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									, at the Party's leadership, under the supervision of the Municipal
People's Congress, I insist, "the people elected me as mayor, I was
mayor for the people" purpose of proceeding to be ideologically
motivated, work strenuously towards the style of seeking truth, life
and strict demands, unite and lead the government group of people worked
hard to open service innovation, and try to overcome the Asian financial
crisis and a weak market negative factors such as the impact to our
work, well done all tasks of government work. Year's work report on
his work now as follows:
 Grasp the center of development, the national economy maintained rapid
growth, overall economic strength has been enhanced. Extremely
unfavorable market conditions in the case, I work in the government,
pay attention to seize the economic construction, and actively
resolving the difficulties, problems. Efforts to cultivate new economic
growth point, a better grasp of the economic operation of the rules
and trends, and promote the economic health of the city to run.
Completion of the city's GDP billion, up., The growth rate ranked second
in the province, successfully completed the provincial government
raised insurance dispute target. Overall agricultural production,
harvest, food, vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, breaking the previous
record total output indicators, oil production and plantation area
indicators exceeded the annual production plan. Well construction and
stability, poverty reduction has been further consolidated. The city
there are townships, villages, 10,000 rural population into the ranks
of well-off, the remaining poverty-stricken villages. Million rural
population out of poverty the basic goals of stability, a well-off type
off the basic pilot villages to meet. Moderate growth in industrial
economies. The face of weak market, financial constraints and many other
negative factors, industrial enterprises "reform, technological
transformation, management of" three-pronged approach, the industrial
added value completed. Billion yuan, up.. Sustainable development of
rural enterprises, increase the value of completion. Billion increase
over the previous year.; Operating income to complete. Billion increase
over the previous year.; Paid taxes to complete. Billion increase over
the previous year.; Revenues continue to grow rapidly, The total income
is above 100 million yuan mark to complete. billion the previous year.,
among the highest in the province, the third consecutive annual increase
of over 100 million yuan. Steady growth in consumer demand, the city's
total retail sales completed. Billion yuan, up.. Market prices low for
the city overall retail price index., Reducing previous year.
Percentage points; urban consumer price index., Reducing previous year.
Percentage points. People's living standards continued to improve, per
capita disposable income of urban residents reached yuan over the
previous year.; Rural per capita net income yuan over the previous year.;
Urban and rural household savings deposits reached. Billion, an
increase of.. Second, focus on reform, seeking power, to achieve greater
breakthroughs in enterprise reform, the reform package as a whole. I
was the mayor a few years, increasing awareness, Jincheng economy and
society to develop, we must take drastic measures to reform, only reform
is needed to develop power, and only break the shackles of old ideas,
all with "three benefits "as the standard, the reform can be effective.
Based on this understanding, the economic system reform in light of
local conditions I actively promote flexible and diverse forms of reform,
no restricted areas, do not place restrictions, not to engage in debate,
the reforms have breakthroughs. Enterprise reform work closely around
the establishment of a socialist market economic system, the overall
objective, proceed from reality of enterprises in the times, a plant
of a policy, and achieved remarkable results. Restructuring state
enterprises and the completion of the city's households changed their
reach. Commercial enterprises directly under household tasks completed
restructuring, household restructuring industrial enterprises account.
In enterprise reform, we put special attention to the combination of
small and growth, the Group made a breakthrough in form, especially
the "Orchid coal" stocks on the day of approval by the State Commission
was issued on at the Shanghai Stock Exchange, marked the city in
developing a market economy, establishing a modern enterprise system
has taken a solid step forward. Urban and rural collective enterprises
has proceeded smoothly, the city's urban area reached a collective
enterprise restructuring, rural collective enterprises had been
reorganized to achieve.. The coordinated reform as a whole. Pension,
unemployment, work injury, maternity and other women workers in a range
of social security reform to further develop and improve, the number
of state-owned enterprises to participate in pension insurance coverage
to the urban collective enterprises to participate in pension insurance
coverage., The number of non-public enterprises over the insured person.
The city's laid-off workers of enterprises which have all built a
re-employment service centers or similar institutions, total laid-off
workers have been diverted and resettled people, reemployment rate up..
