Trip report - Border Brigade Deputy Commander debriefings by sdgsdgsag


Trip report - Border Brigade Deputy Commander debriefings

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									 distinguished leaders, comrades:
 *** I, in November 1986 joined the army, in June 2088 to join the party ** *** City
border detachment currently deputy brigade commander. Worked the past year, the
leadership at a higher level of care, and brigade officers and men of the detachment
of all the help, I straightened position in time, faster access to the job role, be
able to always keep in mind their responsibility, fulfill their duties
conscientiously do our own, now I became Vice-captain the past year to perform their
duties to the trip leader and his comrades are, please give comments. First, to enhance
learning, keep improving ourselves.
 one to book-learning, strive to improve the level of ideological and political theory.
Thought is action in the guide, The level of political theory to work directly affects
the accuracy of decision-making, and I always put the study of political theory in
the first place, seriously and systematically study the party's congress, the further
study to understand and master the "three represents "important thinking of the
meaning and essence and the" 20 companies "spirit of the meeting and the recently
issued by the party's 16 month of the Fourth Plenary Session of the" decision "to
raise the ideological and political level, and increase the political sensitivity
and political identification force, with the highest ideals and beliefs continue to
inspire do their job. Second, the leadership of learning. Work in the brigade, had
the pleasure of working with our chief political commissar of the colleagues. Indeed,
the two leaders really good year, and I feel the two leader's leadership style and
artistic work, which makes me a lot, very fruitful. In the unit for nearly a year,
I consider whether it is in the professionalism, ideological level, or in the
professional quality, the ability to work all have a great deal of progress has also
been leading the work of affirmation. Third, with practice, and continuously enhance
the dry work of dedication and responsibility. Since serving as a change in the working
environment, study and work is facing many new situations and new problems to be
ownership of this information, put the mouse follow the prompts to view more
information and to solve the problems faced by many, I feel your shoulder the burden
of heavy duties and responsibilities. But a strong sense of responsibility and mission
to keep reminding me, must not fail the organization for the care, the leadership
must not fail the trust placed in me. In their daily work, I focus on theory with
practice, to work unabated energy to cause the first place, to do a good job for their
responsibility, and always maintain a good mental state.
 2, maintaining team unity, and actively participate in politics.
 unit of work in the past year, I strictly observe Party discipline, and actively
safeguard the unity of party committees and the overall image, pay attention to
coordination and resolution of non-unity factor, and never trouble unprincipled
disputes, efforts to improve the overall prestige of the leading group office . Always
keep in mind that he is a member of the party committee, focused demeanor discipline
themselves in the party committee meeting to actively in state affairs, raised the
question of the party to adhere to the principle of majority, when his party's
resolution proposal not at the same time, strong unconditional implementation of the
Party's resolutions, never trouble-liberal reaction in the normal working life with
several other leading comrades of the brigade could be sincere, Hubanghuxue.
 3, love their own, unknown in the ordinary post to work
 I stand transferred to Wollongong from Sha Tau since the work unit, detachment, and
group leadership and the comrades have given me a lot of political concern, the work
The help and care for life. I will not forget the organization's culture and leadership
of the love, I cherish the good working environment. Over the past year, leading all
the work arrangement, I do not speak any objective justification and conditions,
always obscure ownership of this information, put the mouse follow the prompts to
view more information on efforts to complete. Since early this year leadership study
and training more frequent stops, stop the leader is not enough, leaders want me to
stop proxy owners in Kwai Chung, Kwai Chung station in more than a month, I earnestly
perform their duties, work in army administration, seriously stand in the routine,
a smooth transition of work force, organized, work sometimes physically and
emotionally drained, but my heart is always comfortable. I think this is my reward
leaders and comrades of the best way to realize the value of life is a human being
the only choice.
 4, conscientious performance of their duties, dedicated a good supporting role
 as the brigade's deputy leader, in the usual work, the work entrusted to the
leadership, never bargain, quality and quantity completed; on their fair share active
treatment can work, efforts to complete, do not offside, but also in place, but not
negligence. To the higher authorities and leaders at all levels, be modest and prudent,
respects obey; on grass-roots co-workers, so that self-discipline, and lenient
towards others; to the community for the outside world, be magnanimous doing things,
honest and clean. In short, do not strive to the diffuse light, the next is not proud,
neither arrogant nor outside, pay attention to using their own words and deeds.
 review of work done since taking office, I can honestly say that: their hearts done,
efforts of the power flow of sweat. I think the achievements in the detachment and
the party committee under the leadership of all officers and men of the brigade support,
cooperation and joint efforts made, I only played the role of their duties should
be. To do this, I will continue to work, as always, for others, and to the assessment
as an opportunity to address the shortage, to redouble their efforts to consciously
study and work actively to strengthen the training, the courage to practice, and
strive to work in the new year there the innovation and progress. Also hope that
leaders and comrades, as always, wait for me!
 My trip is completed, please comment!

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