The Emperor s New Clothes Cast List Narrator Advisors to by Masterpee


									                                  The Emperor’s New Clothes
                                         Cast List
Narrator:                                     Melody Ricketts

Advisors to the Emperor:                      Hannah Anthony, Rebecca Hanzlik

The Emperor:                                  Challen Wright

Crooks:                                       Heather Canfield, Payton Henderson,
                                              Emery Mulligan

Palace Workers:                               Braeden Garrett, Rachel Jones,
                                              Aimee Lowenstern, Emily Gomer

Assistants to the Crooks:                     Cade Canon Ball, Noah Giron, Adam Maw
                                              Isabella Favero

Bakers:                                       Melissa Tuttle, Athena Favero

Carpenters:                                   Andrew Hernandez, Kyndra Holloway

Furnace Repairmen:                            Sara Session, Charlee Bradley

Chorus &Organizers of the Harvest Festival:
                              Beau Oster, Natasha Franzen, Makayl Holloway,
                              Nathan Menke, Juliet Favero, Adam Radow,
                              Stephen Franzen, Charlee Bradley, Kelsey Bradley,
                              Haley Dunn, Delaney Jones,
                              Sarah Gomer, Alex Mayer,      Ryan Maw,
                              Morgan Cartledge, Hitha Segu

FIRST MEETING/READTHROUGH: Wednesday, June 11 from 4:30-6:30 pm. Short parent meeting at 6 pm.

 We will hand out scripts, schedules, CDs and other important documents on Wednesday, June 11 from 4:30-6:30 pm.
Please bring a 3 ring binder, pencil and highlighter. If you can not attend, please call Pat at 887-0438 or we will assume you
do not want your role and it will be assigned to another cast member. You must have someone pick up you materials if you
can not attend.

If your name was left off this list or you have any questions, please call Pat at 887-0438

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