Services for International Travel and Education OHG INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE BROKER by onceandtwice


									Services for International
Travel and Education OHG

                           First Class Foreign Travel Insurance
                                  Tariff for The Foundation for International Education

                                                    Policy No. 04120 0173

                        Health Insurance:                                      Liability Insurance:

Reimbursement of expenses incurred abroad                       Amounts insured:
with no upper limit for
                                                                Personal injury / Property damage each
-     medical treatment by a doctor, including mileage
                                                                                    EUR 500.000,--
      charge if there is no doctor on site
-     medication and dressings
                                                                Deductible: EUR 150.— for each claim
-     emergency treatment in the case of pregnancy
-     medicine
-     X-ray treatment, radiotherapy and diagnosis
-     hospital treatment
-     transport to the nearest hospital
-     analgesic dental treatment and simple fillings
-     repatriation
-     in addition: travel costs for visits by one relative in
      the event of serious illness of insured person; and
      travel costs incurred through breaking off stay
      abroad early due to death of a family member or
      relative once removed

Please note: for the first doctor’s / hospital visit you have
 to pay a one-off fee of EUR 53,-- (GBP 35,--) directly to
           the doctor (will not be reimbursed).
                      Accident Insurance:                                      Baggage Insurance:

Amounts insured:
                                                                               not insured in this tariff
Death:                   EUR       50.000,--
Disablement:             EUR      100.000,--

              Trip Cancellation Insurance:                                             Extras:

                       not insured in this tariff               General service: Assistance Service, Medical Helpline,
                                                                Transmission of messages, Document register.

Valid in conjunction with the General Insurance
Conditions.                                                                        31,00 EUR
                                                                                   per month started
                                                                                    and per person
Erika Travel Insurance, Stockholm, Schweden.

Foundation (FIE) – 12.02.2003

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