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					           31st Southeast U.S./Japan Annual Joint Meeting    1
                         October 20, 2008

         Energy for the 21st Century:
         New Alternatives for Growth,
           Harmony, and Balance

                          Hiroyuki Ino,
  Executive Vice President, Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc.
Chairman, Subcommittee on Global Environment, Nippon Keidanren
     Challenges to reshape the Energy Policy                                 2

   Fast economic growth, particularly in Asia, is creating increased
   competition for natural resources. This will in turn increase the need
   for resource efficiency, and value chain management.
   Fast growing countries will require investments in infrastructure to
   provide fundamental energy services, while they are also to meet
   financial constraints.   In order to level the required investment,
   Demand-side Management and end-use energy efficiency are shed light
   on as an important policy option.
   Concerns for impact on environment, water, etc. direct the policy focus
   on energy efficiency and conservation.
    Technological Readiness to curb CO2 Emissions                                  3
                  (Princeton Stabilization Wedges)

                                                   Potential Wedges (to scale-up)
                                                    Nuclear power
                                                    Clean coal power
                                                    Renewable energy
                                                    End-use energy efficiency
                                                    Efficient vehicles
                                                    Efficient buildings
                                                    Carbon capture & storage
                                                    Reduced deforestation

Nuclear, Clean coal, Renewables and End-use energy efficiency technologies play
the key roles to curb CO2 emissions in the power sector. Especially, Nuclear and
Clean coal technologies are essential as base load generation.
                    Promotion of Nuclear and Clean coal                                                                    4
                      as base load generation in Japan
     Nuclear                                                            (1059.4TWh) (1103.4TWh
 Promotion of Nuclear                                      (988.9TWh            1.0     ) 1.0
power:       FY2005 FY2012            FY2017
                                                                    0.6          %  8.9
                                                                  8.2 %             %
Number of            55      57       63                          %                            20.8
reactors                                                                            21.4
                                                                  25.6                         %
Electric power       304.8   392.7    458.3                       %
production by                                                                                  %
nuclear (TWh)                                                                       24.9
                                                                                    %          5.4
Nuclear share of     30.8%   37.1%    41.5%                       %
                                                                                    6.4        %0.3
total generation                                                  10.8              % 0.3       %
 *After FY2017, 4 more plants are planned                         % 0.3                %
 to start operating.                                                  %                        41.5
 R&D for the next generation                                     30.8
  nuclear technology:
 Fast Breeder Reactor (FBR)                                       *Source: “Outlook of Electric Power Supply Plan 2008”

    Clean coal
 R&D for Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC):
 Nakoso IGCC demonstration plant:
   Capacity: 250MW, Target Value of Efficiency: 48% (Gross, LHV)
   August 2004, Start of construction
   September 2007, Completion of construction and start of demonstration testing
   September 2008, Successful completion of 2,000h continuous operation
                       Renewable Energy                                              5

 Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS):
  In Japan, RPS system was established in 2003. It requires each electric
  power company to generate or purchase a designated volume of “new
  energy” (mostly renewable) power or its equivalent. By RPS, the
  introduction of new energy will achieve 16 TWh in FY2014.

 Mega Solar:
  By 2020, the 10 regional electric power
  companies of Japan will have built mega solar
  power plants with a total capacity of about
  140 MW in about 30 sites throughout the
  country. Constructing 140 MW of mega solar
  power plants will enable the generation of
  about 150 GWh of electricity per year, which is
  roughly equal to the annual demand from
                                                    Source: Federation of Electric
  40,000 households, reducing the annual CO2        Power Companies of Japan
  emission by about 70,000 tons.
                           Energy Efficiency of End-Use                                                                           6
     Electric vehicles (EV)                                                        Heat Pumps
Since electric vehicles cut CO2
emissions to a quarter as they
replace gasoline-powered
vehicles, the Action Plan for
Achieving a Low-Carbon Society,
endorsed by the Cabinet in July,
calls for efforts to expand the use
of electric vehicles so that one
half of all new cars sold by 2020
are next-generation vehicles.

                                                           Improved 50%                                    Under Japan’s top runner
                                                6.5                                                  6.5   program, introduced to
                                                              Advanced models                              decrease energy
                                                                                                           consumption in the
                                                                                                           commercial and
                                                                                                     5.4   transportation sectors,

                                                5.0                                                        energy efficiency of many
                                                                                                           appliances has improved
                                                4.5                                                        remarkably.
                                                       4.3                                                 Heat Pump is one of the
                                                                                                           most improved appliances.
                                                                       Average of shipped products         Its energy efficiency have
                                                                                                           improved 50% in under
       Source: Federation of Electric                  3.4
                                                3.0                                                        resent 10 years.
       Power Companies of Japan                       97     98   99     00   01     02   03   04
                                        Cool Earth                                                                                              7
                          Innovative Energy Technology Program
                                         Efficiency improvement                                                Low-carbon
                                   Oil      LNG          Coal                                  Nuclear     Biomass          Solar     Wind
                    Power generation,      ② Highly efficient/ zero-emission coal-fired                               ⑤ Advanced nuclear

                                                        power generation                  ③Carbon Capture &
                      transmission        Advanced                                                                      power generation
                                  Ultra-super-critical       IGCC※1
                                  thermal power                                       ④ Innovative
          ① High-efficiency       generation                 IGFC※2                      Solar power         Fast breeder reactor
            LNG fired power                                                              generation         Small and medium
                                  ⑥ Superconducting
            generation                                                                                      sized reactor
                                      highly efficient
               ⑦ Intelligent transport systems ⑧ Fuel-cell vehicle ⑨ Plug-in hybrid/ electric vehicle ⑩ Alternative fuels
                                                                                                        for transportation
      Transportation                                                                                    from biomass

                                   ⑪ Innovative materials/manufacturing/ processing

                                                                                                ⑫ Innovative iron-making process

                                     ⑬ Energy saving             ⑭ Next generation                    ⑮ Stationary fuel cell system
                                       house/ building             highly efficient lighting

                    ⑯ Super high             ⑰                Energy saving
                      efficiency                 IT device/ system          ⑱HEMS/BEMS/ Regional EMS           ※3
                      heat pump

      Cross section             ⑲ Highly efficient electricity           ⑳ Power electronics     21   Hydrogen production/ transport/ storage
                                storage                                                                             ③CCS
※1:IGCC(Integrated coal Gasification Combined Cycle ) ※2:IGFC(Integrated coal Gasification Fuel Cell combined cycle )           ※3:HEMS(Home Energy
Management System):BEMS(Building Energy Management System):EMS(Energy Management System)