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									 ¡Á ¡Á years, under the leadership of the party group in the hall, in
the province, concern and guidance of the Office of the leadership of
comrades to help support all office, I always adhere to Deng Xiaoping
Theory and "Three Represents "important thinking, enhance learning
exercise, to improve themselves, perform their duties seriously and
comprehensively grasp the Secretary Office of the construction and
management of x, unite and lead all Division comrades to work hard,
better protection of various tasks. Trip report are as follows: First,
to strengthen theoretical study, persist in combining study to ensure
keep thinking of the situation and work to adapt to the development
 year ago, I combine thinking and practice, a more systematic study
of the "Three Represents" Thought and the New Party in a series of
theories, perspectives, and to guide the practice of the times, politics,
stress study, and righteousness, and made new progress. First, improved
thinking and theoretical knowledge. Through in-depth study "Three
Represents", seriously study the Party's Sixteenth National Congress
and the sixth the Third and Fourth Plenary Session and the Provincial
x x plenary session of the spirit of a more comprehensive understanding
of control theory of the party system in the new period , on "Three
Represents" important views and a series of deeper understanding,
improved thinking and theoretical knowledge, enhanced thinking power,
has strengthened our conviction. Second, increased awareness of issues
and problem solving skills. Scientific understanding of the situation,
the capacity has increased, to use global vision, scientific and
realistic approach, the objective dialectical thinking, attention to
international and domestic situation has undergone a series of new
changes in the political thinking and understanding of major issues,
to do stand firm, clear-cut, and always with the Party Central Committee;
to firmly implement the Party's line and the provincial government's
decision to deploy, self-government and the provincial government to
maintain the authority of the General Office; able to correctly handle
the relationship between global and local, from the ideological , work
done to serve the overall situation, always with this situation,
knowledge for the overall situation, to ensure that government decrees.
The third is to strengthen the sense of service. Further establish the
correct outlook on life, values, power, status, and interests, in
accordance with the Power for the People's request, the Office closely
around the center of the provincial government and provincial
governments     to   work   faithfully    to   fulfill    wholeheartedly
responsibility of serving the people, overcome formalism and
bureaucracy, and resolutely resist the corrosion of decadent bourgeois
ideology, and always maintain the hard work, modest work style,
hardworking and honest, solid and do their job.
 second major and work to enhance service coordination, promotion and
achieve new results
 closely around the reform, development, stability, and around the
center of the General Office of the provincial government and provincial
governments to work closely with secretarial x Contact the business
office, according to province, the Office of leadership intent and
instructions, leading comrades of the whole Department to enhance
service coordination, ensuring the successful completion of various
 Department in the overall advancement of the whole business work, for
the charge of leadership as advisors and assistants, and earnestly
accomplish the key tasks of supervision and enforcement, and make
related services. Political and legal work to help support the political
and legal departments earnestly implement the responsibility system
for comprehensive management of social order, and actively build social
security system and comprehensive management of long-term prevention
and control mechanism, determined to combat and defeat hostile forces
abroad, and other hostile elements and "¡Á¡Á¡Á" cult organizations and
sabotage activities of diehard, crack down on illegal and criminal
activities, timely mediation to resolve contradictions among the people,
ensure social stability. Ethnic and religious work, supervision, and
with the publicity department of the party of national ethnic and
religious policies, thoroughly implement the "Regional Ethnic
Autonomy," management by objectives to further implement the
responsibility system of national unity, strengthening national unity,
consolidate and develop the equality, unity and mutual assistance
socialist ethnic relations; to assist departments of religious
completed "xx religious work research report" to strengthen the
management of religious affairs, investigate the incident more than
foreign religious infiltration, timely and properly handle the related
religious hot and difficult issues. Home, CDPF work, to assist
departments to actively promote the rural destitute families relief,
rural medical assistance system, completed the task of resettling
demobilized soldiers, the implementation of the election of village
committees work to achieve the full protection of the object of urban
subsistence allowances, should be maintained best protection,
coordination of both military and do support work, continue to
consolidate the results of the double support; coordination of the
forces to actively promote the preparation of the Seventh National Games
for the Disabled, xx organizations participated in the Athens
Paralympic Games athlete, and achieved outstanding results ,
coordination of a national conference to help poor people with
disabilities carry out the spirit of the views. Civil aviation work,
according to the unified arrangement of the Civil Aviation
Administration to deploy, with the successful completion of the civil
airport authorities territorial reform tasks and achieve a smooth
transition, organize aviation airport is located in the city government
all signed a civil aviation airport transfer plan assets transfer
agreement Provincial State to the State Council, Central Military
Commission submitted a formal relocation of the airport xx referrals,
the company successfully passed the consultation on the new airport
xx pre-feasibility study report of the assessment review, active in
the selection of the new airport xx strategic partnership related work
and further strengthen the airport's security management. National
defense mobilization work, around the principle of the military
strategy, coordination and urge relevant departments to further
strengthen the armed mobilization, civil air defense, economic
mobilization, transportation readiness, national defense, education,
information mobilization, coordination of relevant departments in the
economic mobilization xx exercises held in the city. Meanwhile, the
coordination of relevant departments should ensure complete
restoration of building work xx, xx actively promote infrastructure
construction, increase the intensity of management control xx.
