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Research Report - Research Report on E-port building


Research Report - Research Report on E-port building

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									 - Statement: (http://www.) Original articles! To other sites copying
will be held jointly on their legal obligations! - (2007-3-19)
 faster pace of opening up with the province, the rapid development
of foreign trade showed a trend of establishing a large logistics,
customs clearance unity ELECTRONIC port information platform has become
to expand opening up in Shanxi to meet the urgent development of Shanxi's
economic development needs, while Shanxi is the implementation of
electronic port construction, led the State Department and the State
Council of the relevant documents relating to the spirit of the national
local e-ports to keep up with the pace of construction and development
of the basic requirements.
 according to the instructions of the leadership for the draw on the
advanced local experience in electronic port construction, promotion
and application of Shanxi Province to speed up the process of electronic
ports, and improving import and export customs clearance, port forward
in our province, "great customs clearance" of the reform process, I
do According to the provincial government and the provincial financial
department of the request, in January 2007 on the feasibility report
of our province, the corresponding arrangement work, organization by
the electronic port construction in Shanxi contact the Coordination
Unit, technical project team and members of the Group member group in
January 2007 to February 2007 the work carried out inspections,
investigations, studies now report as follows:
 1, the basic situation of the national electronic port construction
 006 years in May, the State Council General Office issued "on
strengthening the building of an electronic port" (SCS ¡²2006¡³ 36),
further defined the basic elements of electronic control points,
guiding principles and development objectives. November, issued a
"State Council on the issuance of the coordinated national e-Port to
inform the Steering Committee work system", and further provides an
electronic port commission's composition, electronic port commission,
members of the unit, the electronic port office of primary
responsibility, the electronic ports Commission's rules of procedure
of the system and the national communication system for electronic port
construction. According to the spirit of e-port commission meeting,
commission members by e-Port units of study and discussions, e-Port
Office formally issued the "2007 points of national electronic port
commission work." - Declaration: (http://www.) Original articles! To
other sites on plagiarism will be jointly pursue their legal obligations!
 at the local level, the country has signed the "Memorandum of
Cooperation," 42 local governments, including provincial, district and
municipal governments in 27, sub-provincial city governments the
following ports 15. Total of 29 provinces (autonomous regions and
municipalities) has established 38 local leading groups and electronic
port construction joint. Have been established in 11 local government
organizations operating entities, the structures responsible for the
local platform, operation and maintenance. Local governments and
related departments into more than 600,000,000 total funds to build
local electronic ports.
 place has opened the portal e-port has reached 31. Shandong, Shanghai,
Guangzhou, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Manchuria, Guangxi, eight
regions first investment into the local port entity Platform E-1 project,
Zhejiang, Fujian, east Guangdong and Xinjiang have been based in the
virtual platform to begin build solid working platform.
 2, the actual situation and research around the main content:
 (a) of the province all the information bureau of electronic port
construction condition
 22, 23, 24, Province of electronic port construction research group
at the Customs in Taiyuan, Shanxi Provincial Department of Commerce,
Shanxi Province Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau would
conduct a special investigation of electronic port construction. Major
leaders and relevant units responsible attaches great importance to
and vigorously support organizations actively cooperate with the staff,
research work completed.
, Research group in Taiyuan, Shanxi Electronic Customs port on the
construction of a special investigation and study of customs operations,
customs examination, processing trade, inspection, technical and other
departments and the data points center of Taiyuan Customs attended the
meeting, introduced the departments specific business processes and
related electronic information, features and functionality, and Easy
Customs business processes with other departments involved in
information sharing and process interaction and ideas have been
suggested. Research group listened carefully to the main business
customs De briefing on each and every sector of business and related
electronic information system processes the scene to view, understand
the system's software, hardware, network and technical structure of
Huan Jing, Bing detailed Shouji the related business information,
e-port for the province overall architecture design provides the basic
, Taiyuan, import and export enterprises in our province Foxconn Group,
International Trade and clearance attended the study group in Shanxi
Provincial Department of Commerce to conduct special research
conference. Department of Commerce and Trade meeting management,
foreign investment, machinery and electronics, financial statistics,
information centers, import and export customs clearance related to
the main business of our province and the head of the information
detailed in their respective departments were involved in major
business and customs clearance process, and respective departments to
use online office system, usage rights, information disclosure,
information flow, etc. were highlighted. Part of management review and
approval of Department of Commerce is part of the starting point of
customs clearance, involving a lot of basic information collection and
electronic entry. Customs in Taiyuan, the combination of research to
understand the relevant circumstances, the investigation team in the
conference room with business departments and enterprises to seriously
explore the basis for information sharing, to avoid the possibility
of duplicate data entry, while the electronic customs clearance process
of public sector information , information sharing, information updates
and online clearance approval was discussed,
, research group conducted a special investigation of Shanxi Exit
Inspection and Quarantine, the Shanxi Exit Inspection and Quarantine
Law of comprehensive, inspection services, machinery, technology and
the Airport Authority import and export customs clearance and other
issues involving our province the main business and information
department heads were described in detail the nature of this sector,
the major business and business processes, focusing on the office system
software, system, information sharing, etc., while the electronic port
construction on the inspection department of the facilities sharing,
information sharing and put forward some very good ideas and suggestions.
