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January 30, 2009

                             Deputy Minister tour
                   focuses on values and
                   culture of stewardship

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  Deputy Minister Ron Sapsford addresses ministry staff in Toronto on Jan. 19, 2009 during his winter speaking tour.
  Watch a video of this session, including questions and answers, in the A New Direction Deputy Minister Tour Archive

          eputy Minister Ron Sapsford          He then outlined some of the values     •	 Joint Accountability: Each staff
          began his 2009 winter tour        of stewardship:                               member must take responsibility for
          by acknowledging employees’                                                     their own work, while letting others
  continued dedication and hard work        •	 Establishment of a Common                  do the same.
  throughout the transition. “We’ve            Purpose: With all of our initiatives,
  come a long way, making fundamental          it’s important to have a common         Partnerships: The key to success
  changes in the past few years,” said         understanding of the vision and
  Sapsford. “You’ve put your professional      challenges, not only within the            Working with partners is a
  foot forward, and entered the                ministry, but also with our partners    cornerstone to successful stewardship,
  discussion and the change process with       in the health care delivery system.     said Sapsford as he went on to talk
  a great deal of respect and enthusiasm.   •	 Absolute Honesty: Effective             about the ministry’s relationship with
  For that I’m very thankful.”                 partnerships require honesty; in our    the LHINs, as well as partnerships
     The tour began on Jan. 19 in              communications, in our problem          within the ministry.
  Toronto and proceeded through the            solving and in our decision making.        In speaking about the LHINs, he
  week, with the deputy minister            •	 No Abdication: Once decisions are       clarified that the ministry’s choice
  reaching staff across the province via       made, each team member must take        to transition to a role of stewardship
  video conferencing.                          responsibility for the decision and     was part of a larger plan. In order to
                                               work to achieve the common goal.        ensure sustainable health care, the
  Stewardship Values                        •	 The Right to say No: Saying ‘no’        government decided that LHINs were
                                               gives you the opportunity to enter      to be implemented to plan and oversee
      At the outset of each meeting, he        into dialogue when work is going        the delivery of health care programs at
  talked about the values and culture of       in a direction that you don’t agree     the local level. The ministry could then
  stewardship. “It’s about partnerships;       with. And it provides an opportunity    shift its focus to guide the health care
  it’s about looking at the long term and      for employees to listen to divergent    system on a strategic level.
  about managing our resources in a            views and reach innovative
  more effective way for the future,” he       solutions together.
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NEW Directions
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   A review of the implementation of the
LHINs was conducted over the fall of 2008
(read full report here). Among other
recommendations, the report advised that

                                                                                                                                                       Sylvie Valc
the ministry, in partnership with the LHINs,
needs to:

•	 Clarify	the	roles	and	responsibilities	
   of the ministry and the LHINs. While
                                                                                                                     Deputy Minister Sapsford’s winter
   the LHINs are subject to government                                                                               tour began in Toronto (see photo
   policy, they have an independent role,                                                                            below) and proceeded through
   set out in legislation, to oversee the local                                                                      the week, reaching staff across the
   planning, funding and integration of the                                                                          province via video conferencing
   health care system. The ministry retains                                                                          (Kingston staff pictured left and

                                                                                                       dling photo
   responsibility for system-wide strategic                                                                          Hamilton staff pictured above).
   planning and legislation.                                                                                         The deputy minister took time to
•	 Clarify	some	areas	of	accountability	                                                                             answer questions, both during
                                                                                                                     and after the sessions. He also
   such as performance measures,

                                                                                                     Frank Wen
                                                                                                                     encouraged staff to email him with
   benchmarks and reporting                                                                                          further questions or comments at
•	 Encourage	LHINs	to	formalize	
   structures and processes to improve
   collaboration with each other, on matters
   such as project management, knowledge
   transfer, and training, in order to increase
   consistency across the LHINs.
•	 Review	LHIN	governance	including	
   expectations, the competencies of LHIN
   board members, evaluation of LHIN
   boards’ performances, etc.

                                                                                                                                                    Sue Janzen phot
   “As LHINs take on more responsibility,
the ministry can spend more time focusing
on improvements to the health care system
as a whole,” Sapsford said.

