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                                 THE BEST OF NOISE FASHION, Europe’s first ‘virtual’, cross-media showcase for people aged 25 and
   under, is pleased to announce a shortlist for the best fashion submissions from this year’s
   search for the UK’s best new creative talent. Following the four month submission period,
   NOISE has selected the fashion talents profiled below, from 200 fashion applicants, for
   media exposure.

   As part of the NOISE showcase in October, the selected fashion designers, illustrators,
   photographers and stylists, will feature on and via media partners including MTV,
   BBC, MSN, Blueprint, Digit etc... Further, NOISE will tour the country with the best work from
   different UK regions.

   NOISE Fashion Curator Mark Eley comments: “From experience I know that the creative
   industries are notoriously difficult to penetrate. NOISE will help young talent to break through.
   This is a real opportunity for these chosen designers to gain industry exposure and I look forward to
   seeing their careers develop.”

   NOISE will give this next generation of UK talent a national platform to spotlight their work and
   garner exposure within the highly competitive creative industries. is not your typical arts festival. It has no physical location, rather the central hub
   of activity takes place on the website, the main showcase platform and across media channels
   making it the first ‘virtual’ festival of its kind in Europe. The festival is aimed at showcasing talent
   and promoting creativity from the creative disciplines of fashion, music, film, design,
   written/spoken word and all new forms of creative expression, such as podcasts.

   NOISE has chosen the following fashion submissions for its national October showcase. We hope
   you will support these up and coming fashion talents by featuring them in your October edition.

Elefant design for Prior 2 Lever

                   Elefant is design duo Alex Turvey and Ariel Hofstad. So called Elefant as they
                   believe there are many lessons to learn from the elephant: Strength, Wisdom,
                   Solitude, Strong sense of loyalty to the family and Intelligence and they work
                   together to encompass these elements.

 Event purpose/ concept: Greg Lever-O’Keefe has mastered a manufacturing process that can print
 a pair of bespoke shoes, putting an end to ill-fitting footwear, and helping to usher in an era of mass
 customization. The tailored shoes are built layer-by-layer using a form of rapid 3D printing called
 selective laser sintering, in which a laser fuses together particles of a nylon-based material.
 Prior 2 Lever commissioned Elefant to assist them in creating a visual aesthetic / identity that would
 help encapsulate the creative freedom of the bespoke P2L brand. This was then brought across to the P2L
 launch exhibition in April 06 where we allowed our illustration work to bring the launch of Greg Levers
 first football boot, ‘Assassin’ to life, whilst making sure to remove the clichéd imagery brought to us by
 mainstream football associated brands.

Andreas Zenios

                     Andreas Zenios’ Autumn/Winter 2005 (Central St Martins Graduation Show)
                     collection is inspired from childhood memory and current experience, fusing
                     costume and decoration of native Cyprus with contemporary colours fabrics and
                     concepts. Andreas has worked for London-based designer Bora Aksu and Paris-
                     based designer label Erotokritos. He has recently set up his personal label and his
                     collections can be found in boutiques in London (Kokon to Zai), Athens (Occhi
                     Concept Store) and Cyprus (Bokus Blank, Nicco).
Lauren Clowes

                                              Lauren Clowes has just finished a BA (Hons) in
                                              Fashion at Manchester Metropolitan University. For
                                              her final collection, her inspiration came from found objects,
                                              such as square knitted blankets which she would create into
                                              garments. Clowes also loves retro clothing and sources a
                                              lot of her materials from vintage shops.

She uses anything from tablecloths to curtains to create her garments: ‘I love making an image that encourages
you to be somewhere else, away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life‘. strong foundation that trigger
ideas for Goddard’s shape and silhouette. What might appear an innocent attractive print, when looked at
more closely, holds complex, interesting and sometimes humorous elements.

Oliver Goddard

                     Oliver Goddard graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2005 with a
                     FirstClass honours in Fashion. Since then he has have been working on various projects as
                     a freelance designer. ‘It is my aim as a designer to be as free of restrictions as I can. The
                     designs I create are about fashion forward clothing for women who value innovation and
                     individuality as much as they do quality clothing. The consideration of colour and printed
                     fabrics is of most importance in my designs.’

The fabrics Goddard uses are often bold and playful in colour and texture. He incorporates references to
contemporary art in his creations, where his own illustrations and drawings are often his main source of
inspiration. Print designs, influenced by surrealism and the reflection of personal feelings and
situations are a strong foundation that trigger ideas for Goddard’s shape and silhouette. What might appear an
innocent attractive print, when looked at more closely, holds complex, interesting and sometimes humorous
Sinead Doyle

                       ‘Cut on Fold’ is from Sinead Doyle’s MA collection, shown at London
                       College of Fashion in January 2005. This menswear collection is a coalescence of
                       established craft, modern form and material. ‘Cut on Fold’ combines origami
                       effects with digital print, anchored through traditional tailoring.

Sinead explains: “During this time I worked on print and origami, the latter because I hoped to explore
creative pattern cutting through folding. These explorations merged with more traditional tailoring techniques
which I had been studying throughout the year to create an eclectic, creative and sometimes a more
commercial collection”.

Hannah Marshall

                       British designer Hannah Marshall has already established herself as an up coming
                       innovative designer and entrepreneur in her own right. Since graduating from
                       Colchester School of Art and Design in 2003 with a first class degree, Hannah has
                       gone on to work for designers Jonathan Saunders and Robert Cary-Williams in the
                       infamous build up to London Fashion Week.

2006 sees the official launch of Hannah’s label, ‘Hannah Marshall ®’, an exclusive womenswear brand offering a
clothing solution for a modern professional woman that engages and empowers women, by providing innovative
collections that reflect intelligence, sophistication and confidence. A distinct style with clean and refined lines
pushes the boundaries of sophistication. This collection doesn’t shout high fashion; instead it forcefully whispers
on-trend. Pieces are made from luxurious distinctive natural British fabrics resulting in staple garments and
investment classics.
Camilla Roman

                               A recent graduate from Womenswear at St.Martins, Camille
                               Roman has studied fashion design for 6 years, never abandoning
                               her childhood hobby of drawing pretty dresses. Her work is often
                               inspired by what conceptual kinds might call a Utopian idealism
                               towards perfect forms but above all works toward creating shapes
                               which guide the eye to flatter the body. An avid illustrator, she
                               indulges in pure fantasy and the intricate details of things.

Lauren Murray

                       Lauren’s work utilises the latest in computer manufacturing technologies.
                       The work is a 'digital' investigation of new directional jewellery concepts.

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