Shanxi Exit Inspection and Quarantine is an important function of
customs clearance departments and important link with the Taiyuan
Customs, customs clearance Commerce Department constitute the main
chain. Through this meeting, study group on import and export clearance
procedures in Shanxi have a more comprehensive understanding of
functional design with electronic control points overall grasp.
 Wu Yi spoke highly of China's electronic port construction, after the
achievements that China's e-government electronic port construction
as an example, we must continue to adhere to the "service for the purpose
to promote its purpose, demand, cooperation for development, "the
guiding ideology. Implement the "unified certification, standards,
unified brand" building principles. For the "during" make more progress,
with the electronic port into a "gateway" network, an authentication
login and "one-stop" work functions, with the main port clearance law
enforcement management, gradually extension services related to
customs clearance logistics business unified information platform to
enable more rigorous law enforcement management port, efficient, and
enable enterprises import and export customs clearance more orderly
and convenient. The next step electronic port construction, Wu Yi said
departments should closely cooperate, continue to carry forward the
"big collaboration" spirit, open up the business of electronic customs
clearance procedures. To uphold the Government-led leadership of our
province, and customs, business rooms, inspection and quarantine and
other related departments to actively exchange and close coordination
to jointly promote the electronic port construction, speed up customs
clearance process in our province.
 (b) the relevant institutions on the national level special studies.
 29, Shanxi electronic port construction research group in the China
Electronic Port Data Center and the East port for research. Yang Rong,
deputy director of the Shanxi fully affirmed the work of early electronic
port construction progress.
 0 mid-90s, economic crimes are rampant, and caused serious damage to
the national economy. In fact a huge loss of foreign exchange in 1998
the main reason is that criminals did not import goods, but by making
false declarations to the bank Evasive Outflow foreign exchange.
Customs and Foreign Exchange Authority of the State Council leading
on to speed up the banks, foreign exchange between the Authority and
the Customs computer networking, to strengthen import and export
declarations and verification work of the management of foreign
exchange, joint development of online verification of import payment
declarations system. January 1, 1999, to promote the use of the system
in the country and immediately received a significant effect: cis income
tends to balance the trade surplus, "three false" smuggling cases
reduced, customs revenue increased significantly.
 in the investigation, Yang Rong, deputy director of the research group
of countries described in detail the background of the first electronic
port construction, design, operation projects, and the functions of
the local orientation of electronic port construction, project
development, operation mode and so on views and suggestions for the
research group also introduced a number of other port cities of
electronic features and successful experience. Shanghai E-port
construction started early, forceful integration of information
resources, is now on-line application to run 46 major projects involving
Shanghai E-Port build the 16 member units and 11 commercial banks, have
a more complete logistics service customs clearance function. Guangzhou
E-port units to achieve a port access and port 100 e-law enforcement,
local customs clearance, consulting services, performance analysis,
four categories of 93 services; Shandong electronic paperless customs
clearance port traffic and online payment of tax in the nation first
in all regions ; Shenzhen E-Port Network Enterprises has reached 27,000,
accounting for more than 13% of enterprise networks, "Highway port
electronic automatic nuclear release system", "on-line supervision"
and a number of projects with local features results significantly.
In addition to the five local e-Port, the Tianjin Electronic Port
preliminary planning, the establishment of entities, development
projects smoothly, paperless customs clearance, online tax payments,
electronic bills of lading and other projects have been put into use;
Chongqing electronic port successfully established a virtual platform,
and multimodal transport in the Yangtze River Jianghai interconnection
system construction, tally for the construction of the project
application processing system made a breakthrough reflects the unique
characteristics of the west.