The year in which laid-off workers who then placed the number of people
employed, not placed in the name of all employees received basic living.
Continue to promote housing reform, housing projects progressing
smoothly, the first phase of housing units allocated to the home, the
second phase of housing units in the main project has been completed.
Urban health care system reform and the urban minimum living security
system starts from the beginning of the normal operation of the counties
(cities, districts) the minimum livelihood guarantee system for urban
residents have all introduced and put into operation in the month.
 3, focus adjustments for efficiency, accelerate the pace of economic
restructuring, development potential and further enhanced. Industry
is the single primary and structural constraints in our city's economic
development, hinder the achievement of two important reasons for
fundamental change, a non-solution is a big problem. Successive
governments have paid a hard work. Since I took office, through the
constant exploration and practice, and gradually straighten out the
economic restructuring of the ideas and methods throughout the entire
process of economic restructuring. In the face of weak market leading
products, slowing overall economic development of this situation, we
seize the opportunities, unify thinking, clear objectives, and further
restructuring as the city's sustained, rapid and healthy development
of strategic measure and promote industrial upgrading, and recycling
market competitive advantage. Scale enterprises as the backbone of the
city's steady economic growth and strength. To township enterprises,
for example,, we pay close attention to the building Purcell Group,
centrifugal cast pipe group, radiator Group, Chemical Group and a number
of industry pacesetter building strong impetus to the overall
development of the industry, the city's new billion enterprise, the
additional 10 million yuan enterprises were. Coal, iron, agricultural
products, "three" good momentum of development of processing and
conversion projects. Transformation capacity of coal in the city tons,
accounting for coal production, the annual conversion of more than
10,000 tons of coal, conversion rate. Centrifugal cast pipe, single
convection radiator, gas drag parts of pig iron processing industry
as the leading development momentum. Annual output reached 10,000 tons
various castings, cast iron conversion rate.. Agricultural and sideline
products, after the city emerging as a pillar industry is booming,
agricultural and sideline products processing industry output value.
Billion increase over the previous year. Group has a tremendous impact
on the adjustment of industrial structure of the backbone and driving
technical innovation and expansion project is progressing well. The
city's 10 key technology projects to determine the completion of
investment million items have been put into operation, there are at
installation and commissioning, to be completed within the first
quarter of production. Township enterprises a key technology projects
have been completed investment. Billions of projects put into operation,
then add value. Million, profits of million. Small Blast Furnace annual
investment of 100 million yuan to complete the seat modified tasks,
to effectively control the disorder in the development of small blast
furnace and environmental pollution, improve the quality of the pig
iron. To start high-tech industries in particular, instant calcium
powder, Kay Toner, Ni-MH battery and a number of emerging high technology
products into production, further promoting the optimization and
upgrading of industrial structure in our city. With the rapid
development of non-public ownership economy. End of last year, the city
developed to a million individual businesses, employees. Million
registered capital. Billion. Respectively over the previous year,. And;
private home development, investors who hired people with a registered
capital 100 million yuan, respectively, over the previous year, and;
"funded enterprises," the development of the home. Non-public economy
has become the city a new growth point of economic development.
 4, focus on priorities, seek the staying power significantly increased
investment in fixed assets, infrastructure strong. Building economic
powerhouses and world-class urban civilization is an arduous and
complicated systematic project, the specific work I realized that, to
really make this great plan into reality, to improve infrastructure.
