Statement of the Problem by kezunkpe


									Statement of the Problem

       Nowadays, technology is being used in the instruction of students. Some of the

students have difficulties learning through conventional ways including books, pens,

chuck, blackboard, etc., but computer hardware and software are being incorporated in

the present age classroom instruction to enhance learning. Particularly, special needs

students, regardless of their physical or cognitive challenges, for some of them, simply

moving to get in a classroom can be an obstacle. However, various technologies are being

developed towards their inclusion in the mainstream classroom. For example, sounds

amplifiers and fonts enlargers have been developed for hearing and visually impaired

students. Computer hardware and software are developed for students who are deeply

affected in their abilities to learn; for example, computer software which respond to body

movements, eyeballs, breath, or yes or no questions.

       The purpose of this study is not to review the technologies which are available out

there, but how do we evaluate which hardware or software are appropriate for which unit

and for which student? The study will further analyze whether the legislative and

socioeconomic issues, such as equity and cost concerns have an impact on the evaluation


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