 Eastern port of comrades, will provide the successful cooperation with
other provinces and cities of information and experience for reference
in Shanxi, Province of electronic port construction proposed in the
feasibility study report to reflect the overall program, to a reasonable
position, accurate traffic and the Ancient and the steps planned to
implement. E-Port Data Center in China and the East Port of research
to make clear the research group ELECTRONIC port electronic ports in
the country's overall level of network architecture and functions, on
the province overall port planning and design of electronic guiding
role. View of the electronic port construction projects in various
provinces and municipalities have begun, local government and 30
provinces of the local Administration of Customs signed a memorandum
of cooperation electronic port construction, port 23 local e-platform
has been on-line operation, the province is now in a relatively backward
position. For the implementation of the State Council and the State
Council of the relevant documents and honored, "Shanxi Province
People's Government of Shanxi Administration of Customs on electronic
port construction memorandum of cooperation" to protect members of the
unit construction of positive and to avoid fragmentation and
duplication, the system construction healthy and orderly manner, the
proposed e-port project in Shanxi Province (1) construction project
feasibility report be approved as soon as possible to ensure that e-port
project in Shanxi Province are successfully implemented.
 into an E-Port, the ability to improve service enterprises, mainly
in four aspects:
 sharing of information resources. Previously, enterprises and
government departments want to network, to each network, the data is
not shared between government departments, networking to be effective.
Through the Chinese electronic ports and telecommunications companies
as long as the public network connection, through a public data center
to the Internet directly to the customs, national inspection, foreign
trade, foreign exchange, commerce, tax and other government agencies
host a variety of management of import and export procedures, various
government departments You can also go through various approval
procedures online, which truly a government enterprise, "one-stop"
services. Through the data center, enterprises can receive
transportation, warehousing, banking, insurance intermediary services
and other industries, enterprises can also be networked in order to
achieve true e-commerce.
 all-weather, all-round service. Enterprise use of telecommunications
network and to achieve access to public data center access, business
at any time, anywhere, as long as local calls can be networked with
the Internet and transact business through the data center.
 network of low cost. Sign China E-port site, enterprise only with some
simple device, the data center to provide free installation software,
low cost way more than EDI.
 simple to use. China E-port to Windows operating system platform, the
universal application of the IE and other browsers as a tool to build
interactive and user-friendly interface. System provides a rich set
of online help and business specifications and operating guidelines
queries, enabling users to easily on line.
 network of electronic control points using the integrated management
model, the addition of an integrated performance, enhance the
transparency of law enforcement authorities, but also convenient for
business and improve trade efficiency, reduce trading costs.
 Not only that, after the success of electronic port construction, but
also can improve the efficiency of management. First, it helps to
strengthen the management of an integrated performance management. And
telecommunications companies as long as the public network "access
point", through a public data center to the Internet directly to the
customs, national inspection, foreign trade, foreign exchange,
commerce, tax, bank and other government agencies host a variety of
import and export management procedures, so as to really of the
government-business "one-stop" services.
 Second, management practice "electronic online verification" of the
new management model so that the management of import and export more
complete and rigorous.
 Furthermore, lower trading costs, improve trade efficiency. Through
the China Electronic Port to conduct business online, companies not
only save time but also reduce the pain to run around tired, improve
trade efficiency, reduce trade costs, facilitate business access.
 Chinese electronic port is the prototype of electronic government is
an important symbol of modernization of trade is to improve the
transparency of administrative law enforcement, administrative law
enforcement departments to achieve a fair, just and open an important
way. E-port system at the national level, no cost at the local operation,
the province mainly based on the amount and the China Electronic Port
declarations data center to share and build. Shanxi electronic port
construction will include most of the contents of the two, one in Shanxi
Province platform electronic port construction, and second, support
the operation in Shanxi Province E-port platform networking, security,
and operation and maintenance of building systems such as the
 (c) Guangzhou, Shenzhen and two electronic port construction surveys,
 On 5 -2 7 day electronic port construction in Shanxi research group
to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, building on local e-port for research, were
heard E-port building local basic information that, to our province
to provide sophisticated electronic port construction experience.
