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					                                                                                             22 Mar, 2008

                       The Emperor(Season Two) Kicks Off

Season Two of “The Emperor”, China's first large scale online live reality show, kicked off on 22 March 2008.
Ten contestants commenced four weeks of living in a completely closed castle for the program "The
Emperor". They will pit their wits and talents for the coveted title. Throughout the length of the contest,
TVibe’s,video cameras will capture the whole process and the video will be broadcast live online to
audiences on a 24x7 basis. The launch of “The Emperor” (Season Two) reflects the commitment of TVibe,
China’s new-generation multimedia broadcast TV platform service and content provider, to building up the
brand recognition of its independently created program series.

Based upon the success and excitement from Season One, “The Emperor” (Season Two) now features
more complex and detailed design, stronger emotional expression and encouragement as well as more
innovative content and style. A number of lifestyle elements covering cuisine, fashion, fitness and helath are
integrated into the program. In addition, professionals from various industries and institutions will be invited
to provide guidance and advice, adding more information and fun to the entertainment program.

“The Emperor” (Season Two) will enable the audience to fully understand development of competitors’ minds
and to reflect on the life in the castle from different angles. The entertainment program fully leverages the
advantages of TVibe’s new-generation multimedia radio and TV platforms and further using the competitors’
Web logs and Podcasts. In the same manner as , audiences currently interact, audiences are able to view
live video clips of “The Emperor” as well as participate in the program’s interactive activities whenever and
wherever they like through TVibe’s webcast and cell phone platforms. Different versions of selected video
clips from the program will also be broadcast on traditional TVs, digital TVs and video sharing websites.

After Season Two, “The Emperor” will become a regular program, as a brand-name TV series evolving and
expanding with higher quality and unique business value. In addition, TVibe will launch of three in-house
productions, across different genres, in 2008 to focusing every effort to expand in the quality program

“The trial run of “The Emperor” Season One allows us to further innovation and in improvement to the
program format and content of Season Two, in a move to make the Season more inviting and attractive,”
said Mr. John Cheng, Founder and CEO of TVibe. “More importantly, the program has been tested in the
market through the broadcasting of “The Emperor”, and was warmly received by media including traditional
TV, especially the new media such as mobile TV, IPTV and digital TV. These have confirmed our confidence
in customising program content, giving us reason to believe the program of “The Emperor” will be more
widely recognised and the brand will be more widely spread.”

- About TVibe

As China’s new-generation multimedia broadcast TV platform service and content provider, TVibe
seamlessly integrating Digital, Terrestrial, Mobile and Internet TV services in a major step forward in the
online video revolution. TVibe is one of the world’s most innovative interactive television platforms.

TVibe’s proprietary software and communications architecture allows users to watch their home TV channels
from anywhere in the world, via enabled PCs and mobile phones. Users can also monitor home security or
baby webcams, and play out media files from any computer. They can set up a buddy list, share TV channels,
and chat in real time while watching the latest music videos, sports games or soap.

TVibe also provides users with quick access to hundreds of TV channels from around the world, and a
portfolio of free and premium channels from partner broadcasters that can be viewed via enabled PCs and
mobile phones.

With its extensive reach across multiple media platforms, TVibe gives content providers and advertisers the
ability to launch their own low-cost TV channels to promote products and services to an international
audience in a media environment being reshaped by online video 2.0.

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