Therefore, since last year, we lost no time in implementing the central
spirit of the document number, and actively strive for national
investment, make full use of its own financial resources, insisted on
doing big things and focus on financial security focus, security
production, insurance benefits, increased investment in fixed assets
ensure the smooth implementation of investment projects to further
accelerate the pace of infrastructure development, enhanced economic
growth. , The city returned to the State for investment projects with
a total investment. Million. Investment in fixed assets of state-owned
units. Billion, up by over a year earlier.. Among them, the completion
of capital construction investment. Billion increase over the previous
year., The city's big investment in key projects were completed. Billion,
representing year plan. Among them, Shanxi coke Highway completed
investment. Million, city comprehensive secondary school, City Arts
School has started enrollment, Daning coal mine, with initial
production conditions F¨¥ng mine, Du River dam well together and the
successful implementation of city gas projects for gas target, Jincheng
Fertilizer Factory has completed detailed geological and groundwater
survey, the initial conditions with leveling. In addition, roads in
the city, "Two-engineering" the situation is gratifying, there are
townships throughout the year through the circuit, a village through
highway; postal and telecommunications facilities continue to develop,
program-controlled telephone villages Zezhou achieve goals, to become
the province The first telephone in the county villages; accelerate
the pace of urban and rural power grids, urban network South Central,
the center 2 kV Switching Station and the Village KV, Ma Village kV
substation put into operation two; city to city run of things and
progress smooth, urban roads, public security, communications, green,
lighting and other infrastructure improvement.
 5, focus on opening up and seeking dynamic, open to increase further,
a good opening pattern shape. Opening up the implementation of a
long-term change in China's basic national policy, in the treatment
of this work, I always stand in the reform and development related to
the height of Quan Ju understanding to Juece, efforts to create a new
situation in our city Duiwai work. In this thought, the years, the city
with investment as a breakthrough to improve the investment environment
as an opportunity to continue to increase the open and accelerate the
pace of opening up, earnestly implement the strategy of open living
city, formed a good opening pattern. Focus attention on the hard
investment environment, while great emphasis on improving the soft
environment for investment, revised and improved on encouraging foreign,
foreign investment incentives, and "introduction" of concessions to
foreign investors set up specialized agencies to provide quality
services , created the conditions for the further opening. Horizontal
economic integration and cooperation be strengthened, has formed a
delegation to participate in the building contact will, Urumqi Fair,
Trade Fair in Xi'an, province and Zhengzhou Commodity Fair Trade Fair
and other national or regional economic and trade event, increased its
outreach efforts to improve the city's reputation and achieved good
results. Year to reach the joint and lateral economic and technological
cooperation project items, horizontal flows of funds. Billion, the
introduction of talent people. Particularly worth mentioning is that
the Internet in the city has established economic and technological
cooperation project in Jincheng database already has investment
capacity of the Internet to further expand opening-up has created
favorable conditions.
 6, the scientific and technological, seek speed, develop the market
and achieved remarkable results, and comprehensive social progress.
Coordination of economic and social development, is to build economic
powerhouses and the ultimate goal of leading a civilized city. Therefore,
I paid great attention to science and education at work and the
simultaneous development of social undertakings, and strive to achieve
results. Years, the scientific and technological work centered on
economic construction, pay close attention to technology introduction,
the transformation, high-tech development and advanced city of science
and technology to create work, scientific and technological progress
in economic construction and social development role further
strengthened. Over the past year, the torch above the city level were
implemented, Spark, promotion and development of item, a number of
advanced practical technologies have been promoted. The city has a
provincial town to become an advanced science and technology town, the
total number of townships, among the highest in the province. Following
the Yangcheng County, Zezhou after Lingchuan Gaoping City and County
of national science and technology of advanced work by the county to
create acceptance for the advanced technology in the city became the
city has laid a good foundation. Education to improve teaching quality
and operating efficiency as the center and implementation of quality
education and development of vocational education as a focus, with
remarkable success. Years, in the consolidation of "compulsory
education" based on the results, counties (cities, districts) all
adopted the "common reality" acceptance, the province ranked forefront.
Education in Full Swing, a number of correction in the emerging
characteristics of quality education. Accelerated vocational education,
vocational education enrollment numbers the city accounted for the
total number of high school enrollment. Cultural work to create
culturally advanced counties as a leader, the masses of cultural
development, Yangcheng County, advanced to the national culture of the
county, Zezhou, Gaoping City review by the provincial inspection. Drama
group rehearsal of a new drama, "initially for the Central Plains,"
Beijing to show a great success, is that in recent years the authority
of local theater play performed in a rare high quality goods to Beijing.