 Guangzhou and Shenzhen, an economically developed region, the
electronic port construction work began earlier, the extent and speed
of its construction are among the best in the country, we need to learn
advanced concepts and models. During the investigation, Guangzhou
E-port leading departments, in electronic port construction process
is just up the stage and coordination, not direct action, solid platform
for the specific operation is required. Currently, there are two kinds
of operation mode e-Port, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, led by the local
government, the relevant departments involved in the establishment of
an independent third party, the network operation and maintenance.
Local government is responsible for the initial construction, routine
operation mode of operation according to market network maintenance
fee charged (not for profit, and must not impose an additional burden).
Guangzhou set up a "Management Company Limited, Guangzhou E-port",
Shenzhen set up a "South of electronic port companies", responsible
for the daily operations of local e-port, and encourage enterprises
to actively participate. This model applies to large coastal port
operations, border crossings platform built entity. The so-called solid
platform, is a high-speed network to all departments of "information
island" to string together into a common treatment for all port-related
sectors where the import and export business of electronic port platform.
Cargo owner as long as a data input in the system, the electronic port
platform automatically generates all the documents required for customs
 (d) of the Chongqing electronic port construction surveys,
 the same as the interior provinces of Chongqing, the degree of
export-oriented economy in our province similar to the earlier e-Port
is currently running a virtual electronic port opened, local E-port
electronic port construction experience to build our province has a
good guidance and reference. On February 7 -2 10 ELECTRONIC port
construction in Chongqing research group to conduct a three-day
 research period, the research group listened to the basic electronic
port construction briefing. On the electronic port construction
organizations must be involved in setting the financial security of
personnel, unified platform structures, departments, interoperability,
management and maintenance and operation of, the research group
conducted in-depth and detailed understanding of the work for the
Province to provide sophisticated electronic port construction
experience. Chongqing, Chongqing is the only e-port logistics
information processing platform ports, connection ports, airports,
railways and roads, ports management, port production sector, ports
supporting departments and other government departments to speed up
the flow of logistics information port speed to achieve Government and
the Government, the Government and enterprises, business and enterprise,
between enterprises and intermediary information exchange and sharing,
to achieve clearance part of the foreign trade, customs, inspection
and quarantine, foreign management, banking, ports, airports and other
related areas of international logistics effective coordination.
 as Chongqing and Guangzhou, Shenzhen, coastal cities such as
geographical factors, the economic environment is different, the total
import and export, import and export commodity structure, and corporate
demand varies throughout the different characteristics of electronic
business model port project development have different emphases.
Chongqing, led by the local government, the relevant departments
involved, commission or designated sector operation and management.
Funds for construction, operation and maintenance funds are mainly
borne by local governments. This model applies to a small inland port
traffic ports built a virtual platform. Chongqing government on the
local electronic port construction and operation and maintenance for
the financial support and personnel security.
 According to our province is also less developed province, relatively
backward economy, import and export trade now accounts for small
proportion of the total economy, the Department is not in business,
network and less of the reality of business, from the perspective of
saving money considered the province of electronic control point
network and system support environment will be implemented in two
 first phase of construction will build a virtual platform-based, that
is, by the China Electronic Port Data Center, or another electronic
port Shanxi IDC is responsible for providing network and system support
environment of the core (including the engine room, network, data center ,
safety and operation and maintenance, etc.), province without machine
room, network, data center, security, and operation and maintenance
equipment and related system software investment and construction, only
for the internal LAN port office in Shanxi Province and related
end-system equipment and construction investment .
 second phase of construction will be based on the virtual platform
in Shanxi electronic port platform construction entity, Shanxi Province
to establish a separate e-port network and system support environment
of the core (including the engine room, network, data center, security
and operation and maintenance, etc.), and virtual platform to migrate
to physical platform.
 three research problems found:
, Local e-port information platform built to promote the work difficult.
Speeding up the construction of port facilities, the establishment of
a unified service platform, at the local level is difficult, very
difficult to achieve a real sense of "great customs clearance", reached
the national network of logistics information to rely on state and
relevant departments to guide and affect. To speed up the pace of port
construction, really good grasp of electronic port platform, to
accelerate construction of local electronic port construction, the
promotion of off-site remote customs, paperless customs clearance and
other functions to achieve, improve customs clearance efficiency and
service levels, enhance the overall performance and overall competitive
port ability to create a good environment for foreign trade and economic
, Work hard to protect the funds. E-port construction is a long-term,
huge project, a larger capital investment, in terms of its construction
needs throughout the country putting in a lot of manpower, material
and financial resources to bring the unit of pressure. Port from the
local electronics practical point of view, whether construction or
routine maintenance operations, capital costs of security work
, E-Port can not only re-building, not re-use. E-Port ultimate goal
is to achieve full e-port logistics, networking and digital, and his
functional position can not be limited to single-pass clearance
services or logistics information network that can establish a
connection with large ports, logistics services throughout the province.
