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					Government Recordkeeping Update
June 2009
Patrick Power, Manager, Government
Recordkeeping Programme,
Archives New Zealand
     •     Training update
     •     Digital continuity action plan
     •     Procurement
     •     Appraisal update
     •     Audit programme update
     •     GRK survey
     •     Annual report on recordkeeping
     •     Changes to focus of transfer programme
     •     New Continuum publications
     •     New faces at Archives NZ

8/6/2009        Update on Current Developments   2
     Training update

     • New courses to support digital recordkeeping:
        • Recordkeeping Metadata
        • Appraisal and Disposal (new content on
          managing the disposal of electronic records in
          email, shared drives and electronic
          recordkeeping systems)
     • Courses in new places: Rotorua and Dunedin
     • For more information see the Continuum website:

8/6/2009           Update on Current Developments            3
     Digital continuity update
     •     Digital Continuity Action Plan currently being
           considered by Cabinet
     •     Factsheets in development on management of
           datasets and digital transfer
     •     Research reports soon available
     •     Stephen Clarke acting manager until end of June –

8/6/2009       Update on Current Developments   4

     • Minister’s priority: Streamlining the purchase and
       implementation of EDRMS in the public sector
     • Early stages of this work: still defining the purpose and
       scope of the project
     • We will be investigating ways to achieve better quality
       implementations for less cost
     • If you are interested in this work, please let us know. We
       do want to consult with all interested parties.
     • Contact:

8/6/2009      Update on Current Developments   5
     Appraisal update

     •     Legacy programme moving forward:
            • more than 80 public offices contacted.
            • Many agencies undertaking legacy work - research,
              records surveys, appraisal, disposal
     •     Large number of appraisal reports have been submitted
           over past few months - 23 currently under consideration
     •     Importance of building consultation into the process.

8/6/2009        Update on Current Developments   6
     Audit update

     • Consultation on draft audit tool now closed: 49
     • Overall feedback was positive. However, there will be
       some changes to reflect comments.
     • A summary of comments and changes will be published,
       and sent to every organisation that commented.
     • Currently recruiting audit programme manager, audit
       team to follow
     • Focus for 2009/10 will be on developing and refining the
       audit process through engagement in pilot audits, and
       setting the schedule for audits

8/6/2009     Update on Current Developments   7
     GRK Survey
     • Now closed. Thank you!
     • You will receive a report which you can use to
       benchmark your results against other public sector
     • Report and result cards available by end of

8/6/2009     Update on Current Developments   8
8/6/2009   Update on Current Developments   9
     Changes to Wellington transfer programme

     • We are focussing on the transfer of high risk, high
       value records, especially those over 25 years old.
     • What does this mean?
        • More transfers of high value legacy records (e.g.
          LINZ core paper records).
        • Fewer routine transfers of records created after
        • If you think you may want to transfer records,
          contact us: We are
          here to help.

8/6/2009     Update on Current Developments   10
     Continuum publications news
     Now available:
     • G13: Guide to Managing Records During Administrative

     Soon available:
     • Technical Guide on Implementing Recordkeeping Metadata in
     • Guide To Completing A Survey Of Physical Records
     • Guide to Managing Contractors Records
     • Guide to Best Practice in Storage
     • Guide to Managing Web Records
     • Fact Sheets on the Legacy Programme, Management of
       Datasets, Digital Transfers

8/6/2009      Update on Current Developments   11
     Changing Faces at Archives New Zealand

     • Anna Gulbransen: Archivist, Arrangement & Description
     • Anna Henry: Archivist, Arrangement & Description
     • Hywel Gwynn Williams: Archivist, Arrangement &
     • Jeff Carr: Archivist, Arrangement & Description
     • Lisa Austin: Advisor, Appraisal
     • Greg Goulding: Acting Chief Archivist

8/6/2009     Update on Current Developments   12
Further Information
• Continuum Website:
• Email:
• Telephone: (04) 499 5595