tyle RV ActionToys RV Die Cast C by fjwuxn



Patio Globe                                                                      RV Die Cast
Lights                                                                           Collectibles
                                                   1/43 Scale
                                                 Free Wheeling
                                            Die Cast Metal & Plastic
                                                 Display Boxed

                                                                                    27-0020 Pick Up & 5th Wheel

Add atmosphere and charm to your
patio or RV campsite with Prime                               27-0016 S.U.V & Travel Trailer
Globe Lights. Features include 20 - 3
1/4” globes, 22 foot UL approved 110
volt cord, extra fuse and bulbs.
12-9001 White Globe Lights
12-9004 Color Globe Lights

                                                                                27-0017 Mini Motor Home &
                                                                                        Speed Boat

                                                                             RV ActionToys

                                          Children can relive their RV adventures with RV Action Toys. Pull back action
                                          propels RV without batteries. 12 floors plans are possible with 15 component pieces.

 Rope                                     Roof and sides are removable and RV has working awning and slide out room. Die
                                          cast metal and plastic construction.

 Lighting                                 7-1/2” L X 2”W X 3-1/2”H                                   Warning
                                                                                             Choking Hazard • Small Parts
                                          27-0001 Class A Motor Home                         Not for children under 3 years

                                          Mini Motor Home has working slide out
                                          awning as well as opening passenger and
                                          coach doors. Pull back action propels RV
                                          without batteries. Die cast metal and plastic
                                          6-1/2” L X 2”W X 2-3/4”H
                                          27-0005 Mini Motor Home

18 feet of clear, flexible rope light-
ing. Easy to store alternative to patio                                           Hitch S.U.V. to Trailer and take off. Pull
lights. Connect multiple strings for                                              back action propels S.U.V. without batter-
added length. Use indoor or outdoor.                                              ies. Diecast metal and plastic construction.
120 volts- UL Listed                                                              8-3/4” L X 2”W X 2-3/4”H
12-9011 Clear Rope Lighting                                                       27-0010 S.U.V. and Trailer

Games                                                    Emergency
                                          Animal Warning Flashlight

Play darts anywhere without the fear
of bodily injury or damage to property.
Six powerful magnetic darts stick with                                               Tri-LED Emergency Wind-Up
precision. Flexible dart board rolls up   Animals hear a high pitched whistle that   flashlight operates over 30 minutes
in seconds for easy storage. Bulls eye    warns of approaching vehicle. Installs     on a wind up. No bulbs or batter-
dart game on the reverse side.            on auto or RV bumpers. Helps protect       ies...ever! Switch from one LED to
27-0501 Magnetic Dart Board               lives, wildlife and property. Two per      three or have all three flash. Alway
                                          card.                                      ready for any emergency.
                                          14-5015 Animal Warning Device              12-0492 Emergency Wind-Up
                                          License Plate                              LED Head Lamp

28 piece, double 6 domino tiles.
Complete with instructions, hub &                                                    Three ultra bright LEDs give you
storage tin.                                                                         light where you look. Fully adjust-
27-0507 Dominos                                                                      able headband allows for hands free
                                                                                     operation. Use instead of a flashlight
                                          Set of 4 license plate fasteners. Holds    when walking and hiking. Perfect for
    3 Games In One                        custom license plate frames without rust
                                          or corrosion.
                                                                                     working on your auto or boat. Keep
                                                                                     one at home and one in your car or
                                          15-2005 License Plate Fasteners            RV as part of your emergency equip-
                                                                                     ment. Uses three AAA batteries (not
                                                                                     included ).
                                          Magnetic                                   12-0420 LED Head Lamp

                                          Key Holder                                 Bean Bag
Magnets keep playing pieces in place
while on the road or outdoors. Play
chess or checkers on one side and
backgammon on the reverse. Board          Designed to fit most larger key styles.
and pieces store in reusable container    Stores spare key for emergencies. Rust     Classic bean bag ashtray resists sliding
that measures 3” X 12”. Board mea-        proof plastic construction with a with     or tipping. Polished chrome ashtray
sures 11” square.                         a strong magnet that sticks to metal
                                          surfaces.                                  with plaid fabric base.
27-0505 Magnetic Chess                                                               14-6005 Bean Bag Ashtray
     Checkers & Backgammon                15-2011 Magnetic Key Holder

Kitchen Tool                                                                                Telescopic
Set                                                                                         Hot Dog Fork
                                              Laundry Rack

This seven piece kitchen tool set
includes chef knife, ladle, poultry scis-
sors, spatula, can and bottle opener,       Save space with our folding laundry rack.
grilling fork and cutting board. It all     Eight arms each with molded on clothespins
stores in its own plastic carry case.       revolve for easy use. Clip on center arm
25-0525 Seven Piece                         hangs anywhere.
       Kitchen Tool Set                     14-4055 Umbrella Laundry Rack

