Reimbursement Guidelines The Reimbursement for travel expenses to the conferences by onceandtwice


									Reimbursement Guidelines:

The $1,000 Reimbursement, for travel expenses to the conferences, is available ONLY to 2006 COPS

To help offset expenses to travel to the 2006 COPS Law Enforcement Information Technology Conferences, the
COPS Office (through SEARCH) will reimburse each agency that received 2006 COPS TECHNOLOGY grant
funding up to $1,000 (per grant) for actual expenses incurred to attend the Conference. Submit all of your staff
allowable expenses to SEARCH using the SEARCH Travel Reimbursement Form by its due date. This sheet will
tell you how.

Please note:
  Reimbursement is for actual approved travel expenses, up to $1,000. If your agency’s actual expenses are less
  than $1,000, reimbursement will be made for that amount. Expenses exceeding $1,000 will not be reimbursed.
  Reimbursement checks from SEARCH will be made payable to the grantee agency, not to specific
  individuals. As such, you may use the $1,000 to cover travel expenses for as many attendees from your
  agency as you see fit. Since SEARCH will not be reimbursing individuals directly, we assume any out-of-pocket
  expenses incurred by your staff will be reimbursed by your agency.
  You are encouraged to send at least two representatives from your agency to attend the Conference.

How It Works…

Step 1: Please carefully review the SEARCH Travel Reimbursement Policy Document to understand what
travel expenses are authorized for reimbursement. For example, hotel rooms are reimbursed at the single room
rate, airfare is reimbursed for coach class, and meals are reimbursed at actual cost and cannot exceed specific
totals per meal.

Step 2: You or your agency will make and pay for your travel arrangements, including air travel and hotel.

Step 3: When you or your staff arrives at the Conference, each grantee agency will receive one travel claim kit
including the appropriate forms to claim actual travel expenses for all members of the agency, up to $1,000.

Step 4: Within 10 days of the conclusion of the Conference, please submit your agency’s actual travel expenses,
including airfare, hotel, mileage, and meal expenses to SEARCH.

Step 5: SEARCH will issue a check to your agency for attendee travel expenses up to $1,000.

If you have questions, please contact Shawna Warneke via email or phone: or (916) 392-
2550, x219.

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