Embedding International Perspectives in Fashion Design Curriculum by mifei


									Embedding International Perspectives in
     Fashion Design Curriculum
        Dr Lynne Hammond
                London College of Fashion
   International Educational Consultancy Office (IECO)

University of Arts London

6 Colleges make up the UAL
20,000 students
1,228 teaching staff

London College of Fashion
4,707 students
6 sites
67 courses
Creative development with strong vocational
training, with emphasis on professionalism and
in tune with every-changing demands and
opportunities within the fashion industry
                                                        Our role

•   LCF International Strategy Group – College Vision

•   Specialist unit at LCF working on funded projects with governments,
    EU, Industrial organisations and other universities to support global
    fashion education

•   Our role is to facilitate international experiences and opportunities
    for students and staff in order to encourage global perspectives into
    the curriculum

•   Our role is to explore the links between International
    Competitiveness of Enterprises and Higher Education in order to
    provide insights for research projects and consultancy

•   4 Key strategic developments:
    International Collaborative Frameworks
    International Employability Frameworks
    International Consultancy & Research
    International Online Communities
                               Towards an International
                               Collaborative Framework

Become more strategic and systematic in our links and
  partnerships – mutual benefits/long term planning and
  deep relationships
Development of new international curriculum models
  (off-site delivery of LCF qualifications, top-up degrees,
  joint CPD, local delivery partnerships)
Measuring the impact of activities in order to drive new
  international insights and intelligence (New UG
  International Production Management)
Building a Flying Faculty that can provide specialist
  inputs for our international partners
Collaborative Partnership
   Turkey/Hong Kong
   •   ITKIB/Istanbul Moda Academy
   •   Off-site delivery of LCF qualifications –
       FdA Designer Patterncutter – Istanbul
       2 + 1 model
   •   Hong Kong Design Institute – Top-Up
       degree BA Hair and Make Up
                                            Towards an International
                                            Employability Framework

Innovating with high levels of employer
International employability support teams
International employability learning
Multi-disciplinary thinking to develop
complex student global perspectives that
have international activities
Fashion Business Resource Studio
•   British Council PM2 China Connect.
•   LCF & Beijing Institute of Fashion and
•   The project aims to address the
    challenges of embedding employability
    and entrepreneurship into the creative
•   The outcome will be that students at
    BIFT and LCF will be better prepared for
    the world of international work and be
    aware of the value of design innovation
    as a commercial process.
                        Uzbekistan/Sri Lanka/India
•   British Council – Skills for Employability with two FE Colleges in
•   British council – Inspire Project with HE Institution in Tashkent
•   Creativity and Employability –Knowledge Transfer/Craft Accessories
•   UK Student Mobility – UG and PG Levels to Sri Lanka to gain
    insights into the retailer/manufacturer relationships and processes
•   UKIERI Project – Pearl Academy – Employability Tools
                                        Towards International
                                      Consultancy and Research

Emerging area of enterprise research for PhD students
Global Supply Chains/Industrial Alliances
Entrepreneurship Management
International Strategic Marketing and Branding
Clustering and Competitiveness
Sustainable Supply Chains – Designer/Supplier Relationships
Product Development/Retailer/Manufacturer Relationships
                                    Consultancy –
                                 Bangladesh/Sri Lanka

•   Consultancy – Centre of Export and Product Development – Meeting
    industry needs – Performance Clusters; International Alliance,
    Training Needs and Trade Association Development
•   British Council Delphe Project – Sustainable Fashion –
    Manufacturers/Retailer Relationships – leading to PhD student
    research projects
•   Sri Lanka Export Development Board – Creating a Fashion Trade
                                               Towards International Online
                                                 Academic Communities

•   Camtasia enables capture of activity on the computer screen which can then be edited to
    include voice over’s, captions and call outs. Videos produced in Camtasia can be exported for
    a variety of formats including online viewing.
    Camtasia relay to be considered as an option for recording lectures,

•   Two podcasts have been recorded and are in the process of production. Introduction to Visual
    Merchandising with Sarah Manning and Introduction to Fashion Forecasting with Jane Kellock.

•    A blog has been set up for BIFT and training purposes:

•    Wikis have been set up for BIFT and IMA and training has been given on their use. A range of
    materials has been posted on the BIFT wiki:

    Megameeting /Webconferencing
•   Regular Megameeting sessions have been held with academic and admin staff at IMA in

•   Webinars – Online Seminars
                      International Challenges and
                          Opportunities at LCF

Explore specialist creative curricula and pedagogic approaches
that empower students for global challenges and an interconnected
Strengthen our cross cultural pedagogic approaches so that
students are given experiences and opportunities to explore values,
attitudes and world perspectives that build global communities.
Enhance our employability practices through students exploring
global markets, environments cultures and sustainable approaches.
Exploring collaborative technologies that allow better
communication and relationship building approaches

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