and restaurants for each team
        February 27, 2002, kicks off anoth-
                                                                        can be obtained by visiting www.spring-
er spring training season for major league
                                                               Spring training
baseball. Kids and adults have a great
                                                                        tours are also an option when traveling to
time at spring training facilities. Ball
                                                                        see the spring season. For Oakland
players are easily approachable and auto-
                                                                        Athletics, Seattle Mariners, and San
graphs are fun for all. Arizona and
                                                                        Francisco Giants a spring training tour
Florida weather provide a wonderful
                                                                        might be the perfect way to start off the
opportunity to see some spring training.
                                                                        spring season. More information about
        Arizona is the spring training base
                                                                        the tours is available by calling (925) 373-
for many major league teams. The World
                                                                        4627 or Jay
Champion Arizona Diamondbacks train
                                                                        Buckley Baseball Tours also offer fans an
in Tucson but also have
                                                                             opportunity to see some spring sea-
many games scheduled for
                                                                             son action.
Phoenix area stadiums. Fans
                                                                               While planning a trip to visit your
can also attend games featuring the
                                                                            favorite major league baseball team
Chicago Cubs, Anaheim Angles,
                                                                         this spring, Wheelchair Getaways will be
Chicago White Socks, Colorado
                                                                        happy to help with your transportation
Rockies, Milwaukee Brewers,
                                                                          needs. Contact the Arizona franchise at
Oakland Athletics, San Diego
                                                                                1-888-824-7413 or the Florida fran-
Padres, Seattle Mariners,
                                                                                 chisee, serving Tampa, Orlando,
and the San Francisco
                                                                        Bradenton, and Sarasota at 1-800-242-
                                                                        4990. For information about national
        Rich and Suzanne Bilby, the
                                                                        reservations call 1-800-642-2042 or visit
Arizona franchise owners, have already
been accepting reservations for accessible
                                                                               The spring season ends on March
vans. Fans from throughout the country
                                                                        31, 2002.
come to the "Valley of the Sun" to warm
up and watch their favorite clubs in an                                            Arizona Diamondbacks
intimate environment. All ballparks have
accessible seating. The Bilby's suggest                                 --Randy Johnson, a left-hand pitcher with the
                                                                        Arizona Diamondbacks, and three-time recipi-
visitors log on to
                                                                        ent of prestigious Cy Young Award is 6’10”, for                                     the tallest pitcher ever to start in Major League
information on all Cactus League games                                  Baseball.
and ticket information.                                                             
        Florida is another popular place to
visit if you would like to see some spring                              - June 26, 2000, Alex Cabrera makes his big
                                                                        league debut and homers as a pinch-hitter in
season baseball. The Houston Astros,
                                                                        the eighth inning. He becomes the 78th player
New York Yankees, Montreal Expos,                                       in baseball history to homer in his first career
Pittsburg Pirates, Philadelphia Phillies,                               at bat.
Cincinnati Reds, and Cleveland Indians