Shelf Lot Description 1 Pewter p by fjwuxn


									                                    Shelf Lots for 10/14/08

Shelf Lot                                   Description
    1     Pewter plate: Chesapeake City MD, pewter bottle coaster, 2 pewter sugar
          bowls, pewter pitcher
    2     2 pair of brass candle sticks, SL stirrup cup with fox head, tin candle holder

    3     7 cobalt perfume bottles with plate trim and a SP tray
    4     4 trays SP flatware, 12 Gorham dessert forks, 7 Wallace teaspoons, 22 pcs
          Wm Rogers flatware, tray assorted flatware
    5     4 pc SP teaset, tray and teapot with damage
    6     SP candle snuffer, jelly with SP lid, footed basket with swing handle, carafe
          with plate top
    7     Assorted SP flatware : 6 Wm Rogers tablespoons, 12 Bechtel & Eno
   8      SP covered veg, caviar server, basket, gravy boat, 2 trays
    9     2 set MOP fruit knives
   10     48 pcs Wm Rogers flatware with chest
   11     18 Presidential spoons, tray of serving utensils
   12     SP pitcher, expandable trivet, 2 open salts with blue cobalt inserts, shaker

   13     117 pcs Oneida, Community SP "Coronation" with chest
   14     59 pcs Holmes & Edward SP flatware with chest
   15     66 pcs Alvin "George Washington" SP flatware with chest
   16     Porcelain: 5 Wedgwood "Philadelphia" plates, urn, floral plate, flow blue
          oval bowl
   17     5 floral luncheon plates with cups, 2 scenic plates
   18     7 pcs signed Native American pottery
   19     Stoneware covered dish, soap dish with Stangl double well candy, D &C
          mustache cup, Roseville vase 321-6 as is, Stangl candlestick, handleless cup
          and saucer, tealeaf plate
   20     10 pcs black amethyst: pr candlesticks, cup and saucer, footed candy,
          centerbowl, vase, 2 frogs, ashtray
   21     5 pcs pottery: 2 pcs Williamsburg, 2 unmarked, 1 signed
   22     2 Mexican planters, painted duck figure, pottery
   23     2 Oriental sitting figures - as is
   24     7 pcs pottery: pitcher, bowls, covered bowl
   25     Wooden lot: pr of candlesticks, bowl, ducks, planter
   26     Pair of Spode Oriental plates #3822 with 10 Ridgeway "Deaks" plates
   27     12 Crown Staffordshire cups and saucers with creamer "Grosvenor
   28     6 pcs Royal Winton "Pekin"
                              Shelf Lots for 10/14/08

29   Glass:gr pitcher, gr jar, clear pitcher, apple and ship in bottle
30   8 Wedgwood Christmas plates 1970-1976 with Lladro Mother's Day plate

31   6 Limoges plates "La Chasse a la Licorne"
32   Glass: green pitcher, 4 etched bowls, set of 3 ashtrays
33   Clear glass: decanter, water bottle, 2 compotes
34   8 snow babies with original boxes
35   15 Haviland Limoges Christmas plates 70 to 81
36   2 brass footed perfume bottles
37   Fenton: butterfly, egg on stand, Santa, hand holding vase, bunny, Lenox
38   Souvenir milk glass items: cups, pans, creamers, glasses, coal carrier, from
     Allentown, Buffalo, Coney Island, etc
39   Souvenir milk glass items: pipes, pans, hands, glasses, from Philadelphia,
     Norfolk, Hershey Park,etc
40   Assorted glass cup plates (25+) with other plates
41   4 pcs hand painted and signed Fenton, yellow with pink edged ruffle flower
42   Yellow glassware most signed "McK": 8 desserts, covered bowl, candle
43   6 pcs signed and hand painted Fenton: bells, covered powder jars, vase on
     stand, basket
44   4 pc FF cannister set, white with veg tops
45   4 pc FF white basket weave cannister set with fruit tops with butter dish by
46   5 pc Jadite cannister set
47   4 pcs custard glass: compote, center bowl, 2 candy
48   5 pcs Fireking tulip decorated bowls, 1 with lid
49   Fenton green opaque pitcher with 4 green opaque glasses
50   Fenton green opaque glass: 5 pc cannister set, syrup, sugar, shakers,
51   4 pcs hand pianted and signed Fenton yellow with pink trim: rose bowl,
     vase, basket, gingerjar
52   Fenton opaque green vase, footed covered jar, 2 frogs on pads covered
     dishes, white opaque glass doves on nest
53   6 fruit du jour plates by Shafford with 5 Vietri covered fruit bowls
54   6 pcs light yellow "McK" glass: 3 plates, creamer, sugar, cover with opaque
     green covered cassarole
55   15 pc cannister set with wind mill motif marked Czechoslovakia
56   6 pcs Fenton HP and signed: vases, fairy lamp, egg, basket
                              Shelf Lots for 10/14/08