 3, around "services" based on "three capacity", adhere to the
people-centered, comprehensive grasp its own building
 leading services for departments, the General Office of the Secretariat
for the primary service is the fundamental functions, office paper,
do so, work is the basic task of the Secretariat. Over the past year,
closely around the well, "the three services", based on improving the
"three capacity" to further enhance the quality of their own training
and education and management of all Department of cadres, cadres for
the improvement of the quality of the work to protect the successfully
 first study, and improve the overall quality team. In accordance with
the party and the Office of Party Committee Office of the arrangements,
combined with the implementation of "xx pioneer" projects, and organize
their own party members and cadres to take the lead in-depth study "Three
Represents", thoroughly study the Party's Sixteenth Third and Fourth
Plenary Session and provincial Committee x x plenary session of the
spirit and deeply understand and master the "Three Represents" stand,
viewpoint and method, arm themselves with scientific theory, to
increase awareness of innovation, enhance innovation capability, so
the whole office thought the level of party cadres and management of
the knowledge to adapt to the new situation. At the same time
strengthening the study of political theory, combined with actual work,
persist in studying business knowledge, legal knowledge and economic
knowledge, learning to reflect the development of the contemporary
world and civilization and progress of scientific knowledge, to improve
the overall quality. In improving the quality, we also promote mutual
learning, pay attention to the overall advantages. Each person has
potential and has the objective reality of a short, attention to play
their strengths, learn from each other, give full play to collective
wisdom, to do everything the whole office into a personal, positive
interaction among colleagues fighting collective, and enhance the
leadership of services for departments, for the consciousness of basic
services, improve office culture, work, office and abilities.
 second, focus on management, standard behavior of party members and
cadres. Environment has for the system of cultured human, discipline
people. Good environment, sound system, strict discipline, is the
authority to ensure efficient operation. Over the past year, closely
around the environment, institution, discipline three key, in
accordance with the requirements of people-oriented, a good grasp of
the whole office building and management. Secretariat of specific
affairs, work pressure, only the strict requirements, strict management,
and to ensure the normal operation of the work. Both strict management,
but also to create a relaxed environment, so that we feel comfortable,
turn pressure into motivation, and fully mobilize the positive factors,
work well together. In this regard, a province, the Office led to care
for the leaders of practicing, set a good example try to think what
we are thinking about, worry we are worried about, and help everyone
in need, strengthen the ideological communication, at work and help
each other mutual interest in life, the formation of mutual trust, mutual
support good atmosphere, all Department comrades all with full
enthusiasm, renewed energy to work. Next are the system of normative
work. Office of the strict implementation of relevant rules and
regulations, while the provincial government, combined with practical
work to develop a learning system, the Secretary of x office, work
systems, conference systems, learning, doing paper work, office work,
etc., would put forward specific requirements. I start from, strictly
abide by the law, and requested all Party members and cadres from the
office himself, from the little things, against liberalism, and
effective maintenance of party discipline and discipline, to maintain
the authority of the General Office of the provincial government and
provincial governments, ensure the enforcement in ensuring the
implementation of the work.
