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									Working together to
encompass our clients
The Mortgage Centre

                Today’s Topics

1.   Mortgage Centre History
2.   Why Deal with Mortgage Centre
3.   Benefits to WFG Associates and Clients
4.   The Process For Clients and Associates
5.   Current Product Promotions
6.   Training Modules
7.   Questions and Comments
The Mortgage Centre

Our History:
  1989 The Mortgage Centre FirstLine
  1990 acquired The Equity Centre
  1992 creation of Mortgage Centre Canada (MCC)
  1994 became a National Brokerage house
  1995 acquired by CIBC Group of Companies
  Since this time MCC has constantly surpassed funded
  volume records and opened new outlets every year.
  *** 7.80 Billion Funded in 2007 ***

National Network:
   174 franchise locations (80 in Ontario)
   1003 Mortgage Specialists (460 in Ontario)
   Canada’s oldest and most successful national network of
   independently owned mortgage franchises (no franchises
   currently in Quebec)
Why Deal with Mortgage Centre

 ♦ We understand the WFG Model and we are here to
   help you achieve your goal to be the largest broker
   dealer in the country and to dominate the financial
   services industry

 ♦ Building relationships with WFG agents - Helping
   you to build and grow your business by using
   mortgages as another way to increase sales

 ♦ Helping WFG build a financial fence around your
   client base – Protecting your client from being
   solicited by the “big bank” for insurance and
   investments products.
   Making sure you own your client for life…
Why Deal with Mortgage Centre

♦ Mortgage Centre will Refer ALL life insurance and
  investment business back to the originating WFG
  Agent, NOW and in the future…

♦ We are your Partner to assist WFG to be the
  complete financial solution for Insurance,
  Investments and Mortgages. Your ONE stop shop
  for all your mortgage needs. Unlimited access to
  leading financial institutions from across Canada

♦ Set up of re-advanceable mortgage products to
  enable Tax Deductible Mortgage and Wealth
  Appreciation Plans (i.e. Mortgage and a Secured
  Line of Credit product)
Benefits to WFG Associates and Clients

 ♦Solutions for non qualified (i.e. Self-
 employed/100% Commissioned) and sub prime
 clients (“no family left behind”)

 ♦Additional source of Revenue for licensed
 agents Referral Fee of 20 Basis Points on
 mortgage funding paid directly to WFG.
 Including Points that count towards WFG
 promotions and incentive trips – Must be mutual
 fund or life licensed to participate in program

 ♦Simple and convenient online application
 system – Dedicated Website
Benefits to WFG Associates and Clients

 ♦Mortgage lending expertise from industry
 professionals providing Unbiased Professional
 Advice – We do not work for the banks but
 instead for the client

 ♦Offering a convenient financing service for
 clients in the comfort of their own home or your
 WFG office

 ♦Creating capital and cash flow for clients to
 invest in insurance and investments by equity
 take out and/or debt consolidation
 The Power of Consolidating Debts
 Into a Mortgage
           Debts              Amount      Interest    Monthly
                                            Rate      Payment

Credit Card: VISA            $ 5,000        18%            $150

Credit Card: Master Card     $ 7,000        18%            $210

Car Loan                     $ 18,000        7%            $430

Unsecured Line of Credit     $ 12,000        6%            $360

Mortgage (Value $375K)       $250,000        5%        $1,450

Total Debts                 $292,000                  $2,600

       This is a typical example of a debt consolidation
What Can You Do With An Extra
$1,225/Month for your client?