57   Large selection of mg pantry jars, shakers, spice jars
58   5 pcs HP and signed Fenton: small ginger jar, perfume, 2 vases, top part of
     fairy lamp
59   4 hen on nest type green opaque glass items: chicken, squirrel, nut, turkey,
     and footed covered candy dish
60   Blue and white: blue willow platter, blue willow condiment holder, 4 vases

61   13 pcs opaque egg shell china, 1 dinner plate, 4 salad, 2 cups, 4 saucers,
     creamer and sugar
62   5 pc newer blue willow: bowl with 4 covered mugs
63   8 hens on nest: 2 large, 6 small
64   4 pcs slag glass:2 swans, tooth pick, ashtray
65   FF 4 pc fruit cannister set with 6 FF fruit mugs
66   Milk glass: pair religious candlesticks, plates, covered candy, nappy
67   6 pcs iridescent Fenton glass: basket, 2 covered candy dishes, swan, vase,
68   3 pcs HP and signed blue case Fenton glass: rose bowl, dresser jar, and vase

69   5 covered sugar jars, mg creamer and sugar with slag glass toothpick
70   4 pcs Abingdon pottery: vase, center bowl, 2 horse heads
71   3 pcs Abingdon pottery: (set) blue center bowl with pair candleholders
72   3 pcs Abingdon pottery: (set) pink center bowl with pair of candlesticks
73   4 pcs blue Abingdon pottery: center bowl, pair shell candle holders, planter
     with ship motif
74   3 pcs pink Abingdon pottery: 2 leaf bowls and small footed bowl
75   4 pcs pink Abingdon pottery: 3 vases with small duck
76   4 pcs blue Abingdon pottery: 3 vases/planters, double candleholder
77   4 pcs white Abingdon pottery: 2 leaf bowls, double planter, small leaf bowl

78   3 pcs pink Abingdon pottery: center bowl with 2 candlesticks with green
79   Amber glass center bowl with candlesticks
80   Large pitcher "Harvet" (no lid) with slipware pitcher, chips to spout
81   Newer Oriental porcelain platter, mini garden seat, pair mini planters, duck
82   4 pcs Fenton yellow with pink, 3 pink with darker pink trim
83   Cobalt blue shelf: basket, grapes, apple, decanter, covered jar, birds
84   3 newer pcs Chinese porcelain: teapot, covered jar, stacked jar
85   12 pcs German blue and white cannister set
                                Shelf Lots for 10/14/08

86    Assorted glass shelf: 2 ruffled vases, pitcher with gold trim, blue case glass
      vase, yellow with brown spotted bottom
87    9 pc blue milk glass: toothpicks, vases, creamer
88    White iridescent vase, 2 pcs yellow opaque glass vase, mini punch bowl with
89    Pink ruffled vase, blue coin spot covered jar, light clear green vase
90    8 dark blue Fiesta cups and saucers
91    Assorted glass items: syrup, peach, green swan, mini lamp, 2 pcs yellow
      depression glass
92    Assorted HP and signed Fenton birds and animals
93    4 pcs HP and signed Fenton with 2 pcs peachblow type glass
94    5 pcs assorted glass: vase, perfume, cruet, 2 pitchers
95    2 porcelain hens on nest with damage, 2 Staffordshire figures, New Castle
96    6 pcs glass: 2 green with gold trim, 2 cranberry pitchers, yellow top hat, cut
      to clear bowl
97    5 pcs milk glass
98    6 pcs case glass: 3 pcs with ruffled tops, 3 with peachblow type glass
99    7 pcs Fenton: baskets, rose bowl, shoe, vases
100   MG cup and saucer, 2 white and 2 blue mg, pink opaque bowl, mg
      candleholder, Hopalong Cassidy glass, covered divided candy dish
101   Japanese tea set with 2 mayo sets
102   22 pcs stemware: green with ball stem and a cruet
103   Assorted glass items: 2 green vases, one with gold overlay, clear bells, clear
104   Green opaque Fireking: 12 mugs, 2 bowls, 1 mixing bowl, 1 pour bowl
105   Lenox Holly nappy, ING covered mug with saucer, large blue and white
      Portugal plaque, shell shrimp plate

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