Health to implement the "peasant health project," the main line, and
comprehensively promote the development of urban and rural health
services, preventive health, endemic disease prevention, science and
technology medicine, voluntary blood donation and other work with
remarkable success. Radio and television work **** adhere to the correct
orientation, successfully completed the task of propaganda and
reporting. 4 clusters to achieve substantive results, radio, television
coverage further. Adhere to competitive sports and sports work in close
connection with mass sports, the successful completion of provincial
glory Tenth National Plan, Gaoping counties to enter the ranks of the
National Sports, City Street office became the first sports art
community. Continuously consolidate and develop family planning, the
city's natural population growth rate control. ¡ë, won national,
provincial family planning advanced collective title. Urban and rural
planning and environmental protection has been strengthened, the mayor
environmental responsibility objectives the successful completion of
written assessment, urban and rural environmental quality continue to
improve. Support work in depth, military and civil-military relations
closer to national defense reserve forces achieved remarkable results,
civil affairs, nationality and religion, foreign affairs, earthquake,
files, the elderly, the disabled and other undertakings are new
 7, focus on the rule of law, stability, democracy and legal system
be strengthened to maintain stable social order. Establishment of a
socialist market economic structure, trans-century pet Wei goal, we
must have a sound legal system, good social environment and a high degree
of social democracy as the guarantee. To this end, the past year, I
insist on grasping at work building one hand and the rule of law, and
vigorously promote the democratization process, the Law and the
construction of municipal economic powerhouses, top-notch organic
combination of urban civilization. To promote economic powerhouses Law
Municipal building to building economic powerhouses in full swing to
promote the activities of administering the city. Municipal People's
Government actively promote the building of socialist democratic
politics, to accept the supervision of Municipal People's Congress,
listen to the democratic parties, personages without party affiliation
and views of experts, carefully listen to the voice of the masses, so
that the will of the people to get work in government better reflected.
Handle cases throughout the year municipal deputies, CPPCC members put
the case, the mayor's hotline month. Law City continues to deepen.
Formulated "Jincheng - views on the implementation of rule city" in
the main body directly under a qualified law enforcement units have
fully opened the administrative law enforcement responsibility, by law
in decision-making capacity and ability to continuously improve
departmental administration according to law. "35" Legal Education in
depth, increasing awareness of national legal system. Clean government
further strengthened and intensified the work to check unhealthy
tendencies, the majority of sectors and industries directly under the
administrative affairs and work to implement an open, sectoral and
industry is not right that has been checked and the burden on peasants,
the initial burden of enterprises and the management of funds to legalize,
standardized. Determined to lead the anti-corruption work of deep,
serious and dealt with a number of serious cases, by the community
concern. Strengthen the comprehensive management of social security
seriously, and constantly cited deep "strike hard" campaign, cracking
down on various criminal and yellow, gambling, drugs, and other social
evils, the city's public order situation further improved.
 8, focus on their own, seeking to improve and strive to lead by example,
create a good image of the government. As a government top leaders,
I seriously did exercise self-discipline by example, diligent group
of people unite and lead the government honest, innovative, practical
and efficient, willing to devote themselves, further establishing good
government image. First, the firm and correct political orientation,
and always maintained a high degree of unity with the Party Central
Committee. Office, I have always implement the Party's line and policies,
maintain a firm and correct political orientation; consciously uphold
the party's leadership, strengthen the Party spirit, the major
questions of principle seriously understand and carry out the intent
of party committees, subject to and serve the overall interests of the
party; adhere to the fundamental purpose of serving the people
wholeheartedly, firmly establish the people as masters of democratic
awareness, I believe that relying on the masses, think what they think,
worry about what they urgently; and are able to identify a strong
political and political acumen to treat every event, and always with
Jiang Zemin at the core of the CPC Central Committee **** to maintain
a high degree of consistency. Second, to strengthen learning, and
constantly improve their level of ideological and theoretical, economic,
and business knowledge. Whenever I learn from the interruption, on the
one hand focus on studying Marxism-Leninism ,****** thought, especially
Deng Xiaoping Theory, firmly establish a correct world outlook, outlook
on life and values. On the other hand, focus on learning the party line,
principles and policies, study the Constitution, laws, regulations,
and historical economic, technological, business and other knowledge
of their own. At the same time, with an open mind to consult experts
and technical staff, the old comrades to study the theory and knowledge
with the correct arm and equip themselves to continuously improve the
ideological and theoretical training and knowledge. The third focus
on research, and strive to make scientific decisions. I very much
attention in the work of grassroots research, listen to their opinions,
fully develop democracy, research must identify the specific work by
the Principal and the key to the crux of the implementation of scientific
decisions, take appropriate measures to ensure that the goals are not
successful completion of the task. For example, the ability to achieve
annual economic growth target this issue, I took charge of relevant
departments directly under comrades, to the counties (cities, districts)
conducted extensive research, the survey found for the economic
operation of existing contradictions and problems, conducted serious
research thinking on how to deal with speed and efficiency and
relationships, how to protect the enthusiasm of farmers, how to improve
economic restructuring and enterprise reform, how to raise funds for
business development issues, proposed some ideas , and approaches.