Building the stewardship culture
   The deputy discussed the future of the       •	 Directory of Networks (DoN): Last           across the ministry and how do we set up
ministry as it builds a culture of stewardship.    year	MOHLTC	staff	identified	a	need	to	     cross-functional teams. It is important to
Stewardship demands that people work               know which cross-functional teams were      make sure that staff working on teams aren’t
together	cohesively	across	the	organization.	      working on different ministry projects. A   overwhelmed by the added work, and that
   There are many collaborative teams              staff member participating on a ministry-   they receive performance recognition for
working across the ministry, and while             wide committee looking at business          what they accomplish in their teams.
acknowledging that some teams are                  processes heard about this gap. In true
struggling to make it work, Sapsford gave          stewardship style, and without anyone       Reminder of upcoming OPS Employee Survey
two examples of where the practice is              directing him, he took on a leadership
working.                                           role and collaborated with ministry IT         The deputy minister encouraged staff
                                                   staff to form a working group to create     to participate in the OPS Employee Survey
•	 Patient Safety Initiative: Recently, the        DoN. A link to this valuable tool can be    which will be rolled out across the OPS
   ministry began to publicly report on eight      found on INFOweb’s home page.               in late February. “As always, your input is
   patient safety indicators. The Patient                                                      extremely important. It highlights where
   Safety team was comprised of staff from       Achievements and a look ahead                 we’re doing well and where there is room
   different levels, including members                                                         for improvement, and is used by the senior
   from the Deputy Minister’s Office, Public       Sapsford reminded staff of the many         management team to address employee
   Health,	Communications,	Health	System	 achievements that have taken place since             issues as they design the work environment
   Information Management and Investment, the transition began (see overview of                of the ministry.”
   Health System Strategy, as well as           achievements on page 3). According to             Before opening up for questions from
   external experts.                            Sapsford, the ministry has done an excellent   the floor, Sapsford concluded by thanking
     Beginning in June 2008, the team           job at keeping pace with the government’s      staff again for their commitment to change
   met weekly, with everyone bringing           agenda and priorities, and has been in top     and for their contributions to the health
   their expertise to the table and taking      form in all reviews, whether by central        care system. “The senior management
   responsibility for completing their work.    agencies or by the secretary of cabinet.       team and I have appreciated the comments
   “Now imagine,” said Sapsford, “from             “Our focus ahead will be on business        you’ve made and the advice you’ve given,”
   definition to development to the final       practices such as how we work together and     he said. “We’re always open to hearing from
   product. It was a great feat to accomplish function as a ministry,” said Sapsford. More     staff. During a difficult transitional time,
   this project in a relatively short period of time and effort will be spent developing       you delivered — and the health system has
   time.”                                       skills such as project management, he said.    improved, thanks to all your hard work.” n
                                                  For example, how do we allocate resources
2   NEW Directions
NEW Directions

                                                             A Reminder of What it Means to be a
                                                           Steward of Ontario’s Health Care System
                                                           Being a steward means:                                        Stewardship is a very different type of
                                                           •	 Developing new ways of approaching
                                                              colleagues, partners, and the public                       •	 Stewards focus on what has to happen
                                                           •	 Modeling high levels of competency,                           far into the future — not just for the
                                                              empathy and accountability                                    next two to three years
                                                           •	 Listening to and talking with — not to                     •	 Stewards focus on outcomes, not
                                                              — our partners and each other                                 program delivery
                                                           •	 Looking at the system as a whole, not just                 •	 Stewards are partners and influencers —
                                                              the individual pieces that comprise it                        they work collaboratively rather than
                                                           •	 Developing best practices, policies and                       from the top down
                                                              legislation that will set the strategic                    •	 Stewards set clear expectations, take
                                                              directions to guide the health care                           actions based on evidence-based
                                                              system of Ontario.                                            information and measure outcomes.

   Missed the Deputy                                                    Watch it online today! Access Deputy Minister Sapsford’s winter tour speech, including
                                                                        the question and answer session, at Deputy Minister Tour Archive in the A New
    Minister’s tour?                                                    Direction section.

                                                     2008 TR ANSITION ACHIE VEMENTS
   A tremendous amount of transition work                               2. Divestment of Mental Health                        In terms of the ministry’s internal
                                                                           Centre	Penetanguishene.		
   was completed in 2008. Some of the                                                                                         restructuring, the following
   successes were:                                                           What does this mean?                             accomplishments align with the new
                                                                                                                              functional organizational model:
   1.	 OHIP	Registration	and	Claims	                                    	    By	divesting	Mental	Health	Centre	
       Services, as well as INFOline,                                        Penetanguishene to a public                           •	 The detailed design to the staff
       moved to ServiceOntario.                                              hospital, direct health service                          level was completed for Health
                                                                             delivery is put into the hands of                        System Accountability and
         What does this mean?                                                the local community.                                     Performance.
                                                                                                                                   •	 Health System Information
         •	 Health card registrations                                   3. Public Health Laboratories                                 Management and Investment
            and related services, new                                      Branch transferred to the newly                            underwent major changes:
            applications and renewals                                      created Ontario Agency for Health                          Two divisions merged and the
            can all be done through                                        Protection and Promotion.                                  Health Capital	Investment	Branch	
            ServiceOntario.                                                                                                           consolidated the capital
         •	 With ServiceOntario’s                                       What does this mean?                                          functions. The division is now
            customer-focused mandate                                                                                                  in the implementation process.
            providing a gateway to                                           This transfer is consistent with                      •	 The transition has begun for
            government information                                           the ministry’s move toward                               the	Corporate	and	Direct	
            and services, it’s easier for                                    a stewardship role, with less                            Services and Public Health
            Ontarians to deal with a wide                                    emphasis on direct service                               Divisions.
            range of matters.                                                delivery.                                             •	 A new administrative
         •	 The transfer supports the                                                                                                 support model was recently
            government’s commitment                                                                                                   implemented.
            to	modernize	the	delivery	of	
            public	services	to	citizens.		

NEW Directions
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