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Jobs for Oakland and the East Bay Oakland Harbor Partners by thebestone


									Jobs for Oakland and the East Bay

Oakland Harbor Partners will use one of the most comprehensive, innovative and
aggressive job creation programs among any private development in Oakland, using a
combination of goals for employing local businesses, hiring local workers and providing
job training.

Hiring Locally
In a pioneering local hiring program, Oakland Harbor Partners is committed to ensuring
that Oakland residents will account for approximately 25 percent of all construction
industry apprentice jobs hired for the project. Not only does this program provide local
workers with new job opportunities, it provides powerful incentive for workers to
participate in job-training programs that give them new skills.

Oakland Harbor Partners worked collaboratively with the Building Trades Council and
the Oak to 9th Community Coalition – a group of 16 community-based organizations and
the development team – to create this local hiring program, the first of its kind for a
private development in Oakland.

Oakland Harbor Partners has also agreed to tough financial penalties for not meeting the
goals, with the money going directly to the City of Oakland to support other local hiring
incentive programs.

Employing Local Businesses
  • 25 percent of professional services work, including engineering and architectural
     services, will be provided by Oakland-based firms.
  • 35 percent of all contracting services will be provided by Oakland-based firms.

Providing Job Training
The project will contribute $1.65 million to job training programs in the City of Oakland,
including $250,000 each for the Cypress Mandela Training Center, Youth Employment
Partnership, Dr. Alfred E. Smith Training Academy and the Men of Valor Program. The
other $650,000 will support programs that serve residents living in neighborhoods near
Oak to 9th, including San Antonio, Fruitvale, Eastlake and Chinatown.

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