Proved that these ideas and methods of economic development indeed at
that time played an active role in guiding and promoting the city's
economic growth rate., Higher than the national, provincial average.
Fourth, insist on diligent and honest administration, advocated public
servant style. Office, I have paid great attention to their demeanor,
strict compliance with "Principles of Honest", insists on being the
"one not allowed to" take the lead diligently for the people, clean,
honest, clean body-side line, never used his position and will work
to seek political and material self-interest, does not allow family
members, secretaries and other aides to special status or conditions
Luanla relations, favoritism, and consciously safeguard the state
administrative organs of the fair and honest image. Fifth, unite
dedication to maintain a good image of the government. The Government
is to carry out the Party's line and policies of the authority of the
agencies, requires a great cohesion and combat effectiveness, only the
team members about unity, devotion, to the cohesion and combat
effectiveness in order to improve efficiency. As the head of his class;
all requirements are more stringent. The pursuit of decisive
decision-making style, the courage to dare to be responsible for the
competent management style, against the indecisive, afraid of taking
risks, fear of the negative atmosphere of responsible; work
requirements do solid work, tell the truth, do practical things, guard
against swing show, the surface ; discipline required setting an example,
ask others to do their own first of all do it, do not want others do
not do their own firm. Take the initiative in getting along with team
members to Cheng, the vice mayor to actively support the work of the
firm put up the power of the strong pressure exerted pressure on them
to enable them to work free hand bold, and fully mobilize and everyone's
at work. Everything off the city's economic and social development of
major issues, I always comment in a wide range based on the executive
meeting held in City ¼¯Ìå decided that, from the refrain Geren, "I say
goes," not only ensure scientific decision-making of Min Zhu and can
give full play to the talent of each comrades, courage, love and unity.
Through these measures, in the leading group formed on the economy work
together to create unity in the work atmosphere, a good plastic image
of the government.
 These are the years I have hosted some of the basic situation of the
government work. It should be said, I am a mayor, the work is fulfill
their duties, proactive, and do not live up to the party and the people's
hopes and exhortations. But there needs to be emphasized, the annual
government work to overcome the many adverse conditions, to obtain such
good results, is the result of joint efforts of the Government group
of people, from what I personally, can say little more consideration,
the role of decision-making more larger. At the same time, our work
also has many disadvantages and problems, mainly: the overall quality
and efficiency of the national economy is not high, the unreasonable
economic structure, problems remain outstanding; enterprises to adapt
to the market is still quite poor, a considerable portion of two gold
companies occupancy remains high, a serious shortage of working capital,
production and management difficulties; economic reform task is still
arduous, and the external opening into the adapted to the economic
development needs; agriculture severe drought, the summer grain
production has posed a serious threat; sluggish sales of agricultural
products, farmers channel is not stable enough income, the difficulties
of life in some cities laid-off workers, raise living standards of urban
and rural people the task is arduous; Õþ¸® the management system, style
of work does not meet the requirements of the socialist market Jingji
system, government functions Zhuanbian a great deal of work to do; a
few public officers of corruption, extravagance and waste are still
breeding corruption, poor public security in some places, some villages
strained relations between cadres and the masses larger view. These
contradictions and problems, although we have been trying to solve,
but still not satisfactory, needs the new year, we continue to attach
great importance to take measures to solve them.

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