Kitchen                                                                                     Telescopic hot dog fork adjusts from
Knife Set                                                                                   11.5” to 34”. Great for patio, beach,
                                                                                            campground or park. Quality stainless
                                                                                            steel construction. Small enough to fit
                                                                                            in silverware drawer.
                                                                                            25-0601 Telescopic Hot Dog
                                            Complete clothesline with 8 built on            Fork
                                            clothespins. Mounting hooks will adjust
                                            line to any length up to 14 1/2’.               Electronic
                                            14-4065 Clothesline With
                                                    Clothespins                             Bug Swatter
This seven piece kitchen knife set
                                            Garment Rack
comes with five of the more popular
stainless steel knives. Also included is
a sharpening tool, plastic cutting board
and plastic carry case to keep every-
thing organized.                            Extends to 12” with indentations to keep
25-0527 Seven Piece                         clothes separated and wrinkle free. Retracts
        Kitchen Knife Set                   to only 2”. Use anywhere you need extra
                                            hanging capacity. Mounting hardware

Food Cover
                                            14-4010 Folding Garment Rack

                                            Reduce heat and glare.                          Eliminate nuisance bugs with the
                                            Non marring clips                               swipe of the wrist. Simply press but-
                                            hook over window.                               ton on the handle and electrocute bugs
                                            Pull down shade is                              and mosquitoes that contact metal
Protect your food from flying or            held in place by suction cup or Velcro. Clear   grid. A low power electric charge
crawling pests and enjoy your outdoor       vinyl suction cups included for use on fixed    powered by 2 AA batteries ( not in-
dining. The sturdy metal frame and          windows. Available in 2 sizes.                  cluded ) does the job. Not a toy! Keep
durable lace net folds for easy storage.    14-0515 14” x 20” Window Shade                  out of reach of children.
25-0200 17” Food Cover                      14-0517 18” x 22” Window Shade                  12-8010 Electronic Bug Swatter

Foot Valet                                                                                Big Link
                                          Hamp Bag

Foot Valet supports your feet when
sitting in high back RV chairs. Large
                                                                                          Use the Big Link as a handle for
                                                                                          hard to carry items such as paint
foot area gives you a place to set your                                                   cans. Also great for hanging cords,
feet so they don’t dangle in mid air.                                                     ropes, hoses and more. Foam pad-
Foot Valet can also be used as a small                                                    ded for comfort. Dozens of uses for
stool when working in tight spaces                                                        home, RV and boat. One per card.
or when you want to sit close to the                                                      18-0251 Big Link
ground. Attractive natural finish goes
well with any interior. Some assembly
Dimensions: 16” W x 11” D x 7” H.
                                                                                          Key Links
32-0401 Foot Valet                        Filler up with a really big load of dirty
                                          clothes. Hamp Bag hangs on a closet rod or
                                          its own mounting bracket. Made of heavy
                                          duty vinyl, it’s fully gusseted for large ca-
                                          pacities. Great for home or R.V.
Shoe Cleaning                             14-0100 Hamp Bag

Valet                                                                                     Clip your keys to belt, back packs,
                                            Handy Table
                                                                                          luggage and more. Spring loaded
                                                                                          and color coded aluminum clips
                                                                                          come with removable key ring.
                                                                                          18-0360 Key Links Pair ( 6mm )
                                                                                          18-0380 Key Link ( 8mm )

Do you have a problem with dirt be-
ing tracked into your R.V.? We have
the solution with Prime’s Shoe Clean-
ing Valet. This unique product scrubs
the soles and sides of your shoes and
leaves the mud and dirt outside. After    You will wonder how you ever got along
using, simply tap the valet on the        without this 13” x 17” Handy Table. Fea-        Mini RV Key Chain light helps locate
ground, allowing dirt and mud to fall     tures include cup holder and recessed outer     key hole in the dark. Made of colorful
through. No mess or trouble. Works        lip that holds pens and contains spills. Bean   die cast metal. Assorted Colors.
so well you’ll want one for home.         bag base conforms to any lap or surface.        27-0025     RV Key Chain ( 1 Per Card )
32-0523 Shoe Cleaning Valet               14-0318 Handy Table                             27-0028     36 Piece Display Box

                        CHOCK                  U.S. Patent
                                                                                                   Tank Flush Assist