Therefore, we must vigorously promote and enhance the e-Port in the
enterprise visibility and utilization. Especially as inland areas,
promotion of e-port project must also receive attention, protection
and promotion expenses, e-port-related projects in place and
implemented. At the same time, enhance project tracking service, timely
follow-up construction to help resolve the problems and difficulties
 4, electronic port construction in our province Suggestions:
 port of our provincial electronic information platform construction
started late, we have through careful research, to fully learn from
the experiences and practices in advanced countries, from the building
ideas and work measures and avoid weaknesses, combined with the actual
port of Shanxi, as soon as possible the construction of an electronic
platform through the port, port optimization and integration of
resources, gradually to port information from distributed applications
to scale, from the complex to the standard, from traditional to smart,
comprehensive enhance the competitiveness of ports.
, Local e-port must be built to rely on local governments to establish
local governments take the lead in co-operation with the China
Electronic Port, in Jin and local inspection agencies and the
cooperation of related departments and jointly building a mechanism
to ensure that the local e-port sustained, healthy development.
, And draw a reasonable construction of the actual situation in our
province the program. Full research proposal at an early stage based
on the combination of our inspection unit ºÍ relevant departments of
the information platform of resources, Jiang customs clearance-related
services, law enforcement projects and integration of law enforcement
Yaoqiujinxing Biyao, from Zongtishexiang, Yewuliucheng, technical
support, Touzicelue ELECTRONIC ports such as New Age planning
demonstration, focus on the feasibility of program planning and
forward-looking, overall planning, step by step, gradually advancing
electronic port process in our province.
, Our province as a small amount of port operations inland, should be
the spirit of seeking truth from facts, the principle of local conditions,
with the establishment of China Electronic Port port virtual local
electronics platform. With the current Internet, to achieve
interoperability of various sectors of information, and cargo owner
can place an electronic interface on port operations, customs
procedures needed to complete the various documents. The application
platform entity better than the virtual platform, but the network
transformation of integrated large investment and high maintenance cost.
Has on-line through the province, city knowledge of electronic port
construction, its Value, the proposed electronic port Xinxi
Youxiangongsi Shanxi Province, You electronic port construction
Leading Group Office responsible for guiding, Ð-µ÷ electronics
companies in the planning and construction of ports, project
development and application promotion work; provincial information
management department in the information industry development policies,
standards and safety specifications of the development system to
provide guidance and assistance.
, Integration of information resources, build solid platform. Local
electronic port platform backed by China Electronic Port, mainly led
by local governments to establish a set of customs clearance, logistics,
business as a whole, close supervision combined with the convenient
customs clearance unified information management platform designed to
integrate the original spread units of various ports, government
agencies and enterprise information systems, and the image of a unified
information platform for the foreign trade enterprises, and
port-related logistics units to provide one-stop customs clearance
service. Integration of distributed business systems and information
resources development and application of the operation of a platform
is a complex and arduous project. Construction of the physical platform
proposals and concrete projects to promote the application should be
closely combined with the practical points, from easy to difficult,
from simple to complex, from point to area, one by one to promote.
According to the platform operating characteristics, and actively
explore ways to reform the existing operation, adjust and optimize the
customs, inspection and supervision model business processes,
streamline business operations.
 Department of Commerce departments related functions of electronic
port construction, and promote the use of the project are given good
advice, design of the proposed E-port capabilities to business demand,
and actively promote and guide enterprises to use e-port, improving
While administrative efficiency, convenience and service enterprises
 China E-Port Data Center as we pointed out that the construction of
local e-port logistics operations need to refer to the local
characteristics of the most concern around text projects, Shanxi coal
and coke production volume among the best in our country, economy and
trade in the province has a pivotal position, so we must be based on
the actual situation in our province, to leading enterprises of the
actual demand, effective use of e-port of this platform to maximize
efficiency. Also proposed cooperation in our province and the East port,
a physical platform for the development of e-commerce (tourism,
processing trade, etc.), for clearance around our own platform to
operate the logistics of the entity to avoid duplication with the
national data center, resulting in unnecessary waste .