   Debts      Amount    Interest    Monthly
                          Rate      Payment

New          $292,000        4.5%    $1,375

Client’s Monthly Cash Flow          +$1,225
AFTER Consolidation
This is an example of what you
can do for your client with an
extra $1,225/Month

 New Cash                Products          Points
$300/mth       Universal Life              5000
$200/mth       Leverage Loan               2000

$100/mth       Critical illness            1000
               Mortgage Referral
$625/mth       Emergency Fund

                 Total additional Points 8000
      Other Options
      Children's Education Savings Plans
      Pay down mortgage faster
      Disability insurance
      Retirement savings
The Main Mission:

 ♦ Doing the “Right Thing” for your Clients
              = More Referrals

 ♦ Creating Cash Flow for your Clients
             = Higher Points per client

 ♦ Higher Points = More Promotions, Trips,
   Cash Flow and more Recruits

 Fulfill WFG Mission: No Family Left Behind
Benefits to WFG Associates and Clients

 Newsletters tailored made for WFG
 associates to keep you informed in
 today’s mortgage market…
The Registration Process For WFG

Please complete the following:

♦ Must be a REGISTERED Mutual Fund
  Representative or Life Licensed to receive
  mortgage referral fees

♦ Complete a Registered Representative
  Appointment Form from and
  fax to WFG Canada Headquarters:
  Operations Department at 905 265 5911

♦ Registered on with
  The Mortgage Centre prior to submitting your
  first mortgage referral
WFG Associate Registration
How To Submit A Mortgage Referral

Three ways to complete & submit a mortgage referral:

1. Client to complete an Online Application at using your
   WFG Agent Code or WFG Email

2. Client to complete a paper based Mortgage
   Centre Credit Application and fax to your
   dedicated Mortgage Centre Agent (make
   sure your WFG information is included)

3. Client to complete a Client Introduction
   Form and fax to your dedicated Mortgage
   Centre Agent (make sure your WFG
   information is included)
Process After The Mortgage is Received

♦ Upon receipt of mortgage application, we
  will FIRST contact the WFG associate to
  discuss the mortgage needs of their client

♦ SECONDLY, we will contact the WFG client
  to discuss and confirm rates and products,
  and see them through the entire process
  from application to mortgage funding

♦ Referral fee will be given to WFG for
  distribution and points awarded
Current Promotions:
     National Bank All-In-One Solution

 The National Bank All-In-One banking solution
 is a first position secured line of credit up to a
 maximum of 80% LTV and includes:

 ♦    A line of credit at PRIME PLUS 1% that can be linked
      with mortgage loan products
 ♦    A no fee banking account (transaction account)
 ♦    You can use it as one account or use the sub-account
      option, up to a maximum of 99 sub-accounts
 ♦    You can combine up to 99 line of credit accounts and
      mortgage products including fixed rate or variable rate
 ♦    You can choose to pay only the interest, a predetermined
      fixed amount or a percentage of the principal
Our Commitment to WFG

  ♦Dedicated Underwriting Team or in house
  Mortgage Agent to handle all WFG business

  ♦Dedicated Business Development Manager to
  help build and grow your business

  ♦Enrolment for each client in our “Stay In
  Touch” program for relationship management

  ♦Refer back ALL life insurance and investment
Training Modules For WFG

  1. Introduction to Mortgage Basics
  2. Application and Documentation
  3. How to Increase Your Credit
  4. Uncovering Opportunities For
     Your Business
Today’s Economic Challenges

      Challenges            WFG & MC Solution
Layoffs / Job Insecurity   Improve cash flow
                           (Refinance), build up
                           emergency fund, offer the
                           WFG opportunity to clients
Lack of planning /         Proper Planning / Improve
knowledge / Bad Credit     Credit scores

Lack of discipline         Teach people to use debt to
                           build wealth

As your new partner, we are proud to be in
business with you…
The Mortgage Centre

  Questions and Comments
       THANK YOU
The Mortgage Centre – Contact Info

 Roy Deeks
 Mortgage Broker
 Tel: (905) 883-8158

 Ariel Santos
 Business Development Manager
 Tel: (905) 883-8158

  Unity Financial Mortgage Services Inc. Head Office: Park Place Corporate Centre
             15 Wertheim Court, Ste. 107, Richmond Hill, ON, L4B 3H7
               Tel. (905) 883-8158           Fax: (416) 236-5656

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