                                             Canadian Patent

     Cut away view of a toilet with Johnny
           Chock & Rinse in use.
                                                                                                                    17-0115 Johnny Chock
   The improved method for                                                          17-0120 Johnny Rinse
                                                                                                                 12 Pieces Shipped in Colorful
                                                                                                                       Retail Display Box
    flushing out your black
                                             17-0115 Johnny Chock   17-0125 Johnny Rinse
          water tank!                                                   Chock Combo
  Johnny Chock is the new, patented method for flushing out your black water tank. Johnny Chock allows for the continuous
  flow of water to your holding tank. When Johnny Chock is in place, there is no need to hold or wedge toilet flush valve with
  your foot, hands or a stick. Johnny Chock also assists you when using various toilet rinse tubes to clean your holding tank.
  To use, simply open flush valve with hand or foot and place Johnny Chock in toilet bowl where it will keep valve open until
  you remove it.
  17-0115 Johnny Chock
  Johnny Rinse is the easy way to keep your holding tank clean. High pressure spray flushes waste left in holding tank after
  dumping. On-off valve is built in for added convenience.
  17-0120 Johnny Rinse
  Johnny Rinse Combo includes the patented Johnny Chock. Use the Johnny Chock to keep toilet bowl valve open while you
  are using the Johnny Rinse tube.
  17-0125 Johnny Rinse/Chock Combo

Dolphin                                            Pick Up &                                               Retracting
Water                                              Reach Tool                                              Rake

No batteries required. The Dolphin                 When something is out of reach...just get
Water Pump fits most 5 and 6 gallon                it with the Pick Up Pro. Extend your reach
bottles. Its quiet, soft touch bellows             nearly 3 feet to reach up high or pick up
operation pumps about 8 ounces in                  low without bending, climbing or straining.
a single stroke. The inner tube may                Precise enough to pick up a coin yet strong             When retracted this handy rake is a
be cut to fit smaller bottles. Great                                                                       compact 31 1/2” and will easily fit in
for home, office, R.V. or boat, and                enough to lift a 5 lb. bag of sugar. Use it in
                                                   your home, yard, office, car boat or RV. Folds          your storage pod or compartment. In
for disaster supplies. Cleaning brush                                                                      seconds it will expand into a full size
included.                                          for easy storage.                                       rake. Clean up that campsite.
09-8080 Dolphin Water Pump                         20-4050 Pick Up & Reach Tool                            20-4003 Retractable Rake

    Fans                                                                                 200 Watt
                                                                                         12V Heater

                                                                  2 Fan Speeds

                                        Clip on Fan come with 6 ft. cord that plugs
                                        into any 12 volt outlet. Large spring loaded
                                        clip puts fan right where you need it. 2         200 watts if instant heat from your
                    2 Fan Speeds                                                         12 volt outlet. Use as supplemental
                                        speed fan adjusts 360 degrees and increases
                                        air circulation while using air condition-       heater or on dash as window defroster.
All chrome, all metal fan with heavy                                                     Unplug when not in use.
duty 12 volt motor dresses up the       ing or heating. Fan bracket allows for wall
                                        mounting with a screw ( not included ).          12-0361 200 Watt 12V Heater
interior of any R.V. A 2 speed switch
mounted on the base allows for conve-   06-0503 Clip-On Fan
nient high-low, on-off operation.
06-0850 Heavy Duty Chrome Fan                                                            Hair Dryer

                                                                  2 Fan Speeds

                                        Installs in any 12 volt outlet eliminating the
                                        need for wiring or mounting screws. Fea-
                                        tures include 2 fan speeds and 360 degree
    06-0600          06-0850            arm movement. Increases air circulation
                                        while using air conditioning or heating.
                                        06-0501 Plug In Fan
                                                                                         This hair dryer is equipped with
                                                                                         detachable air concentrator for spot
                                                                                         drying or defrosting windshields.
                                                                                         Compact design for easy storage. Hi,
                                                                                         off and air only switch selections.
                                                                                         Plug into standard 12 volt outlet.
                                                                                         Power consumption: 156 watts.
                                                                                         12-0312 12 Volt Hair Dryer

                                                                 2 Fan Speeds            Hair Curler

90 degree oscillation or fixed opera-
tion with the flip of a switch. Also    Powerful pedestal mounted 8” table fan can
features adjustable tilt position and   also attach to a wall. Features include 90       Perfect for the woman traveler, this
60 piece chrome fan guard. Com-         degree oscillation, adjustable tilt position,    quality curler plugs into any 12 volt
plete with wire, switch and mounting    60 piece chrome grill guard, non slip rubber     receptacle. Dual power setting and
bracket for easy installation in a      feet and 2 fan speeds. Plugs into standard 12    indicating lamp for easy operation.
12 volt system.                         volt outlets. Cord length is 17 feet long.       Power consumption 18 watts.
06-0600 6” Oscillating Fan              06-0810 Table Fan                                12-0300 12 Volt Hair Curler

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