, Ensure that projects to fund. Local e-Port is a sharing of information
resources based on open, public welfare, service information platform,
it is not for profit public information service platform. Arrangements
proposed by the provincial fiscal co-ordination of special funds each
year to support the construction and operation platform to ensure that
platform to build, develop, side run, and score results, side perfect.
, In the electronic port construction, The difficulty Buzai building,
while in the coordination, should avoid the platform to build the first
Yu sharing resources and information, Zaocheng import and export
operations complicated process, low efficiency and the formation of
"Yi Jiang support the weak, each for the front "of the situation. Also
difficult is the interest of a division, now the country's three models
are Shanghai (great integration) mode, Ningbo (see the large foreign
companies design and planning) models, and Guangzhou (under the present
circumstances adjusted) model. This is not just the e-Port as a
department to manage, but should treat it as an important logistics
platform to operate. Research, we also learned over the years as the
sector has become more comprehensive information systems mature,
independent and confidential information transmission requirements,
customs clearance departments at the local level, therefore the
information system integration is difficult.
 5, electronic port construction in our province's future:
 electronic port construction is conducive to enhancing the management
of an integrated performance management. E-port is equivalent
administrative service center service hall into a door to do to achieve
everything. E-port to the department as an "information island" to
string together the information "superhighway" has become a common
treatment for all port-related sector import and export business of
e-government platform, help to improve customs clearance efficiency
and lower trading costs. Third, the administration in the management
of import and export more complete and rigorous. Not completely
eradicate the use of false documents and smuggling, tax fraud, foreign
exchange criminal activities, to create a fair competitive market
environment. Fourth, to promote e-government, e-commerce development.
Application-demand, full use of existing network resources and
information resources to conduct cross-sectoral, cross-sectoral,
inter-regional Information system integration, contributes to the
gradual formation of national e-governance in the unified network, and
data processing platform, and ultimately nationwide **** and a one-stop
service. Networking between enterprises can, in order to achieve true
 In short, the electronic ports used in modern information technology,
with the state telecommunications network resources to the respective
State management of various administrative departments of import and
export business information flow, capital flow, goods flow
concentration of the electronic record data stored in public data center,
unified, secure and efficient computer physical platform data sharing
and data exchange. National administrative departments can be
cross-sectoral, cross-industry data verification network, enterprises
can apply for a variety of import and export business on the Internet.
 specification for electronic port construction administration, to
improve the way the investment environment, improve customs clearance
efficiency, reduce costs, enhance international competitiveness,
promote rapid and healthy development of foreign trade and national
economy played a very important role. We must earnestly implement the
construction of port customs clearance, "Government-led coordination,
unified information platform, the forward backward procedures, speed
up the physical clearance" and guiding spirit, speed up ELECTRONIC port
construction, logistics and project implementation key focus of contact
system time tracking, guidance, coordinate and solve operational and
practical difficulties in construction.
 certificate will be in accordance with the unified, unified standards,
unified brand and tight, efficient, scientific, security, general
requirements, and strive to e-port information platform for "customs
clearance" to play an important supporting role in construction. Local
e-port and the formation of China E-port common services, customs
clearance, logistics, processing and trade, unified platform for the
project. "To the service for the purpose to promote the efficiency of
customs clearance for the purpose of demand-oriented, cooperation for
development," the guiding spirit of the fight in 3 years time, the
establishment of Shanxi port data exchange platform, port security
authentication platform, port portal , customs clearance service system,
e-port system, port services, logistics information systems and
e-commerce systems in seven core ports business system or application
support platform, and gradually achieve the effective integration of
core business systems with integrated, build a set of interrelated
closely combination of collaborative work, information sharing,
effective monitoring of port management information system, trying to
make full use of advanced and sophisticated information technology,
the electronic port construction in Shanxi has become a "gateway"
network, an authentication log and the "one-stop" service function,
set the port clearance of law enforcement management, information
services and related logistics business services as one of the great
customs clearance, large logistics, large foreign trade information
platform for unified collaborative so that a more rigorous law
enforcement management port, efficient, and enable enterprises import
and export customs clearance more orderly and convenient to logistics
information more freely available, to further improve the level of
opening up our province to achieve our province's foreign trade
logistics international, modern, and gradually increase the
international competitiveness of our province.
 provincial port office

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