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                     GOBA/Main Street Manager Job Description

Job Summary:

The Manager is responsible for creating and managing programs and projects that meet the
objectives, as determined by the Board of Directors, of the Greater Oakland Business
Association (GOBA), DBA Oakland Main Street.

The Manager is an advocate for Oakland Main Street, providing information and
background on the goals and accomplishments of Oakland Main Street to business owners,
city officials and staff, and other interested persons. The Manager will be a positive and
energetic source for the long-term revitalization of Oakland Main Street and will support
Main Street throughout the community.

The Manager promotes excellence in design, good business practices, and compliance with
city, county, state, and federal regulations.

As the Oakland Main Street office has not clerical staff, the Manager is responsible for his/
her own clerical duties.

Range of Duties:

The Manager duties will encompass a variety of tasks as determined by the Board of
Directors. Annual staff evaluations will be based on defined goals and objectives agreed
upon by the Manager and the Board of Directors.

The Manager will:

1. Be knowledgeable about the four-point Main Street approach to economic

2. Work with the Greater Oakland Business Association Board of Directors to
implement and
    direct the program of the organization.
3.  Direct efforts at business retention, expansion, and recruitment, including providing
    information, expertise, and appropriate referrals to business owners, marketing
Oakland Main
    Street to outside businesses, working with developers and building owners to enhance
    quality of retail and commercial space.

4. Develop funding sources for expansion and development of Oakland Main Street in
    with other organizations, agencies, and government entities.

5.   Promote Oakland Main Street by increasing the diversity of its user population.

6. Be well-versed on the (1) Oakland Comprehensive Plan, (2) Oakland Revitalization
Plan, (3)
    Oakland Heritage Plan, and the (4) Oakland Municipal Code.

7. Create and implement a program of regular, monthly contacts with existing and new
   of GOBA to foster the support and participation of GOBA members.

8.   Be familiar with persons or groups directly or indirectly involved in the revitalization

9.   Work directly with the community to enhance Oakland Main Street.

10. Attend Board of Directors, committee, sub-committee, and task group meetings as
necessary or
    as indicated by the GOBA Board of Directors.

11. Work with the Town Clerk to account for the finances for GOBA and the Oakland
Main Street.

12. Work with the Board of Directors and various committees to develop and implement
an annual
    work plan upon which the program will operate.

13. Provide assistance and management, as an exofficio member, of all Main Street

14. Manage recruitment, evaluation, and retention of volunteers, including members of the
    Main Street committees, special project volunteers, and short-term volunteers.

15. Produce press releases and maintain good relationships with the various media in

16. Write, edit, and publish informational brochures, information packets, and flyers.

17. Produce edit and distribute a newsletter.

18. Ensure that all outgoing materials adhere to the standards of GOBA and Oakland
Main Street.

19. Prepare necessary reports, summaries, and research projects.

20. Perform other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the GOBA Board of

Desired Qualifications:

The Manager should have at least one year of education and experience in one or more of
the following: business organizations, non-profit corporations, small business
development, public relations, planning, retailing, fundraising, historic preservation,
sociology, rural geography, architecture, or a related field; Main Street experience is a plus.

The Manager should be a self-starter and imaginative.

Excellent written and verbal skills are required; public speaking experience is a plus.

Must have general computer skills and be proficient in word processing and spreadsheet


On behalf of the Greater Oakland Business Association (GOBA), the Town of Oakland is

seeking applicants for the position of a GOBA Manager. This is a part-time, contractual

position for an individual encompassing the ability to perform a variety of tasks. Interested

applicants must be willing to promote downtown activities, educate businesses, serve as a

listener, collaborator, clearinghouse, visionary, facilitator and coordinator based on the four

points (organization, promotion, design and economic restructuring) of the Oakland Main

Street Program. The GOBA Manager will be required to encourage public awareness of

the GOBA activities and act as a liaison to other communities and organizations in Garrett

County. A complete GOBA Manager Job Description is available for review at Oakland

City Hall, 15 South Third Street, Oakland, MD 21550, Monday through Friday from 8:30

AM to 4:30 PM.

Interested applicants should make application at the Maryland Job Service, located at 221

South Third Street, Oakland MD, 21550. Applicants are asked to submit a cover letter and

resume along with their application. The deadline for applications/resumes is September

30, 2008 at 1:00 PM. EOE.

by Authority:

Asa M. McCain, Mayor
Oakland, Maryland

Publish: Sept. 4, 2008
         Sept. 11, 2008
         Sept. 18, 2008

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