 Third, we must unite, and enhance combat effectiveness and team
cohesion. Improve unity of the Party's work style, the important content.
I understand from the Commissioner's post and realize that unity and
sense of unity, solidarity was a fighting, united to ensure the efficient
functioning of the work. If not perform well in unity, people do not
homogeneous, the team will be scattered, not only damage the image and
affect and jeopardize the development of cadres but also the growth
and progress. Therefore, as a long, should take the lead in stressing
unity, so a model of solidarity. I am grasping bodies in accordance
with team requirements are atmosphere always put the team unity as the
foundation for building leadership from Department to start, promote
unity and friendship of the Department, the glorious tradition of great
importance to unity and cherish unity, maintaining unity and not
conducive to unity do not do it, is not conducive to unity, then do
not say, major principles, small speaking style, to improve the overall
team effort to create mutual trust and harmony work together and seek
common development, good atmosphere, that the gay ideology into mutual
trust between close friend, and work closely with colleagues, living
friends of mutual interest. All Office comrades in accordance with the
stresses unity, and drum up enthusiasm, real work, seek practical
results of the request, conscientiously perform their duties fully in
implementation and to promote the business, affairs and achieved new
progress. It was also the overall situation, the cardinal principles
in a spirit of solidarity, their expertise and role to play in support
of trade unions, Communist Youth League's work, within its capacity
to create conditions for the office activities, and actively
participate in various sports events and public activities to practical
action maintenance of the General Office of the image.
 fourth, grasping the ICAC, and enhance ability to resist corruption
of party members and cadres. Party members and cadres to maintain a
clean and honest party's advanced nature and purity of the inherent
requirement for the "three represents" important thinking on. Over the
past year, and I always pay attention to strengthening their party spirit,
take the lead in maintaining good the style, be honest diligent.
Meanwhile, the clean government as an important task. On the one hand,
firmly implement the provincial government honest government, and
self-discipline requirements, regulations, earnestly implement the
party and the Office of the Office of Party Committee arrangements,
and depth of "Power for the People" is the theme the "two musts," "two
regulations" as the main content of the education of clean activities;
the other hand, the growth of each combination of experience and real
life, strengthen the construction of. x Department many comrades from
the remote rural areas, conditions are more difficult, even in the city
grew up, conditions are not very good, now we can work in the provincial
government office is a privilege and a success, it should be treasured
hard-won today. Not only do a good job of work, but also everywhere
strict demands on themselves, adhere to the principle, abide by the
law, tried to stay, do not for the petty profits or a moment of weakness
and make life-long regret. For the moment, his comrades and the entire
Department to consciously abide by the provisions of honesty and
self-discipline, according to weight, introspective, self-motivation
of the requirements to the case of Ming Chi, alarm bells ringing, always
forget to clean, everything everywhere and a clean, always honest and
hardworking, build a strong line of defense in fighting to resist rot.
 year review of work, although all have made some progress, but there
are many shortcomings, mainly engaged in affairs, to learn not grasp
tightly, especially in less time focused on learning; in-depth primary
research enough, under the new situation and new problems emerged, new
survey research is not enough, work predictability, forward-looking
weak solutions to those problems are not wide enough, not good enough
to play the role of staff assistant; negligent supervision of work is
short and the implementation of the feedback is not enough time, etc..
These need to be solved in future work to improve continuously.
 in the new year, I will further unite the Department comrades in-depth
study "Three Represents" important thought, in accordance with the
Party National Congress, Sixteenth Central Committee and the Provincial
seventh plenary session of six spirit, closely around the center of
the provincial government and the provincial government office work
in the Office and the provincial party's leadership, the Office of the
concern of the leadership, conscientiously perform their duties, to
further strengthen self-construction x Department, with emphasis on
taking advantage of departments to carry out coordination maintain
stability, fight against drugs, xx the new airport construction, the
preparation of the Seventh National Games for the Disabled, the prison
layout adjustment, urban and rural social relief, national defense
mobilization and national clan work as well as services. At the same
time, around the implementation of the "xx pioneer" project and the
party "first education" activities, comprehensively promote the
construction of branches to ensure the successful completion of all
office work.

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