International Certificate Programme in

Cavendish College London
                           FASHION ILLUSTRATION

      Course Title :
      International Certificate in Fashion Illustration

      Qualification Honored :                                                                 I N T E R N AT I O N A L
      International Certificate Programme in Fashion Illustration                            “Inspiring Individuality”
      by Cavendish College London
      Course Duration :                                             Course Code :
       2 Months                                                     SCFI

      Entry Requirements :
      A Levels /12th Pass Outs. Students having passed 10th can also be accepted. This course is also ideal for
      individuals pursuing alternate professions and qualifications and for those currently pursuing alternate
      Fashion Design courses.
      Who is the Course for?
      The course is aimed at individuals interested in          beginners level as well as industry profesionals
      pursuing careers with the fashion industry. The           who are looking at further strengthening their
      course can be pursued by individuals at both a            illustration skills.

      Course Description :

      Illustration is one of the most important elements in     level, split over 8 weeks with intensive teaching and
      the field of fashion design.                              studio time allowing students to build a strong
                                                                visual portfolio at the end of the course.
      It allows an individual to visually communicate their
      concepts in a tangible form. The course covers a
      range of topics from a basic to a semi professional
Course Assessment :
The course is assessed through a final project.

FAD Europe Tour :
The Europe tour gives students an exclusive              universities. Students achieve both a professional
opportunity to visit some of the worlds finest fashion   and an unparallel academic experience providing a
capitals such as Paris, London & Milan for fashion       platform to work on a global level on completion of the
events and guest lectures at leading fashion             course.

University Progression Opportunities :                   Career Opportunities :
Individuals can also continue onto higher education      The 2 months course helps to develop a strong
at FAD International or universities in UK & Italy       portfolio which enables students to pursue
onto the following courses based on their previous       professional careers as well. Students having had
qualifications. Students can pursue higher               achieved a ceratin level of creative illustration skills
qualifications in Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing      combined with their other qualifications in Fashion
& Communication, Fashion Styling, Fashion                Design can work with designers, design houses,
Promotion & Media, Fashion Management & MBA              export houses, independent designers, media
in Fashion & Luxury Management at the following          houses or start their own venture within this
universities                                             industry.
Nottingham Trent University
Coventry University
Istituto Europeo di Design Italy
Manchester Metropolitan University
Bath Spa University
Middlesex University
University for Creative Arts UK

Benefits of the Course :
   ·    International Curriculum                         ·   Guest faculties from various Fashion
   ·    British Qualification                                Universities
   ·    Optional Europe tour allows students to visit    ·   Affordable option to study in India
        various fashion capitals and universities for    ·   Opportunity to purse other parallel
        guest lectures                                       qualifications
   ·    Progression opportunities to multiple            ·   Career based practical curriculum
        universities                                     ·   Multiple professional opportunities

Questions : If you have any questions or queries regarding this course or any other courses we offer,
           please feel free to get in touch
Telephone : 020 32548008/ 64018008/64010101 (Ext: 13)             Mobile    :     91 9970158726
Email       : /          Website :
                                COURSE MODULE INFORMATION

  · Introduction of illustration.
  · Introduction to tools and equipments.
  · Basic drawing exercises.
  · Basic shapes.

  · Shading- Graphite pencil and color pencils.
  · Introduction to human anatomy.

  · Human anatomy features.
  · Body proportions

  · Face types.
  · Comparison of standard and fashion proportion.

  · Fashion Mechanical Croqui- Front view (Feet Together) Female.
  · Fashion Mechanical Croqui- Front view (Feet Apart) Female.

  · Flats-Necklines, collars.
  · Fashion Mechanical Croqui- Back view (Feet Together) Female.
  · Fashion Mechanical Croqui- Back view (Feet Apart) Female.

  · Balance line and supporting leg.
  · Sketching.

  · Garment Draping.
  · Photo Analysis.

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